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Project receives top honors at ACECDE’s 2021 Engineering Excellence Awards’ competition Landmark wins ‘Grand Conceptor’ Engineering Award for Avenue North Channel restoration


control site outflow. The proj - ect involved federal and state wetlands permitting conducted by Landmark’s environmental scientists. “We are extremely pleased that the project will provide improved water quality and a reduction of risk to downstream infrastructure, while adding value and a visually striking feature to the owner’s property” said Keith A. Rudy, P.E., LEEDAP , the project manager and executive vice president for Landmark. Landmark is committed to providing high quality services

with a comprehensive focus on sustainable design practices. Our integrated approach to providing environmental ser- vices and civil engineering, augmented with inhouse sur- veying, offers innovative solu- tions and enhanced value for our clients’ public and private projects. Landmark Science & Engi- neering is an award-winning consulting firm started in 1987 as Landmark Engineering, Inc. and is one of the region’s largest and most diverse civil engineer- ing and environmental science firms. MAREJ

EWARK, DE — Land- mark Science & En- gineering received

the Grand Conceptor award for design of an innovative channel restoration project constructed at the Avenue North mixed- use development in Fairfax, DE. The project received top honors at ACEC Delaware’s 2021 Engineering Excellence Awards’ competition in the $1,000,000 construction cat- egory at the Engineers-Week Banquet hosted by NSPE-DE/ Delaware Engineering Soci- ety on February 25. Project teammembers Keith Rudy, P.E. , project manager, Joseph Marvasi , E.I.T., civil designer, and P atrick Hon- eycutt , VP of site development for the owner and developer, received the award from ACEC Delaware’s president, Brian Bolender, P.E . Also recog- nized for their contributions are Craig Smith, P.W.S. , for state and federal wetlands per- mitting and Martha Durand, R.L.A. , for native landscape design. The channel restoration was completed for Delle Donne & Associates, Inc. , the owner and developer of Avenue North, a 1.86 million s/f mixed-use redevelopment of the former AstraZeneca U.S. headquarters in northern Delaware. Civil engineering site design was required to restore the severely eroded, earthen, stormwater channel that sustained a large loss of tree canopy in the for- ested area. The project was completed in September, 2020, and has resulted in a natural, sustainable, reduced-impact site feature with visual appeal. Structural and vegetative measures were designed for long-term bank stabilization. Reuse of site rock, geotextile fabric, live willow stakes, and native landscaping were used to protect the banks’ steep slopes. An innovative, two-tiered ga- bion basket structure that mimics a scour hole and weir was designed to reduce veloc- ity and inflow energy from up to 120 cubic feet per second of peak runoff piped underground from a 60-acre developed drain- age area. Two J-hook rock flow vanes and scour pools were constructed in the channel bed to direct and slow the stormwa- ter. A concrete box culvert was designed with customized wing- walls to preserve the banks and has overflow chutes on top to

Landmark won the 2021 Grand Conceptor Engineering Excellence Award for their Avenue North Channel Restoration project.

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Avenue North —Multi-Phase, Mixed-Use Redevelopment

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