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YOGA ON THE MAT AND IN THE WORLD Article by: Keith Angrisani, Business Development

As a practice yoga can be viewed through many lenses and practiced in a variety of ways. This ancient practice is alive and well. Some people come to yoga to learn to do a handstand and contortions, some come because of the commercialized role it now plays in communities. What most do not know is that what they think of as yoga is only a small part of a large practice. Moving through these physical postures is only the practice of asana. These postures area moving meditation and an incredible way to explore our relationship with the self and the world. On the mat you have the chance to experience the way you interact with the world, digest it, and potentially change it. For example, working for a month, a year, three years to achieve a pose that eludes your grasp can be aggravating. Why? Do we blame ourselves, or do we blame some outside reason? Do we get angry or make a new plan? When we sit in a

pose that is too uncomfortable for too long, do we get angry at being uncomfortable? On the mat we have the opportunity to experience these emotions and work on how best to handle them. In this way when we experience them out in the world, we are more capable of handling difficult situations in a positive way. Maybe when you get cut off on the highway or stuck at a red light, you handle the frustration in a new way. In your physical practice you get to explore the inconsistencies that may exist in your body and begin to work on evening them out. You may notice one side is much tighter than the other. This might lead to being more attentive in your daily actions and routine and realize you rely more on one side than the other. Maybe your asana practiced transforms to reflect this by holding some stretches longer on one side than the other and help decreased discomfort as you move through your day.

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