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We are pleased to present to you our new catalogue for biennials and spring perennials. This year we are celebrating 25 years of Delta ® , so it is a special honor for us to hear from a selection of customers, some of whom have been with us since the beginning of our Delta ® journey. A success that has also been made possible by all of you. Your high demands are our challenge, even if that means improving the best even further. We have continued to invest in breeding the Delta ® series. Long desired by you and our colleagues, the Pure Orange has also been improved in a way that almost makes this variety a new reference. I am sure that you will share the enthusiasm not only of myself but also of my colleagues. The founding father of our Delta ® and Endurio series, Martien Gutter (the Endurio Sky Blue Martien was named after him) is rightly, very proud of the development this genetic has taken. Although we already launched the Freefall series last year, I would like to take this opportunity to report the very positive feedback from your colleagues. Freefall is a large-flowered hanging Viola for hanging baskets, bowls and planters which has proved very successful this year. Our MultiColour Viola cornuta Trio Mixes in one plug have also been very well received. Our guarantee to deliver 100% Trio plants with extremely high uniformity was convincing.

But of course we did not remain inactive in the further assortment. We have already had success with the Primula series Mitra and Mitra Late, which are particularly up-to-date due to their low need for growth regulator. We also look forward to the introduction of Paradiso Early and Mid as new series next to the Paradiso Late series. All tests here were very positive. The new Laura series for the Myosotis comes with three colours and is also very promising with its resistance to mildew. In the spring perennial range there are new colours in Saxifraga, Arabis and Aubrieta. No matter what you need, we will do everything we can to ensure that the coming season is a successful one. Our entire team in sales, customer service, along with both technical and marketing support is always at your disposal.

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