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From Childhood Cavities to a Lifelong Passion How I Learned to Love Dentistry

I may be the first dentist in the world to admit that I had a lot of cavities as a kid. Luckily, they were on my baby teeth, but they were still a huge hassle. To make matters worse, the treatment I received could best be described as a necessary evil. In those days, patient experience wasn’t really a concern. It didn’t matter if people hated the dentist, the thinking went, because they needed the treatment. So when I was in high school and decided I would pursue dentistry, I knew that I wanted to focus just as much on making people feel welcome and comfortable as I did on providing the latest and greatest in care. In my eyes, you need both to be a successful practice. Our goal is for our patients to no longer view going to the dentist as a necessary evil. Also, it’s just a lot more fun and rewarding to treat people like friends and family rather than a set of teeth in a chair. At the beginning of my career, I was a partner with another dentist for about a dozen years. We got along well, but I eventually realized that we were at different points in our careers. He was fine with things just the way they were, but I wanted to continue to grow and improve our practice. After much thought, I decided to take a massive risk and strike out on my own. It was just time to go our separate ways and the chance for me to build the practice that I envisioned, focusing on patient care first and foremost. Let me tell you — the early days were scary. We started with me, one hygienist, and one assistant, who also happened to be my wife, Joanne. Slowly but surely, we built the practice with those principles of great care, relationships, and the most comfortable experience possible. Today, we have doctors on staff, including a recently hired endodontist. We have cookies baking in our office oven for all of our patients, and we’ve become the practice I always dreamed of.

That being said, I’ve never been one to rest on my laurels. I believe that a dentist’s education never stops, because the industry changes so rapidly. Sometimes, the inspiration for new services comes from classes I take, especially those at the Pankey Institute. Just as often, though, they come from real-life experiences. For instance, when my younger daughter was in sixth grade, she was having trouble sleeping. I sawwhat a negative effect her poor quality of sleep had on every aspect of her life. After watching a seminar, I realized that our practice could provide services to my daughter and our patients to help them sleep better and enjoy their lives more. It wasn’t a hard choice to begin taking classes on sleep apnea and start offering treatment to our patients. Outside of work and continuing education, my biggest passion is spending time with my family. Our older daughter, Kristin, works as a nurse delivering babies and just got married this year. Our younger daughter, Lexi, is currently studying biology at Moravian College and applying for dental schools — I know her inspiration to join the field is based on positive experiences rather than the negative ones of my childhood. It’s also an opportunity for her to make a career of the outreach work she enjoys so much. We’re also a family of huge Disney fans, so you can bet when we get together, we’ll be watching a few of the classics. I also coach girls’ soccer at Freedom High School, which is a big but hugely rewarding commitment. It’s another arena where there’s always something new to learn and a way to improve. In all aspects of my life — whether as a dentist, father, or coach — I strive to always get better. I hope that approach resonates with you, our wonderful patients.

December 2018

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