ThinkPlants Perennials 2020 | North America

We spend a lot of time talking about the great perennial genetics offered via the ThinkPlants platform, and as we review our great perennial offering, we are struck by the diverse and high- quality product represented. But, even more so, we find that we are even more proud of all the companies that participate in ThinkPlants, and the cooperative approach we all take in working together to get these plants introduced, produced and delivered to our great customers. We all bring diversity to the table with our breeding efforts and market outreach, making our diversity also our strength. All of our teams, while on some level are competitors, within the ThinkPlants model strive together to bring the best available genetics to growers with organized marketing efforts and a stream-lined supply chain. We are all excited to continue to grow our ThinkPlants team and find new and exciting ways to pool our vast resources into a common goal. We appreciate everyone with whom we work and will strive to continue bringing success to our grower partners.


Thank you! Joey Wiseman Head of ThinkPlants™




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