ThinkPlants Perennials 2020 | North America

Syngenta Flowers offers a wide and diverse range of seed and vegetative perennials, giving growers an ease in programming, as well as high-quality and reliability in production. Much of the Syngenta perennial breeding is done in Holland, with production farms in multiple countries around the world. Syngenta Flowers is well known for its diverse range of early spring perennial introductions, as well as some innovative new genetics for summer and fall perennial programs.

For some of the best perennials on the market today, you can look to Syngenta Flowers for leading genetics in Achillea , Aquilegia , Aubrieta , Campanula , Coreopsis , Delphinium , Gaillardia , Iberis , Lavandula , Leucanthemum , Phlox , Platycodon , Salvia , and Saxifraga . We take pride in our perennial breeding work and are continuously working to bring new and high- quality plants to the North American market.



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