2017-2018 Annual Report "The Flame"


EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS Board President | Solomon Israel President Elect | Sandy Haymann Marks VP of Finance | Marc Grossfeld VP of Development | Sandy Haymann Marks Secretary | Jennifer Goldstein Immediate Past President | David Goldberg Past President | Chuck Butler BOARD MEMBERS

Jonathan Blum Michael Cohen Shirley Davidoff Dan Gold Joanne Hazan Michael Hoffman Loren Jacobson Hylton Jonas Jodi Lemeshev Ann Levine Marlo Michaeli Yury Mintskovsky Mahra Pailet Janis Peiser Risha Kopel Reiman Helen Risch Josh Rothstein Adam Stern

Ann & Nate Levine Academy’s partnership with the Jewish Federation is of central importance to our school. The Federation provides us with a core grant each year as a partnership agency which funds our needs in the area of tuition assistance for our students. Additionally, for the past two years, we have received generous grants from the Federation to fund our Learning Support and Dyslexia programs which are vital in supporting all of our students.

Carrie Sternberg Julie Wilkofsky

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