ThinkPlants Perennials 2020 | North America

Welcome to Danziger Guatemala, the global perennial supply source for the professional horticulture industry. This top-level production facility is the hub for the most established and largest breeders in the world. The purposeful selection and cleaning of open perennial varieties has been our focus for many years. When combined with a facility which has been designed with the strictest level of sanitary and growing protocols, this farm will continue to be the industry leader in providing the cleanest supply to market. You can trust Danziger Guatemala to be your most reliable source for top quality URC and CC perennials. Danziger Guatemala continues to be a leading supplier of perennial URCs to the North American market. This portfolio includes genetics from Syngenta Flowers, Terra Nova Nurseries, and other assortment of open genetics as well as their own breeding work. Introducing the new Perennial Callused Cutting Program from Danziger Guatemala • Reduces overall rooting time. • Decreased losses in both propagation and shipping. • Increased rooting success in hard to root perennials. • Includes perennial genetics from Danziger, Syngenta Flowers, Terra Nova Nurseries, as well as open perennial genetics.


A full list of perennials available as Callused Cuttings is shown on page 59 of this catalog.



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