The Newsletter Pro - June 2019

For the last year, the first thing many prospective clients hear when they’re introduced to The Newsletter Pro is the warm, optimistic voice of Danielle Talbot, our marketing coordinator. Danielle reaches out to prospective clients, learns about their goals, and gives them a crash course on newsletters. She’s been doing a great job, too, if we do say so ourselves. When Danielle decided to move to Idaho from Baker City, Oregon, her first mission was to find a good school for her daughter, Kendall. After that, she jumped into some heavy job hunting. Danielle even reached out to one of the few people she knew in Idaho, who happens to be our marketing consultant, Lauren (Lo) Stopher. Though Lo had only met Danielle a few times through a mutual friend, Danielle made a great impression. When the position of marketing coordinator at The Newsletter Pro happened to open up the next Danielle Talbot and the Power of Knowledge ALL THE WISER IN THE SPOTLIGHT

realize, now more than ever, that the more you know, the more you’ll grow. I’m not comfortable staying stagnant. Knowledge is power, and I feel lucky that I have the opportunity to learn whenever I want. It helps me become more aware, educated, and overall empowers me to create a better life for my daughter and me. There are a lot of things in my life I had to learn the hard way. By reading, listening to podcasts, or taking courses, I can learn without having to make those hard mistakes.” “Knowledge, to me, stimulates creativity and encourages taking chances on goals that once felt so far out of reach. It’s all about working smarter, not harder.”

day, Lo referred Danielle in a heartbeat. Right away, it was clear that she was the perfect fit.

“There’s a lot that goes into being a marketing coordinator,” Danielle says. “You have to adapt to different personalities, know how to communicate appropriately, and build trust with total strangers. It’s a challenging position, and I work hard to live up to the responsibility. I do weekly trainings with Dave Tester of Jon Carson Consulting and strive to learn more and do more for The Newsletter Pro.” Learning isn’t just something Danielle does at work. She is always ready to learn something about health, wellness, finances, or business.

Wise words from a wise woman.

“Any time I can, I’m listening to educational podcasts and striving to expand my knowledge. I



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