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Barbecue and Gunpowder How Americans Celebrate Freedom

In my family, the Fourth of July is all about the grill and salads with

mayonnaise in them. (Fact: Mayonnaise is the greatest condiment in the world, IMHO. Yes, I am a mayonnaisehead. And in case you were wondering, I prefer Helman’s.) We spend the day grilling up hot dogs and hamburgers and serving them with big helpings of potato salad and coleslaw. Then dusk descends and out come the fireworks. I love celebrating the Fourth of July in Georgia. I grew up outside of Baltimore in Maryland, where all the cool fireworks are illegal. There, fireworks meant sparklers and the little black snake discs that left the huge stains on your concrete. If you wanted the good stuff, you’d have to drive across state lines to Virginia to get it. When I moved to Georgia as an adult and saw folks shooting off fireworks that went 100 feet in the air and exploded into all different colors, my life was forever changed. My daughter’s childhood Fourth of July celebrations are a bit cooler than mine were. When my daughter was young, one of our neighbors took the Fourth of July very seriously. I don’t know how much he spent on fireworks, but when that shipment arrived, it was delivered in a hazmat truck by someone who was licensed to handle explosives. The whole neighborhood gathered around to watch this guy light off the fireworks. It was like a professional fireworks show just for us.

Through the pandemic, we saw American’s stubborn independence and how we wanted to do things our way, right or wrong. That’s what makes us the greatest country in the world. We all agree that the freedoms we cherish are the most important thing. They’re freedoms all people should have and they are worth fighting for. This is why our country is so different from other places in the world. When we celebrate these freedoms, we do so together. Food and fireworks aside, the Fourth of July is really about seeing friends and family outside in the summer air. We gather with the people we care about with the smell of barbecue in the afternoon and the smell of gunpowder in the evening. That’s what freedom is. Who doesn’t want to live in the United States? -David Brauns

I’ve always loved celebrating the Fourth of July. As a kid, I thought it was the coolest holiday ever. It was a holiday dedicated to barbecues, swimming pools, and fireworks, which checked all the boxes for a young boy. As an adult, I’ve come to recognize that it’s really about celebrating our independence. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it even more apparent just how much Americans value their freedom compared to those in other countries. “I’ve always loved celebrating the Fourth of July. As a kid, I thought it was the coolest holiday ever.”


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