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Hutchinson Mechanical Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Atlantic City Partners With Hutchinson for Energy Efficien cy Upgrades

ipley’s Believe It or Not! Atlantic City is a popular destination featuring 400 mind-boggling exhibits and artifacts and 14 themed galleries. While the prime boardwalk location is a plus, the salty, ocean air is tough on HVAC equipment. “Our HVAC units take a beating from the salty, ocean air and typically need to be replaced every 5-7 years,” says Chris Connelly, man- ager of Ripley’s. “It got to the point where the units were no longer serviceable and had to R

and converted all interior lighting – from incandescent and fluorescent – to energy efficient LED. “Our building has thousands of interior lightbulbs and a couple dozen need to be re- placed every day. LED is a cost effective solution - the lighting lasts longer and we’ll save on utility bills and manpower from not having to swap out the bulbs.” Hutchinson also connected Ripley’s with South Jersey Gas’ Smart Energy Partners program, a complement to NJCEP that provided 0% fi -

nancing for 5 years for Direct Install. “Working with Hutchinson has been great,” says Chris. “They kept me informed every step of the way throughout the process and enabled us to take advantage of energy-saving rebates.” “WorkingwithHutchin- son has been great,” says Chris. “They kept me informed every step of the way throughout the process and enabled us to take advantage of energy-saving rebates.” About Hutchinson Hutchinson is a leading energy/mechanical services contractor performing heating, cooling, plumbing, and energy services throughout the great- er New Jersey, Southeastern Pennsylvania, and Northern Delaware Region. MAREJ continued from page 9C Resurface - Rather Than Replace flexibility to do that. Should you wish to change your look you simply resurface new film over the old! The Most Important Choice for Your Project No matter which way you choose, you will want to ensure you choose the right service company to perform the work. Finding the right company to professionally install the archi- tectural film that will upgrade the appearance of your busi- ness is every bit as important as finding the right remodeling crew. (After all, you wouldn’t hire just anyone with a sledgeham- mer and some power tools to remodel.) As one of the area’s leading certified film applicators since 1984, Glas-Tint can provide you with a wide range of the best products and services that will make your project a success. At Glas-Tint, LLC, we’ve got you covered. Give your business the new look and upgrade it needs. Hank Weiss is owner of Glas-Tint located in Park Ridge, New Jersey. MAREJ

replaced.” Chris turned to Hutchinson, a participating contractor for New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program (NJCEP) Direct In - stall, to address HVAC and

lighting needs for the 12,000 s/f building. The program cov- ers up to 80 percent of energy efficiency upgrades. Hutchinson installed three energy efficiency HVAC units

“Believe It or Not”…Energy Efficiency Solutions Can Save Your Business Money

“Hutchinson has been great. They kept me informed every step of the way and enabled us to take advantage of energy-saving rebates.” Chris Connelly Manager Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Atlantic City

Upgrade to energy efficiency with Direct Install from New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program™ and up to 80% Direct Install is brought to you by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. of the cost will be covered.

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William A. Hutchinson Jr, LMP, Plumbing Lic. #5041. Edward P. Hutchinson, Master HVAC Contractor Lic. #22700. Hutchinson HIC Reg. #13VH01747500.

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