How to Create an Ebook: The Ultimate Guide

As for the tactics of making outlines, there are plenty of them, choose what suits your mindset best:

Write a list If you’ve already written some articles and papers on your topic, you’ve probably got the main structure in your head. You can start with describing what sections and chapters your ebook will have. Then make a list of 3–5 key points for each section/chapter. Draw a mindmap This technique allows you to look at your ebook from multiple different angles. Place your topic in the centre and start adding ideas to it. Create connections with the help of lines or arrows. At this stage, put down everything that comes to you, however big or small—you can tidy the entire thing up later. Examine other ebooks and books Look through several books and their table of contents to see what topics appear in almost every book. Is there anything that you can add to your outline?

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