ThinkPlants Perennials 2020 | North America

® During the last 27 years, TERRA NOVA® Nurseries has grown from a small lab and greenhouse to a world leader in perennial and annual plant breeding. The company’s breeding teamhas enriched the horticulturemarket withmore than 1,000 varieties and 30-plus national and international award-winning introductions. Founded in 1953, Danziger is today one of the world’s most innovative floriculture companies. Danziger is engaged in the research, breeding, development, propagation, production, sale andmarketing of varieties of cut flowers, annuals and perennials. Not only does Danziger offer top perennial breeding, but also runs the finest perennial URC supply for North America out of their cutting facility in Guatemala, the primary vegetative supply for ThinkPlants. This is a prime location for reliable supply into North America. Syngenta Flowers North America is one of the largest wholesale breeders of hybrid flower seed and cuttings in the world— developing and producing flower seeds and cuttings to growers internationally. Syngenta Flowers is dedicated to the breeding of innovative perennial varieties that offer outstanding performance fromgreenhouse to home garden. Syngenta Flowers is well known for the exceptional work they do on early season perennials. They offer a robust offering of perennials through ThinkPlants in both vegetative and seed produced perennials. Kapiteyn is a leader in Calla bulb breeding, and the breeder and producer for the Captain Calla line. Based in The Netherlands, Kapiteyn have been developing, cultivating, andmarketing flower bulbs for four generations. Their breedingwork introduces unique colors which have a long shelf life, and excellent performance in both the greenhouse and garden. For the North Americanmarket, Kapiteyn excel in their product cleanliness, hands-on support to growers, and cultural expertise. Their cultural support and step by step production guide help ensure the success of Calla growers. Unex Inc. is a family business, started in 1976 and based in The Netherlands. They work with the premium suppliers of clean bare root perennials and bulbs. They have a very hands-on approach with frequent visits and inspection of grower fields to ensure they are working with the highest quality product possible. They are experts in providing inputs for large scale programs, as well as sourcing newbare root perennials. Their steady teamof long-time workers are very skilled when it comes to quality, storing, and packing our quality products. Years of training and expertise play an important role in the organization. Founded in 1998 by Ken and Leah James, James Greenhouses is a family run company dedicated to producing the highest quality perennial plugs and liners for the North Americanmarket. Located in Colbert, GA, where the winters aremild and there are high light conditions, gives James Greenhouses the ability to have year-round liner production. James Greenhouses work with a large assortment of new genetics as they come tomarket and are set up to produce a full listing of perennials promoted under the ThinkPlants initiative. Now in the second generation of family ownership, the Green Circle Growers facilities and services have been growing since 1968. Located in Oberlin, OH, Green Circle Growers is a dedicated plug and liner supplier for much of North America. Green Circle Growers is set to produce the majority of ThinkPlants perennials. KiwiFlora, established in 2009, is a plant variety management group based in New Zealand. They represent a variety of plant breeders and offer a wide range of unique and new genetics to the North American Market. KiwiFlora has combined experience of over 30years inproduct development andbreeder representation in the nursery trade and is the joint combination of Damsted Flowers and Lyndale Intellectual Properties.


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