Columns Monthly - December 2022

Zuckerberg’s Meta, Facebook, & Instagram Ads Illegal In EU – A Massive Headwind SpaceX Gets $750 Million Of New Funding At $137B Valuation Big Company Big Raises Fuel Inflation, A Big Problem (w audio) Big Banks Say Recession (w audio) Possible 2023 Real Estate Portfolio Build? MIT: What’s Next For Chips And A Massive Buildout^ Houston’s Plan To Be A Hydrogen Hub (2) Amazon Expands Layoffs To 18,000 (nyt$1) Salesforce Lays Of 8,000 (nyt$1)

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Source: NYT Putin & Xi Are Close, Russia & China Maximizing Trade

Source: Seeking Alpha The Chatbot Wars – An Investors View

Source: Electrek One Blade Of World’s Largest Wind Turbine By Vestas – BJY™ HYUS™

Source: ARS This Is John, He’s Not Real – You Can Do This Easily Now, Even Of You





Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Neuroscience, And The Beta 3AGI™ Project

UCSD: Reversing Parkinson’s With New Neuron Cells 59:05

Try One Yourself – The MIT Brain (AI) Course (1:10s)

Dementia Caregiver’s Experiences And Preparedness

Deep Learning Algorithm Can Hear Alcohol In Voice – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI Potential Of Machine Learning In The FMCG Retail Industry – BUSINESS – AI

Source: U.S. Navy U.S. Warship Sails Through Taiwan Strait

Source: TCL TCL AR Eyewear With The RayNeo X2

Layoffs Are Tech’s New Normal

China To Open Border With Hong Kong After 3 Years

AI-Guided Personalized Drug Combinations To Treat Relapsed Lymphoma – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI

Germany And U.S. Agree To Send Armored Vehicles To Ukraine

Advancements In Agriculture Robots – AGRICULTURE – ML

Why You Should Not Worry Social Security Will Go Away 10:04

Opt By Meta, A Free ChatGPT Competitor

PaLM By Google, A Free ChatGPT Competitor

Source: Verge Sony, Honda Unveil Their Joint EV Brand ‘Afeela’

Sphere By Meta, A Free ChatGPT Competitor

Source: University Of Copenhagen Newly Discovered Anatomy Shields And Monitors Brain (2)

Bloom, Open Source, A Free ChatGPT Competitor

Source: Wiki Reshoring To Non-Coastal N. America – U.S.

Galactica By Meta, A Free ChatGPT Competitor

Sugar’s Role In Common Kidney Disease

Reshoring To Non-Coastal N. America – Texas

NIH Is The #1 Funder Of All University Science Research

Source: Hyundai 2023 Best Small ESUV?

Amazing How Anatomy Is Encoded In Living Organisms – 15:30

Reshoring To N. America – Alaska & Canada

The 10 Top Research Universities – UCSD Ranked 6th In Research, Above Harvard, Stanford, UCLA

Princeton Student Builds AI Essay Detector

2023: 10 AI Projections, 10 AI Companies

Source: Amazon Amazon Drone Delivery Begins In College Station & Stockton – Swift™

Source: SELMAN DESIGN Yes, Muscle Strength Keeps Your Brain Strong

Souce: The Atlantic U.S. Space Force Begins Constellation Of Satellites In March

7 Major AI Articles Of 2022

2023: ChatGPT In Education (op)

Amazon’s Drone Fleet Flying 2:52 – Swift™

Bees Roll Wooden Balls To Play – We Continue To Underestimate

AI As A Service- AIaaS

Reshoring, AV Trucking, & AV Ultralights

Aerobic Exercise Reduces Depression In Teens

Voice Assistants Are Losing Money

Opt By Meta, A Free ChatGPT Competitor

Covid Infection With Molnupiravir Can Lead To Quicker Recovery At Home

PaLM By Google, A Free ChatGPT Competitor

Time Spent In Nature Appears To Slow Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s

Sphere By Meta, A Free ChatGPT Competitor

Four Major Subtypes Of Long Covid

Bloom, Open Source, A Free ChatGPT Competitor

Source: Pixabay New Brain Model Could Pave The

Microprotein Found To Increase Appetite In Mice

Way For Conscious AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AGI

Galactica By Meta, A Free ChatGPT Competitor

Singing Supports Stroke Rehabilitation

Artificial Intelligence In The Work Context – BUSINESS AI

EBikes Changing Cities – SpeedO™

Covid Vaccines, Prior Infection Reduce Transmission Of Omicron

AI Solution To Classify Epileptic Seizures – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI

Coders Look To Save Blockchain Companies $100 Million

Samsung & SKorea Don’t Plan On Losing Chip War

AI Fails To Pass Radiology- Qualifying Examination – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI

Source: NYTimes The Enormous Money Going Into U.S. Chip Plants, But Skilled Workers An Issue 1of3 (nyt$1)

(2) (3)

Reshoring To N. America – Mexico (nyt$1)

Big Tech 2022 Big Flops

Brazil’s Right Loves Twitter

Reshoring, Waterways, & LakeTX™

Source: Yu Ohmura Good And Bad Feelings – Brain Stem Serotonin

2023 University Housing & Resort REITs – UHR-REIT Austin & La Jolla Inflation Protection

Make No Mistake, This Is What The Left Says They’ll Do With Your Children 3:13

Source: Times Now Microsoft Plans To Integrate ChatGPT Into Bing

2023 Value Investing Inflation Protection

Bed, Bath And Beyond Warns Of Bankruptcy

Biotech Labs Using Dall-E To Invent New Drugs

2023 LakeTX Inflation Protection

What’s Next In Space

These Teslas Qualify For 2023 Tax Credit

ChatGPT Looks To Visualize The World

2023 YLabs Austin & La Jolla, Estes Park & Playa Del Carmen

All Vehicles That Qualify For 2023 Tax Credit


Twitter Letting Users Swipe Between Tweets, Topics, Trends

– SnApp™

OpenAI Alternatives In 2023

Source: Kraemer Lab Targeting Tau, The Other Protein Behind Alzheimer's Disease (2)

Pakistan Orders Malls To Close Early Amid Economic Crisis

How To Tell If Your Phone SIM Card Has Been Hijacked

AI Art Generators

N.Korea Drone Entered S.Korea’s Presidential No-Fly Zone

Google Has Everything It Takes To Better ChatGPT

Stellantis To Build Archer’s Air Taxi

NIH: Good Hydration Lowers Mortality & Disease

China’s FM: “Deeply Impressed With Americans”

AI & Augmented HRM – BUSINESS – AI^

Bulgaria Signs Deal For Gas Supplies Via Turkey

AI Diagnoses Severity Of Covid Pneumonia – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI

AI Innovation By European Firms – BUSINESS – AI

Source: Ottonomy Ottonomy’s New Delivery Robot

Source: Pixabay … More – Hydration Lowers Disease Risk

AI Tool Responds To Botox Treatment With 96% Accuracy – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI

Test Detects Alzheimer’s Neurodegeneration In Blood

ChatGPT Is Useful But Do NOT Rely On It For Facts

Source: Reuters Putin Sends New Hypersonic Cruise Missiles To Atlantic As U.S. Threat

Autopsies Show Covid Virus In Brain

Satya Nadella: Dall-E, ChatGPT To Hugely Impact Our Future

Gold Reaches $1,850

Framework For Marketing Of Business Decisions – BUSINESS – Marketing – AI Automated Journalism & Sports Analysis – COMMUNICATION – Journalism – AI Machine Learning Analysis Of Crop Color For Autonomous Irrigation – AGRICULTURE – ML

Source: Business Today Amazon Secures $8 Billion Unsecured Loan As Cash Flow Insufficient

Japanese Families To Get 1M Yen Per Child For Leaving Tokyo

Dubai Ends 30% Alcohol Tax

Supply Chain Management Is An Integrating Function– BUSINESS – Manufacturing – AI

Source: PNAS - What We Know About Brain Wiring Ketamine Found To Increase Brain Noise

Source: Mixed Apple AR Headset May Need AirPods For Full Experience

Tomato Leaf Disease Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks – AGRICULTURE – AI

Top 10 Parkinson’s Articles Of 2022

Source: AP

Ant Consumer Unit’s $1.5B Capital Plan Approved

Colombia And Venezuela To Fully Reopen Shared Border

In 2022: We Sequenced The Entire Human Genome

We Could Run Out Of Data To Train AI-Language Programs –

ENGINEERING – AI – Deep Learning Architectures

Tik Tok & Netflix Rise, Meta & Google Fall In Advertising, (Apple & Microsoft Are Fine)^

The Greek Island That Converts LNG To Gas For Europe

Xi’s Error: Original Covid 100X More Deadly Than Latest Omicron Variant (Ed. Op)

Artificial Intelligence For Acute Cerebrovascular Disease – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI

Warren’s Best Thoughts Of 2022

Tesla Misses 2022:Delivery Target, Stock Continues Fall

2022: NIH Helps Recap 2022

Deep Learning In Business Analytics – BUSINESS – AI

Alfalfa Sprouts Recalled Due

Genius Charlie Munger On 2023+ 8:14

New Covid Pill May Be Improvement Over Paxlovid

Where Microsoft & Partner OpenAI (ChatGPT) Are Headed

Ford Recalls 8.6 Million Vehicles In 2022, Worse Than All Others

Brain Area Necessary For Fluid Intelligence Identified

… More On Microsoft & OpenAI

Denmark Moved Away From Cash, Look What Happened

How ChatGPT Can Be A Useful SysAdmin Tool

Southwest Air Customers Still Stranded, Mass Exodus, 11,000 Flights Canceled (2)

Source: Stacey Revere Look Who Wippersnappers Call Geezers! (w audio)

Elon’s New StarShield For Government

AI For News Production By Journalists – COMMUNICATION – Journalism – AI

Croatia Adopts Euro And Enters Schengen Zone

Satya Nadella: Dall-E, ChatGPT To Hugely Impact Our Future

AI Improves Colorectal Cancer Screening For Lynch Syndrome – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI Agriculture & AI-Driven Smart Farming – AGRICULTURE – AI | USDA AI Technology & Consumer Repurchase Intention – BUSINESS – Marketing – AI

Sweden Takes Over EU Presidency In Crisis Mode

Googles Advertising Business Will Suffer From Its Own Innovations

Columns™ Monthly – November 2022 Flipbook

Columns™ Monthly – October 2022 Flipbook

Columns™ Monthly – September 2022 Flipbook

Source: Daily Mail Andrew & Tristan Tate Arrested For Rape, Sex Trafficking

PowerPoint-Like Tome, One Of The First “ChatGPT+” Apps

Columns™ 1 in 40 Putin will use nukes (re Xi)

Source: AP Twitter Sued For Failing To Pay Rent Of San Francisco Office

AI May Be Key For Scaleups & Startups While Big Tech In Headwinds

…And What Greta Thunberg Says

I Used ChatGPT For A Day …

For Some, Insomnia May Be A Phobia

Is The Future Of Art AI? (Who Would Know? :) 8:08

Value Investor Warren Overtakes Elon, Bezos, Soon Bill

EVs Don’t Like Winter – It’s Serious

5 Free ChatGPT Competitors You Should Try

Tesla’s Cheaper Model Y Electric SUV

Source: Reuters Bolsonaro Lands In Florida, Set To Skip Lula Inauguration

Source: David Chrisom AI Changes Hip Preservation– MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI AI Helps Real-Time Diagnoses During Surgery (2)– MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Insurance Cases & AI Automated Anomaly Detection – BUSINESS – Insurance – AI Brain Stroke Prediction & Artificial Intelligence– MEDICAL & HEALTH – Stroke – AI Normative Perspective & Journalistic AI – COMMUNICATION – Journalism – AI Removing AI’s Sentiment For Personalized News – COMMUNICATION – Journalism – AI^

New York Times Front Page

Wall Street Journal Front Page

In 2022: The Year Big Tech Fell From A 20 Year Run

Source: 9To5google Google Nest Sleep Sensing Free Thru 2023

Source: Bloomberg Floating Solar More Attractive To Residents And 22,000 Homes

Source: VisualCapitalist Top 22 Visualizations Of 2022

Tapering Off Ambien & Z Drugs (2)

Autism Spectrum Breakthrough Within Reach (2)

An Automated Journalism Framework – COMMUNICATION – Journalism – AI

New Sensor Sees Light Deep In Our Brain

Genetic + Registry Data AI Predicts Mental Disorder Diagnosis – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI

Autopsies Show Covid Virus In Brain

AI Advantages In Food Production – AGRICULTURE – AI

How Autism Arises

50 Most Visited Websites in the World

21 Visualizations Of 2021

Restricted Abortion Access, Increased Suicide Risk

AI In Evaluating Food Safety Risk – AGRICULTURE – AI

Detect Alzheimer’s Neurodegeneration In The Blood

ChatGPT & Detecting Early Signs Of Alzheimer’s Disease? – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – ChatGPT

Covid Infection With Molnupiravir – Quicker Recovery

Data Ingestion For AI (2) – BUSINESS – AI

Fatty Liver Disease Endangers Brain Health^

50 Most Visited Websites in the World Top 20 Visualizations of 2020

ChatGPT is Changing Public Opinion About Artificial Intelligence Fast

Smithsonian: 92 Discoveries In 2022

AI CAGR 40% To $422 BILLION BY 2028

2022 In 7:24

…And The New AI Vector Databases

DW: The 2022 Ukraine War In Review – It’ll Leave You Hanging 15:38

Source: Trek Bike Innovation Of 2022 – TQ- HPR50 Mid-Motor – LightBike™ CarryOn™ JPMorgan, As Goldman Sachs, Launches Platform To Connect Funding & VCs To Scaleups & Startups – YLabs™

Source: AP Southwest Air Ices To A Halt

15 Ways To Use ChatGPT

MacKenzie Scott & These Billionaires Giving It Away

Emotion-Expressing AI Chatbots Impact Customer Service (2) – BUSINESS - Marketing – AI

Southwest Air Under Federal Scrutiny

In 2022: Big Discoveries In Math 11:56

People Sleep The Least Early 30s To Early 50s

Artificial Intelligence In E- Commerce – BUSINESS – AI

In 2022: TechBrew’s Recap

Dec 31 – Dow Stocks Worst Since 2008 Great Panic

Why Loss Of Smell Occurs In Long Covid – What’s Damaged

AI & The Accounting Profession – BUSINESS – Finance – AI

In 2022: Boeing Ends 50 Years Of 747 Production

You Knew: The 2022 Great Stock Performers 6:06

Successful AI Adoption In Drug Development – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Cheating With ChatGPT: Can OpenAI’s Chatbot Pass AP Lit? | WSJ $1 6:58 (2)

Adolf Putin Whacks Another General?

Warren’s BRK Was A Great 2022 Mega Cap Defensive Stock (b$)

Russia’s eWarefare Defeated 90% Of Ukraine Drones

In 2022: CEOs Admire Elon’s Get-It-Done

UN Vote On Israel’s Occupation – “A Victory”, Say Palestinians

In 2022: 152,000 Tech Workers Laid Off

AI Can Write As Well As Most Human Beings, A Video Test

Source: MUSC Link Between Hearing Loss And Autism Spectrum Disorder (2)

17 AirPod Tips

In 2022: Big Tech Big Bets That Didn’t Pan Out

Artificial Intelligence Predicts User Intentions – BUSINESS – Marketing – AI

Left: Theil’s Conservative Dating App Headwinds – SnApp™

AI, Algorithmic Competition And Market Structures – BUSINESS – AI

Except IBM, Big Tech Had A Terrible Year (Go VI) (2)

Agility Of AI-Assisted Human Design Teams – Engineering – AI

Source: Weather Channel Christmas Winter Storm Likely To Be As Bad As Predicted

Source: AP Former Pope Benedict XVI Dies At 95

AI Changes Competitors – BUSINESS – AI

Source: Quora Quora’s Poe – Easy Way To ChatGPT & Going Niche^

Source: Unsplash Fact: Potatoes Are Fine For Health Correctly Prepared

Source: DGIST High-Efficiency Water Filter Removes 99.9% Of Microplastics

OpenAI’s ChatGPT Wrote My English Essay!

We Knew It – GenZ Fears Phone Calls

Ram Will Reveal Electric Truck In January

China’s On It’s Way To 1 Million Covid Deaths

Refineries Freeze, Fuel Prices Soar

Source: VisualCapitalist Visualizing The World Economy

Source: OpenAI /TechCrunch Today: OpenAI’s Text-To-3D Genius AI (2) (3)

Source: HZB Germany 32.5% Solar Cell Efficiency Is Major Progress – SUNz™ BiBi™

5 Theories How General Intelligence Varies Among Us

Artificial Intelligence In Marketing – BUSINESS – Marketing – AI

Subtle Biases In AI Can Influence Emergency Decisions – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI

Source: Solar Aquagrid California Covering Canals With Solar Panels – LakeTX™ SUNz™

Artificial Intelligence In Human Resource Management – BUSINESS – AI

Elon Got It Right, Again – It’s About Your $2 Trillion 6:53

AI For Detecting Gastroesophageal Variceal Bleeding – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI

Source: Cho lab, UC Riverside How The Brain Stores Remote Fear Memory

Elon Has The Courage To Fix Manipulative Media – He’s Betting Half Of America Is Behind Him – Most CEOs Envy Elon’s Effectiveness, But Here’s How Media Spins It (Op.)^ Firefox & Tumblr’s Matt Mullenweg Team To Support Mastodon Social Media – SnApp™ ChatGPT By Microsoft Bing Puts Google Search At Risk (2) - SnApp™

Source: CI Dec. 31 Austin, TX, Beautiful Weather And Free

Troubled Sleep A Possible Risk Factor For Type 2 Diabetes (2)

Covid Virus Can Affect Vision And Depth Perception

Source: The Spun Texas’ Major Transfer Loss

Venezuela On It’s Way To Rejoining The West 13:34

Source: National Eye Institute 3D Bioprinting Creates Eye Tissue (2) During Sleep, Brain Regions Synchronize To Create Motor Memory


Source: Unsplash AI Detects Early Osteoarthritis From X-Ray Images – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Social And Ethical Impacts Of Artificial Intelligence For Agriculture – AGRICULTURE – AI

Source: Electrek Snow Plows For BikeWays™ – SpeedO™

Don’t Believe Our Patriot Missiles Are Ineffective, Russia’s Toast 23.05

Home Depot Founder: “Nobody Works, Nobody Gives A Damn”

Covid: A Respiratory Mucosal Vaccine Effective In Mice

Don’t Miss Art Laffer On The Economy 8:31

7 Countries Advanced In Bots

Harvard: People Love You

Putin Alone, Losing, Lost

More Than You Think (2)

Building Construction Industry Using Artificial Intelligence – ENGINEERING – Civil – AI Artificial Intelligence And Oncology – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Be ChatGPT Uninformed At Your Own Risk – Don’t Miss This 26:26 3 Free To Low Fee Instant Start AI With Practical AI Classes (A Deep Dive For Non-CS)

Fend One Folding Helmet – SpeedO™

LakeTX™ – Moving Water From The Mississippi To California^

Half Hour Regular Exercise Was And Is Coronavirus Protective, Perhaps Other Viruses Also

Battery-Swap Motorcycles Make Sense – SpeedO CyC™

Jesus – Refugee And Immigrant

J.J. Watt Retiring From NFL (2)

NREL: More On The New Perovskite Solar Cells – SUNz™

If You’re Going, Go First First Class – SD-EP^

How Time Is An Illusion In Lay Terms

China & Russia Strengthen Ties

Huawei App Gallery World’s 3rd Largest, Say They

Misconceptions About Israel’s Neutrality In The Ukraine War (Op.)

UCSD, UCLA, UC Researchers’ 5th Week Of Wage Strike

Source: AP Streets Empty In Pop. 26 Million Shanghai – Covid

Used Diesel And Gas School Buses May Become About Free – HandyMan™

Feral Hogs Going Nuts In Austin

UC Researchers Reach Tentative Strike Agreement

Early Parkinson’s Diagnosis & Treatment

How To Delete Or Handle Data Apple, Google, Facebook And Twitter Have About You

Postal Service Going Part Electric, Buying 66,000 EVs Of 230,000

Detection Of Leaf Disease Using Artificial Intelligence – AGRICULTURE – ML & USDA^

Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Has No Legs

SEC: “No Functional Service” Company Raised $1.3 Million, CEO Takes 1/3

Twitter To Close Seattle Office, Faces Eviction

San Antonio The Texas Immigrant Hub^

Google Home Speakers Allowed Hackers To Snoop On Conversations

Source: Vizaca Broncho’s Ronnie Hillman 31 Dies Of Kidney Cancer

Alibaba Reshuffles Its Cloud Business

Source: Weill Cornell Medicine Artificial Intelligence For IVF Embryo Selection – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI

Source: The Hindu Indian Rupee Is Asia’s Worst- Performing Currency

AI Can Improve Profit – BUSINESS – AI

Source: AccuWeather Poor Time To Travel, Period.

AI & Automation Workplace Automation – Engineering –

China Appoints U.S. Envoy Qin Gong As New Foreign Minister

2,200 Winter Storm Flights Canceled, More Coming

Manufacturing – AI

Elon’s Bedside U.S. Constitution

ChatGPT Expects $1Billion Revenue By 2024

Edward Avedisian, A Modest Clarinetist, Gave Away $125 Million

Werner’s 8,500 Truck Fleet Getting AI

Second European War Possible, Serbia – Kosovo

Adoption And Use Of AI By Agricultural Workers – AGRICULTURE – ML & USDA

Zelenskyy Says Ready For Feb UN Peace Negotiations

AI Ethics In Business Literature, A Review – BUSINESS – AI Automation Of NC Programming With Artificial Intelligence – Engineering – Manufacturing – AI & 3D300 MW^ AI Predicts Packing Machine Stoppages In Smart Factories – Engineering – Manufacturing – AI

Source: UC San Diego Wearable Skin Patch Monitors Hemoglobin In Deep Tissues

Why The Wheeler Young Family Compound Is In La Jolla, CA

Origins Of Omicron Retraced

Migrants Left Freezing Christmas Eve Outside VP Kamala Harris’ Home

Source: VisualCapitalist EV Battery Lithium Producers

Obesity Researchers Discover New Gene Mutation In Children

Tesla Shared Down To $105, May Go To 25 P/E

West Point Removes Confederate Monuments

Firefox & Matt Mullenweg’s Tumblr Join To Support Mastodon “Right” Social Network

Turkey Discovers New Natural Gas Reserve

Taiwan Prepares, Extends Mandatory Military Service To 1 Year

Google Declares “Code Red” To Better OpenAI’s ChatGPT

Source: WEHI Molecule That Mimics Insulin Advances Diabetes Research

Source: Uber Miami’s Uber Eats Launches Robot Delivery Service – InLineAI™ AI Journalism In The Classroom – COMMUNICATION – Journalism – AI Machine Learning In Industrial Robotics – ENGINEERING – Manufacturing – ML


Virtual Reality Game Objectively Detects ADHD

Source: UNSW Students Design & Build 631 Miles-Per-Charge EV

Covid Virus Can Affect Vision And Depth Perception

Again! GM Recalls 140,000 Bolts Over Fires – GM Did Not Change Battery Vendors (op)

Read If You Use A VPN On Your iPhone Or iPad

Prediction And Potential Customer Identification For Digital Marketing Using Machine Learning – BUSINESS – Marketing – ML Artificial Intelligence In Project Management – BUSINESS – AI

Temu Is A Coupon And Discount App Now Most Downloaded In U.S. – CASHw™ Tesla Selling Demo Vehicles Due To “High Demand” – $7,500 Discounts

Source: Fox/YouTube …MORE

Source: Chronicle 6.4 Quake Hits N.California, 70,000 No Power (2)

Machine Learning & Software Defect Prediction – BUSINESS – ML


High Animal Protein Intake Causes Kidney Stones

Stock Price Prediction – BUSINESS – Finance – ML

Kidney Stones & Fish, Beef, Chicken Protein

Machine Learning Predicts Entrepreneurial Attitudes – BUSINESS – ML

Source: TOI EU Works On New Legislation For User Replaceable Batteries

Small Kidney Stones Usually Pass On Their Own

Artificial Intelligence: Practice And Implications For Journalism 2019 – COMMUNICATION – Journalism – AI AI Improves Decision Support In Safety Management – BUSINESS – Manufacturing – AI Machine Learning For Efficient Manufacturing – BUSINESS – Manufacturing – ML Machine Learning Actuarial Ratemaking For Agricultural Insurance – AGRICULTURE – ML

This Is Willebrand Disease

Source: SUN Again, We Hear Putin Is Ill

Source: Morning Star 5 Charts Prove Value Investing Comeback – AOF, VIC

Why Value Investing Like Warren Works

AI Governance In Energy Systems – BUSINESS – NLP

Source: Zhao, et al Soft Brain Probe & Depression -3P™ (2)

(Again) How AI Does Infinite Fake Photos Of You^

Artificial Intelligence For Customer Complaints & Brand

Dolphins’ Brains Show Common Signs Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Switching – BUSINESS

Advanced Cognitive Computing For Data-Driven Social Systems – ENGINEERING – Computer Science – AI AI Agriculture For Intelligent Pesticide And Irrigation Management – AGRICULTURE

No Ivermectin Benefit For Covid

Tesla Board Member Claim: Ambien Taking A Heavy Toll On Elon

Deer Mad Cow Disease Spreads To 29 States

OpenAI’s ChatGPT Can Be Far Better Than Google Search – SnApp’s SVoice™

Source: Axios Slow Fade For Google And Meta’s Ad Dominance

Disease Prediction & Diagnosis Using Novel Deep Learning Mechanisms – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI

Twitter Rolls Out How Many Views You Get – SnApp™

Source: Tasteatlas World’s Top Cuisines?

Why Warren Has Never Bought Alphabet (GOOG)

Marketing Opportunities And Challenges In Artificial Intelligence – BUSINESS

Dem’s Defund Police Continues To Backfire Big Time

Finding Best Loans For Home Repair^

Source: Grid U.S. Religion’s Mass Exodus Of Young (2)

Putin Claims Russia Ready To Negotiate (2)

AI And Sustainable Transitions Of Agri-Food – BUSINESS – Agriculture Intangible Asset Metrics Using AI And Machine Learning Approaches – BUSINESS – Finance

Facebook Run By Ex-CIA & Ex-FBI – It’s Zuckerberg Again

Putin Uses The Word “War” For The First Time – It’s A Positive 6:55

Kickstarter 2022 Review – SPF609 CF3^

CASHw™ The $94 Billion Shoplifting Solution

Watch This Tennessee Freight Train Hit A Giant Concrete Beam And Derail

Artificial Intelligence In Insurance – BUSINESS – Finance

Source: Quanta Alzheimer’s Explanations You’ll Find Comprehensive, Interesting And Relevant^

Artificial Intelligence In Banking Business Management – BUSINESS – Finance

What If It Took $5.7 Million Not Billion To Develop An Alzheimer’s Therapy?

More Claims: Digital Transformation In Emerging Fields

It’s 100% Certain Covid Variants Are Ongoing

AI-Generated News From The Perspective Of Copyright And

China: Tracking Covid In China Has Become Impossible

Source: AP

Source: Android Authority

Google’s Pixel Roadmap For 3 Years

Truth Be Known, This Is The Future (op)

Other Laws – COMMUNICATIONS – Journalism

Weight Gain Or Loss May Predict Dementia Risk

Zuckerberg & Meta Settle Cambridge Analytica For $725 Million^

Conservative Alberta Passes Law Rejecting Federal Sovereignty (2)

Multi-Task Learning in Medical Artificial Intelligence – MEDICAL & HEALTH

Proteins Malfunction In Parkinson’s Disease^

Long COVID: New Evidence For Cause Of Fatigue Syndrome^

TikTok Confirms That Journalists’ Data Was Accessed By Employees

Edge Computing In Critical Manufacturing Systems – ENGINEERING – Industrial, CS

China Sends 71 Warplanes, 7 Ships Toward Taiwan, Most Ever

Texas Is Now Home To 30 Million People

How To Fully Delete Facebook & Meta Accounts

Future Business Expectations Of AI In Finland – BUSINESS

Buy A Tesla Model 3 On Dec. 31 for $39,500 AND Get A $7,500 Tax Credit, 10,000 Miles Free Supercharging? Chevy Bolt EUV A Fantastic Deal Until March - HandyGals™ & HandyMan™ (2)

Elon’s OpenAI Chat Could Obsolete Google Search

Google AI Introduces Important NLU Natural Language Understanding – BUSINESS – COMMUNICATIONS – ENGINEERING CS

Source: We Americans Waste 30% Of Our Food (2)

This Is AI Homework – EDUCATION

It’s The Best Time To Do A Bike Shop Rollup – SpeedO™

The American Plan Book To Reduce Food Waste – HerbMan™ BJYAg

Neurons Autonomously Regulate Their Excitability

Apple Customers Using Alt App Stores May Be A Major Earnings Hit

AI Predictive Digital Agriculture Recommendations – AGRICULTURE

If You Have The Money, Gene Editing Treats These Diseases

Source: World Bank /WP Where A Million Americans Have Moved, And Why

AI, NLP & Multilevel Agricultural Risk Assessment – AGRICULTURE – CS

Deep Learning And Antibiotic Resistance – MEDICAL & HEALTH

AI For Breast Cancer Precision Pathology – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx Use Elon’s OpenAI New Chat Bot Here, Right Now (3)

This Interactive Chart May Help You Decide If Flu, RSV, or Covid (nyt$1)

Source: WSJ, 3,800sf, $510,000 A Second Home In Italy Is An Extra Fine Move Now^

Source: BBC Michael Bloomberg May Buy Dow Jones (WSJ) Or Washington Post

Why N.America Ought To Hyperspeed Reshore

Manufacturing With Bots, Most Strategic Products First

89% Of U.S. Millionaires Think Stock Market (And Homes) Will Continue Fall 1:18

Meta Makes Another Terrible Move

Source: Agrology Crop Yield Prediction Using Machine Learning – BUSINESS – AI Agriculture Fake News Detection & Prevention Using AI Techniques – COMMUNICATIONS – Journalism Age of Automated Digital Journalism – COMMUNICATIONS – Journalism

Source: Cho Blood Viscosity Metrics

Zuckerberg Splitting Meta /Facebook, Taking Metaverse (He’s No Elon)


Source: AP Zelenskyy Thanks All Americans

Snapchat+ Adds Gifting, Chat Wallpaper, More^

MIT: So You Don’t Care Much About Your Thalamus & Memory

Twitter Rival Mastodon Hits 2.5 Million User – SnApp™

Fatty Liver Disease And Covid

Your Intuition Is Right – Why It’s A Very High Risk Time, And The Fundamental Reason Putin Invaded 38:40 Stock Selloff Ongoing, Assets Decline, Americans’ Wealth Falling (Will Thru Summer 2023 – Ed. op)

AI And The Future Of Business Strategists – BUSINESS

New Zealand Passes Law To Ban All Tobacco Sales

Insomnia Could Cause Lower Back Pain And Vice Versa

Dark Therapy Shows Promise In Addressing Lazy Eye Condition

Ford Pays $1.7 Billion For F- 250 Roof Failures

Folks Staying Sick For Months – The Triple Virus Winter (with audio)

Source: PAUL SANCYA/ASSOCIATED PRESS For You Driverless Vehicles Are 2032 And Beyond Use Of Chatbots For News Verification – COMMUNICATIONS – Journalism

Meta, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, TomTom, Linux Join To Dethrone Google Maps

Source: Forbes Playing Playa Del Carmen – 83° F Water Soaring Heating Bills – Austin Up 120%, Colorado Up 800% LEAP Helps Once

Apple Investors Rewarded With $454 Billion

Source: Science Translational Medicine Potential Treatment For CKD Chronic Kidney Disease (2)

Odds Of Apple Falling Under $100 12:04

12,500 Flights Canceled & Climbing, Countless Stranded

Twitter Bans Links To Instagram, Mastodon & Competitors (2)

Over 10,000 Lost Power In Austin Area – Did You Really

Surprising Risks For Covid Infection

Think ERCOT Was Solved, Only Voters Can Fix It

Class Of Diabetes Drugs Cuts Dementia Risk In Older Adults

190 Nations Pledge To Protect Biodiversity Plus 30% Of Lands & Seas – We Can Learn From Such Unity^

Live ERCOT Texas Power Grid Chart (2)

1 Million Without Power And Climbing

Source: Nature Pathologists Declining, AI Becoming A Diagnostic Tool – MEDICAL-HEALTH Dx

Source: Uber Uber’s 6-Wheel Delivery Bots – More (w audio) (2) – InLineAI™

Source: Healthshots Vegetable Intake Linked To Reduced Risk For Type 2 Diabetes, AND Greatly Reduces All-Cause Death

Walmart’s Drone Delivery Priced At $3.99 In TX, FL, AZ

Source: Barrett Washburne Best Fast Air Fry Recipes (nyt$)

Source: Ray Kurzwell On The Singularity Timeline & 2030s “Real Intelligence Is Problem Solving

CEO Matt Mullenweg’s Tumblr Comeback^

Elon Is Talking Some Really Big Numbers

Gene Variants & Medication- Induced Fatal Brain Infection

Not Done Before” 11:12 – ENGINEERING – CS – AGI

Fed: $74K Is What Workers Say It Takes For A New Job (2)

New Immune Culprit Discovered In Alzheimer’s Disease

MIT: The Convergence Of AI & Neuroscience Is Trickey- MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI

McDonald’s Bot Drive-Through Is Here

So You Think Online Fraud Is Only For Seniors

Op: News Industry & Journalism Will Go Your Own Algos & AI That Delivers Journalists You Trust OR What You Want To Hear - Columns™ SnApp™ - COMMUNICATIONS - Journalism (2)

U.S.: N.Korea Sold Arms To Russia’s Wagner Group

How Your Body Senses Flow, Touch, Pressure, Mechanical Stimuli

Source: Reuters Toyota Finally Shifts To EVs vs Tesla & BYD

German Intel Employee Held For Passing Information To Russia

The Science And Real Danger Of Moderna & Pfizer’s mRNA Vaccines, Including Acute Neuro-inflammation & Inflammatory Disease, With “1. Lessons From Parkinson’s (Disease Transmission From The Gut To Brain)”^

Twitter Users Vote Elon To Step Down (2)

Futuristic Approach to Agriculture – BUSINESS – Agriculture

Kevin O’Leary Is Not Who He Says He Is, Mr. Wonderful – Is Shark Tank Fake?

Operation Research In Agriculture – BUSINESS –

… And Kevin O’Leary At U.S. Senate On SBF & FTX 7:50


Source: TASS Russia’s Sole Aircraft Carrier Catches Fire (?)

Source: NCBI Parkinson’s (PD) & Parkinsonism Inheritance & Relationships (2)

Source: AP Denver’s Boom Tech Ovation 88 Pax Mach 1.7 Jet To Fly By 2026

Pure And Simple – The Iranian People Are Our Friends (op)

The 2022 National Alzheimer’s Plan, In Detail

Western U.S. Considers Major Water Projects & Wet-Time Ways – LakeTX™

Source: Feng Guo AI Improves Cancer Immunotherapy – MEDICAL - HEALTH - Tx (2) Explainable AI For Bank’s Credit Assessment – BUSINESS – Finance

More On Aspartame’s Link To Anxiety & Memory Loss

Why China Has Not Moved On Taiwan During The Ukraine War 5:33

U.S. Blue Collar & Crafts Doing Far Better Than Others

Source: Walmart Walmart Launches Drone Delivery

AI Detects Weed Types In Potato Field – BUSINESS – Agriculture

News Media & Social Media Not Trusted By 82% And Rising

Fake News Statistics – 67 Facts

China’s Artificial Intelligence For Economy Management – BUSINESS & GOVERNMENT Artificial Intelligence Applied To The Business Fields – BUSINESS

How Social Media News Is Such A Strong Influence On Our Young (2)

Putin Threatens Long War

Playa Del Carmen Safety

23 Great Value Investing References & Books – VIC608™

Congress Gives Zelenskyy Standing Ovation

Humans & AI Are Joining Forces – BUSINESS

Another Reason Why India Will Go West Not East (nyt$1)

Japan Reverts To Max Nuclear Power For Energy Shortage, And China

Creating Value Through Autonomous Shipping – BUSINESS

GM Battery Cell Venture Gets $2.5B Loan^

Google Cancels $600M Minnesota Data Center Project

AI-Generated X-Ray Images Improved Osteoarthritis

YouTube Timeout If You Post Abusive Comments

Turkey Raises Minimum Wage By 55%

Classification – MEDICAL-HEALTH Dx

Machine Learning Gives Nuanced View Of Alzheimer’s Stages – MEDICAL-HEALTH Dx AI Algorithmic Decision-Making Safeguarded By Human Knowledge & Intuition – BUSINESS

Source: Ariana Drehsler CA Imperial Farmers Say Charge Us More For Colorado River Water

Career Options & Necessary Technical Skills For AI – BUSINESS

Source: AP Zelensky Arrives In U.S. Looking For Missiles, Ammo And Arms

Source: CDC/NYT Austin TX Covid Deaths Unchanged For Months: 1 in 10,000,000

Artificial Intelligence Ethics Taxonomy- Robotic Process Automation – BUSINESS AI & Cognitive Computing By Companies In Portugal – BUSINESS Harvard: Leading Your Company Into AI & A Digital Mindset – BUSINESS

Zelensky To Address Congress

Source: MOB How To Travel The Swiss Alps – You Didn’t Know “No Interview Hires” In Ultra- Tight Labor Market – Store Warehouse-Delivery Network Could Out Amazon Amazon (2) – NOW™ Sprite™ Swift™

Global Value Chains And Digital Platforms – BUSINESS

Source: Milan Nemy Early Brain Changes In Alzheimer’s Disease

Source: AP Taliban Bans Women From Universities In Afghanistan

Google AI Does Coding, In Fact (2)

Covid Infection, And Vaccination, Linked To Heart Condition

AI Will Become A Partnership With Human Beings & KM – ALL

UK Post-Brexit Settlement Scheme For EU Citizens Is Unlawful

How IRS Ponzi Rules Apply To FTX Customers (2)

Business Ethics In The Era Of Artificial Intelligence – BUSINESS Artificial Intelligence & Reduced SMEs Business Risks – BUSINESS

Goldman Sachs Laying Off 4,000 Or 8%

Why GM, Ford & Dodge Are In Real Trouble 9:38

Wells Fargo Pays $3.7B For Consumer Fraud - AGAIN^ (2)

Source: Pixabay Blood Clotting Research Holds Hope For Sepsis

LaJolla & San Diego Permitting Will Get Worse Before Better – BFLS™ HHVAC™

CFBP: Wells Fargo Customer Issues Not Resolved

“Fairness” In Artificial Intelligence For Medical

Your Wallet Is Drained By Subscriptions – Fix It! ^

Arsenal Of Drugs For Use Against Resurgent Covid


Ukraine War Pivots On Who Gets Rockets & Shells First

Full Self-Driving Timeline Predictions – InLineAI™

Potential New Treatments For Huntington’s Disease

You Will Not Guess The Actual Trigger For U.S. Sending Patriot Missile Systems To Ukraine 5:49

Full Self-Driving May Not Ship For A Decade

Source: F. Lumber Prices Back To Pre- Covid, And Falling

Looks Like Jack Dorsey Lied – This Is Important 7:46

Source: Emaminejad Lab/UCLA Wearable Sensor Could Guide Precision Drug Dosing

Source: Archer Archer’s eVTOL Air Taxi Receives FAA Airworthiness

Europe’s Big Tech Content Policing Law Is Coming Here – SnApp™ (nyt$1)

Source: Globenewswire AI Growing CAGR 36.2%, Retailers Win Customers – BUSINESS

Vitamin D Could Prevent Alzheimer’s

Productive & Useful Parents With Live-In Children, It Can Be Done Well^

Boom Developing Supersonic Engine

Ford’s View On AI L4 & L5 Self- Driving

By Whom And How Much America Is Restocking Its Arms

AI Helps Detect Gait Alterations And Diagnose Parkinson’s Disease – MEDICAL- HEALTH Dx Effect Of AI In Products On Behavior, Culture, Ethics, Economics And Social Interaction (China) – BUSINESS, MEDICAL-HEALTH

Why Fusion Energy Is A LONG Way Off – Q, Engineering Q, And Economic Viability Seattle Wants $77,000 Fee From This Woman Before She Builds An ADU U.S., Canada, Norway, Denmark Won’t Win Arctic & National Security Battle Without Oil & Gas Control With Drilling (op) U.S. Deploys B-52 Bomber, F-22 Jets For Joint Military Drills With S.Korea

Source: NIH Viral Toxin May Exacerbate Severe Covid

Source: ET Twitter Relaunches Blue Subscription – SnApp™

Artificial Intelligence In Small Businesses – BUSINESS

Antibiotic Possible New Risk Factor For Type 1 Diabetes

AI & Research For Lawyers – BUSINESS – LAW

3-Virus Hospitalizations Exceed Covid’s In Dec ‘21

Sentencing With Artificial Intelligence – BUSINESS – LAW

Multiple One Minute Exercise Bursts Reduces All-Cause

Ghana Suspends Payment Of Most External Debts

Mortality 40% – 49%

Artificial Intelligence And The Indian Worker – BUSINESS

Common Sweetener Linked To Anxiety

Trust In Medical Artificial Intelligence – MEDICAL-HEALTH Dx

AI Blood Test Detects Liver Cancer – MEDICAL-HEALTH Dx

Source: RSRR U.S. Brings New Bill To Ban TikTok For National Security

Business Admin & Artificial Intelligence – BUSINESS

A Framework For AI/ML Innovation – BUSINESS

Source: Nature Metabolism How To Avert Excessive Weight Loss From Covid

“Rivian” Halts Plans To Build Electric Vans With Mercedes – Rivian Losing $Billions, Never Made A Profit

Source: Reuters Putin Finds Religion To Save Himself (op) (w audio)

Autonomous Taxis Expanding In Austin Over Months

Spatial Biomarkers Of Alzheimer’s Disease Progression In Animal Model

SpaceX Launches Japanese Moon Mission

Collaborative Ontology In AI Research – BUSINESS

Shut Your Eyes – How Old Do You Feel – It’s A Key Metric

Artificial Intelligence For Digital Business Performance – BUSINESS

Here’s The Spyware Our Governments Use

Artificial Intelligence For Entrepreneurs – BUSINESS

Americans Increasingly Engaged In Science News

Artificial Intelligence In Biomedicine – MEDICINE – HEALTH

Known Dementia & Alzheimer’s Risks You Can Totally Control - 9P™ 3P™ CCY^ (2)

Source: Amazon Amazon Copies TikTok’s Social Shopping Feed – SnApp™ (2)

Source: IEA Global Coal Use Record High Driven By China, India, EU

Z-Drugs (Ambien) & Dementia^ (2)

Twitter To Auction Office Supplies

Cocaine From Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia World Demand Soars – Here’s How It Works 13,175 JFK Assination Docs Released, Seems Oliver Stone Got Most Right (2)

Stoned & Toned

Antibody Therapy Affects The Breadth Of Covid mRNA Vaccines (2)

Source: Enlarge These Are AI Text-To-Images You Can Make

…More On JFK

Blockchain Failing In Business And Enterprise

Crypto Is At Its End – Warren, Jamie, Treasury And Columns Were Right

Source: UCDavis Health Measuring Cognitive Change In People With Intellectual Disabilities

Henry Kissinger’s Argument For A Ukraine Compromise

Source: Rockford Register Star After Stellaris’ Bankruptcy In China, Indefinitely Idles Illinois Assembly Plant

LA In Full Blown 3-Virus Crisis

Is America More Free Now Than It Was? (op)

Texas United Methodist Church Falling Apart

EU Takes Steps On Carbon Border Tax

Source: AI generated/Clark Miller …More On Midjourney

IRS: $600 And Up Venmo, PayPal, Cash App, Etc Now Auto-Reported

Google’s Waymo AVs (And Tesla) Persist, No Driver Stepwise Progress, While Others Give Up

UCSD: AI Remembers How It Learned

Computational Architectures For Automated Journalism – COMMUNICATIONS – Journalism

Source: Texas Tribune El Paso Declares State Of Emergency

Source: Dailymail Apparently, This Cancer Patient Vax Is Effective

Medical Algorithmic Audits – MEDICAL-HEALTH

Source: Visual Capitalist Tech Company Layoffs In 2022, Likely Ongoing To June, 2023 (op) – Ed.

“Never confuse a defeat in battle with losing the war.” – G. Wheeler

Why Difficulties Linking A Virus To A Disease, Such As MS

Automated Journalism Implications For Research Papers – COMMUNICATIONS – Journalism, UT Austin Research

Tata To Enter Chipmaking In India

TSA Now Scans Your Face At Airports

Artificial Intelligence And Business Education – BUSINESS

Yellowstone’s Lava River (2)

An Academic View Of AI & Business Processes – BUSINESS

Ultra-Processed Food Intake Linked With Cognitive Decline (More) (2)

Fairness In Automated Data Journalism – COMMUNICATIONS –

Source: Rick Kern

Kirk Watson, Austin New Mayor Again – It’s Good For Austin (op)

Risk Of Dementia And Alcohol Consumption


Source: Waze, Google Google Merges Waze Into Maps

AI-Driven Organization Decision-Making – BUSINESS

AirBnB & Rental Home Owners In Real Trouble, Becoming Worse

Artificial Intelligence Promoting Knowledge Management – BUSINESS

Posit: Brain Routes Like The Internet – AI & MEDICINE – Cognitive Neuroscience

Source: Lake Flato Lake Flato Architects’ Outstanding HEB Design, Lake Austin Blvd At Exposition

Source: Camilo Ferrer Autism-Linked Gene Shapes Nerve Connections (2)

How AI Creates For Creators

Artificial Intelligence Governance – BUSINESS

43 Gifts For The Men

Black Tea Reduces AAA Risk 16- 42%, As Other Flavonols

Customer Service Efficiency Through AI Chatbot – BUSINESS

Have Dems Weponized The IRS Again?

Walking Backward Improves Balance, Brain Health, Strength, Many More (2)

Artificial Intelligence Strategy For The Future – BUSINESS

Source: Visual Capitalist The World’s Largest Pension Funds – $17 Trillion

Twitter Bans Journalists, EU Threatens Twitter Ban

Conservatives Make Progress In Banning Woke & Gender-Fluidity School Books

Dietary Antioxidant Flavonols Linked To Slower Memory Decline (2) – Top Flavonol Foods: Tea, kale, beans, spinach and broccoli for kaempferol; tomatoes, kale, apples and tea for quercetin; tea, wine, kale, oranges and tomatoes for myricetin; and pears, olive oil, wine and tomato sauce for isorhamnetin – Alzheimer’s May Be Primarily An Autoimmune Not Brain Disease, β-Amyloid Is An Immunopeptide (Again)

Machine Learning In Diagnostic Healthcare – MEDICAL & HEALTH

Apple Now Has Important Advanced Data Protection 6:26

Thousands of UCSD La Jolla Researchers Plan Strike Monday

For Him Or Not, DeSantis Is Right About Elon, Apple & Twitter 4:53

A New, Clear Theory Of Neuro-AI Structure – MEDICINE & HEALTH AI Convergence Of Cognitive Neuroscience & ML (2)

On Whose Balance Sheet Is This $65+ Trillion USD Hidden Debt?

Bank Of Settlements Warns Of $80 Trillion USD Hidden Debt

AI Robotics In Agriculture – BUSINESS – Agriculture

Elon Will Find A Way Twitter Will Comply With EU Law^

Artificial Intelligence For Digital Agriculture – BUSINESS – Agriculture

How To Sell Your Primary Residence And Have No Capital Gains Tax 30:07^


Alzheimer’s & Gum Infection

AI In B2B Marketing – BUSINESS – Marketing

30% Of Annual Giving Is In December, With Stats

Alzheimer’s & Metals In The Brain

(Again) Conservative’s Fast- Growing Woke Book Ban Shows The Pendulum Can Swing

AI In Supply Chain Management – BUSINESS

NPO Donors Launched Sam Bankman-Fried’s Empire

MIT: In Parkinson’s 3 Thalamus Circuits Cause Symptoms


Nov Retail Sales Down Sharply (Massive Misleading U.S. Economic News Elsewhere – Ed.)

More … The Transformatively Important SCOTUS Social Media Case – SnApp™

FDA Approves First Fecal Microbiota Treatment

Amazon Warehouse Bots Are The Real Deal

Code Now, Pay Later Schools Having Hard Times

AI In The Courtroom – BUSINESS – LAW – AI

AI-Generated Photographs & Copyright Law – BUSINESS – LAW – AI

AI Detects Cancerous Lesions In Colon – MEDICAL & HEALTH

Source: Völkner et al Mechanism For Vision Loss Discovered

ML Can Diagnose Obstructive Sleep Apnea – MEDICAL & HEALTH

Source: Axios Chart Of Pain For Laid-Off Tech Workers Who’ve 90 Days To Sell Their Stock

Long Covid Patients Have Negative Effects As During Pandemic

Source: Benzinga Jack Ma Gives Up Position In China’s Prestigious Guild

Understanding How Putin’s Internal Propaganda Is So Effective 9:53

Source: AJSM Machine Learning Predicts Knee Injuries – MEDICAL & HEALTH

GenZ Wants Easy Retirement Work, But Don’t Save – It Will Change

More… Twitter Bans CNN, NYT, WaPo Journalists

Source: Dyson Dyson’s Zone Air-Purifying Headphones Start At $949 – Will It Sell?

Source: BMJ Adolescent Hypermobile Joints Increase Depression & Anxiety Risks

DeSantis’ News Mostly Exclusive To GOP Backed Media – Columns™

Strategies For Early Detection Of Cognitive Decline^

Source: Walt Disney Avatar 2 Is Magnificent, Stunning (with audio article)

10 Value Stocks To Evaluate

It’s Not Crypto Winter, It’s Crypto Death

Source: Google Google’s Imagen Text-To-Image Now Ready For Testing

Elizabeth Warren Goes After Crypto

OpenAI’s DALL-E Images For 2 Cents Each – HUMANITIES – Art

Source: VisualCapitalist Countries Receiving The Most U.S. Immigration Visas

“Life is like a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving,” – Einstein 3:51

AI For Business Development In Africa – BUSINESS

How Ascension Hospitals – U.S. Largest System & Austin Seton – Created A Critical Staffing Crisis – An Actionable NPO 3k600^

AI In An Open Justice System – BUSINESS – LAW – AI

Source: University of Alabama Gut Microbiome At The Center Of Parkinson’s Disease Pathogenesis

Claim: AI To Support Cryptocurrency Investors – BUSINESS – Finance

Dems Push To Make Puerto Rico A State

Overweight Women Most Likely To Suffer Long Covid

A Weak Trump Stumbles, DeSantis Builds

Mapping The Brain’s Communications Hub – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Cognitive Neuroscience

Source: Aura Aerospace Intercontinental Hybrid VTOL Can Circle Half The World

Brain’s Axons May Be True Culprit In Alzheimer’s Disease

The Existential News Feed Bill ^

Long Covid May Cost U.S. $3.7 Trillion – Like The Great Recession

AI & ML In The Financial Sector – BUSINESS – Finance – AI

Why The Colorado River Needs LakeTX™

AI-Driven Financial Supervision – BUSINESS – Finance – AI

Ackman: Greatest Investment Opportunity Of Your Life 12:32

Have A Good Memory Into Your 90s

Survey Of AI In Finance & Fintech – BUSINESS – Finance – AI

The 200 Most Common Passwords Not To Use

MIT: Thalamus Damage & Why Memory Declines With Age

Source: Ministry of Defence

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