How to Create an Ebook: The Ultimate Guide

First of all, you can create a style guide for your ebook and stick to it: ■ Choose fonts: don’t use too many different type faces and colors. A common recommendation is to use a maximum of three different typefaces in a maximum of three different sizes and colors. ◆ Choose color: use 2–3 primary colors that are consistent with the style of your brand for things like the background and font color. Select 3–4 secondary colors that can be used tomake certain elements stand out (i.e. buttons, links, forms). ● Choose resources for photos: these can be the websites you usually use for stock photography (for example Shutterstock, Death to Stock, Stocksnap, Unsplash). Decide what kind of images you need (landscapes, portraits, objects, color schemes, etc.) and what their sizes should be.

A helpful article 26 digital typography rules for beginners can help you with small details.

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