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By Joe Latina, Patterson-Woods Commercial Properties/CORFAC International The Shrinking World of Commercial Real Estate


rapid expansion of e-shipping, warehousing, and logistics has also ramped up the need for

concepts expanding into new markets we potentially have a much greater selection of

and comfort zone; and allows brokers, developers, architects, and engineers to work on proj-

echnology has been shrinking the world metaphorically for ages.

video, virtual reality and 3-D photography so that a prospect can see a property and gather all pertinent information without ever visiting it physically is one example of this acceleration. Programs like Zoom, FaceTime, Dropbox, high-definition pho- tography, CAD, and Matterport make it easier for real estate experts and their clients to communicate effectively while remaining remote. This allows clients to expand into new mar- kets with less time spent travel- ing; allows investors to seek op- portunities that were previously out of their geographical reach

We are con- stantly inun- dated wi th new products a n d i d e a s f rom every corner of the globe, all of it just a simple click away.

Networks like CORFAC International and organizations like CCIM, SIOR, and others give us access to the on-the-ground expertise and professionalism that we seek when trying to source a deal for a client outside of our local market.

industrial facilities in second- ary and tertiary markets. If the current trend continues, we will increasingly see more diversity in each of our respective mar- kets, whether by retail location, warehouse user or investor. With retai lers and new

tenants for our landlords, and buyers for our sellers. With investors expanding their geo- graphic comfort level, we now have the ability to capture a much larger audience, cover much more territory and seek better deals for our clients. Globalization and intercon- nectedness also comes with new challenges. The global pan- demic has drastically affected all businesses and every CRE asset class. More recently, the Suez Canal blockage will ad- versely affect our supply chain for months. These unfortunate circumstances underscore the need to keep our fingers on the pulse of not only our local markets, but also on macroeco- nomic factors and global trends. The base facts remain clear: It is becoming more and more important to gain and main- tain strong relationships with brokers and other real estate professionals in every market possible, including interna- tionally. Networks like COR - FAC International and organi - zations like CCIM, SIOR, and others give us access to the on-the-ground expertise and professionalism that we seek when trying to source a deal for a client outside of our local market. We can rely on these relationships to obtain the lo- cal knowledge that we require to be a trusted advisor, slash through the regional red tape, and successfully complete transactions. These cross-market relation- ships may be made possible by technology, but they’re en- hanced and nurtured by the personal connections, network- ing, and information-sharing that have always been the backbone of successful real estate organizations. The CRE community should embrace the opportunities that globalization and virtual technology have of- fered to expand our businesses and better serve our clients. Joe Latina is principal of Patterson-Woods Commer- cial Properties/CORFAC International and 2021 CORFAC International president. MAREJ

ects quickly and accurately from their desk or home. What does this mean for us as real estate practitioners? Ex- panding our geographic reach through communication and technology gives us more prod- uct and more opportunity. The

Joe Latina

Commercial real estate is no exception to the rapid changes brought on by technology and interconnectedness. The recent push to incorporate

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