The last flights of geese and ducks headed south for the winter are almost done. Po- lice ask that hunters and anglers enjoying a last outing before winter make sure they have all their survival gear in place before heading out for one last chance at bag- ging their limit. Members of the OPP SAVE Unit (snowmo- OPP offer advice for autumn hunting bile, all-terrain vehicle, and vessel enforce- ment) will be out patrolling the woods and rivers to make sure hunters and anglers are practising bush safety. Lifejackets and other water safety gear must be available or in use on any boat. For cold-weather conditions a cold-water survival suit is better than an ordinary life- jacket. Any boat out on the water after dark must have proper navigation lights. ATV riders must wear CSA-approved hel- mets and during hunting season these hel- mets should be fluorescent orange. Riders should also wear fluorescent orange vests to help make themselves visible to hunters. They must be aware of any local restric-

tions on ATV riding on backcountry roads and keep ATVs off of trails designated for hiking or cycling. ATV riders and boaters must also have all their proper user permits and licensing in place. Any firearms carried on board a boat or in a scabbard on an ATV must be unload- ed at all times when not in use.

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