How to Create an Ebook: The Ultimate Guide

Nowadays there are many different tools that can help you with research. Here’s what you can do: # Use Ahrefs, a data processing toolset for SEO and marketing.With thehelpof theContent Explorer feature, you can find the most popular content on any theme and see its relevance, referring domains, search traffic, and number of shares. # Research Medium’s Top Stories: Browse popular article tags to see what people are passionate about right now. # Use Pocket’s Explore feature to see how many times a blog post has been saved. It shows if a lot of people find a topic or a headline worth checking out. Also, don’t forget Pocket’s Recommended tab, where you can find the most-saved articles from around the web. # Subscribe to your theme-oriented weekly curated newsletters to see what news and trends your colleagues talked about. # Read niche forums, communities, Slack groups, and Quora. What questions are people asking? What problems do they discuss? Is your unique experience relevant and can you share it with others?

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