ThinkPlants Perennials 2020 | North America

At Danziger , innovation is the beating heart of the business. This is true for their dedicated team of scientists, breeders, researchers, and customer account teams. They are all here for you, our cherished partners, to offer opportunities for growth and success. Danziger’s innovative breeding techniques, along with their breeding location is Israel, result in many first-year flowering perennial varieties that do not need cold treatment to flower yet still retain their resistance to hardy conditions. Most Danziger perennials are Zone 5 hardy, so work well for traditional over-wintered programs as well as are programmable for later season sales.

You can look to Danziger for leading genetics in Genus like, Caryopteris , Coreopsis , Dianthus , Erysismum , Gaillardia , Gaura , Gypsophila , Lavandula , Leucanthemum , Salvia and Veronica . Come Imagine More with Danziger.



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