How to Create an Ebook: The Ultimate Guide

~ Make a commitment to write a certain number of words every day. Estimate how long you want your ebook to be and when your writing deadline is, then you’ll know how many words you should write daily. ~ Write your ebook at the time of the day that is the most comfortable for you. We all have different natural rhythms. So if you’re active and focused in the mornings, write in the morning. If you’re at your best in the second half of the day, do your writing then. ~ Focus and switch off distractions when you’re writing. Put on music if it helps you concentrate. Use the apps that keep you from distractions. A nice list of such apps can be found here. ~ Don’t edit while you write. You’re writing your first draft, the main purpose of it is to put your thoughts on paper or screen. You can come back to it in a few days and one more time at the editing stage (you may find that it works fine after all).

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