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Social media has become a fascinating and interesting tool. Within seconds after posting your latest fears or joys, you can feel a connection with those closest to you. While we can utilize social media for some truly great things in the world, it also can do us a lot of harm if left unchecked. After the initial shock of a car accident, you may get out of your vehicle with whiplash or severe back pain. While you may be starting to feel pain, your anger or adrenalin overcomes it as you take photos of the situation and immediately post them to various social media platforms with a full description of the accident you were just in. Aftershock reactions like these can greatly affect your case. Unfortunately, insurance companies and opposing attorneys spend their time searching through social media looking for any evidence that you were liable or not as injured as you claim. By posting the situation on social media, you are essentially giving the insurance company a free deposition. This is something they will try to use against you. The opposing counsel in your case could claim you either lied about something, due to a discrepancy in your post, or that you weren’t seriously injured if you were able to immediately post and interact on social media. They may look at your family’s and friends’ social accounts, as well, to find any inconsistencies in your story. If you are trying to claim damages for the back injury or whiplash you received, make sure no one else is posting content related to you. For instance, your best

friend comes over for a movie marathon and takes a selfie with you while your back or neck is healing. Those looking to discredit you (like the insurance company or opposing attorney) could find the post and use it to say it’s proof you were not as badly injured as you claimed. Not only could the other party use your social media content to say you were uninjured, but they could also utilize it as a means of admission of fault. If you comment on the original post something along the lines of, “I didn’t see them coming,” this could be interpreted as you admitting fault. The insurance company or opposing counsel could use this even if it’s apparent you were not legally responsible for the accident. While avoiding all social media interaction isn’t exactly realistic, just remember who could be watching your account. In the event of an accident, you’re under a microscope, and anything that could be used against you will be. So, while you have an ongoing case, you should switch your

social media accounts to private. Avoid adding any new people on social media unless you know and trust themor else youmay add an insurance adjuster who is working on your case! Avoid being tagged in photos or status updates regarding your accident, and keep those aftershock photos and thoughts to yourself . After an accident, focus on recovering from your injuries. If you are feeling hopeless about your situation after an accident, reach out to us at 501-354-4577. Calling us doesn’t make us your lawyer; however, it does make you at least three steps ahead of most people in your situation.

-Marcus Vaden

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