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Welcome back to Learn DEDICATED T O T H E BENCHARTIST T H E Training E D I T I O N Get ready for Training Center season with the 2022 Winter issue of LEARN! Discover training opportunities abroad with two of our international training partners. LEARN about the Alexandre Diamond Setting School in Belgium, and get the perspective of five former Alexandre School students who traveled there to study. Get familiar with the International Jewellery School in Russia and LEARN how they maintain traditions of making jewelry by hand, while introducing new and innovative classes to meet market demand. If you are looking to LEARN in the US, find the right course for you with our GRSTC course breakdown and instructor bios. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the Glendo LLC. Although the highest care has been taken to make the information contained in “Learn” as accurate as possible, neither Glendo LLC nor the authors can accept responsibility for damage of any nature resulting from the use of the information within. ©Glendo LLC 2022

Molly Licea GRS ® Employee Diane Scalese GRSTC Instructor Mitchell Lurth GRSTC Instructor ToddDaniels GRSTC Instructor NevadaMiller GRSTC Instructor

The 2022 LEARN project was a collaboration from several different artists. Five engravers and jewelers created one letter each to make up the word “LEARN”. We love how unique and interesting each piece is! Thank you to all of the artists listed for spending time creating such a memorable project.

CONTRIBUTORS Learn magazine wouldn’t be possible without our awesome contributors! If you have an idea for an article, tips or techniques you’d like to share, or just want to send us some photos of your latest work, please email GRS at creative@glendo.com.

THERE IS DIAMOND SETTING AND THEN THERE IS DIAMOND SETTING.-----------12 Alexandre Sidorov is internationally recognized for his exquisite stone setting abilities. Over thirty years of experience have led him to the development of a highly specialized setting technique in which the microscope is used as the main working tool. The uniqueness of Alexandre’s work methods is the result of a combination of two specialized professions: Microscopical engraving and stone setting. Alexandre offers this knowledge at his Optical Stone Setting School.


International Jewellery School is a school of world-class masters, which opens up opportunities for high professional development for every student! The International Jewellery School has been working in St. Petersburg since 2014 and is the only one in Russia where both students and novice specialists are trained and along with experienced masters, work on professional equipment of GRS, recognized world leader in the field of technologies for the production of jewellery.

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Tradition of Jewelry Making



There is diamond setting and then there is

12 16 20



Ben Bentvelzen

Maxime Carriere



Basic Course Schedule 22 Intermediate&Advanced Course Schedule 24

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INTERNATIONAL Get to know the Looking for an international training facility with GRS equipment on the bench?

You can learn hand engraving and stone setting skills at an international training center in several

locations throughout the world that exclusively use GRS Tools to propel their students into success.

International Jewellery School

Aktiv Guld




Work by Nadja Ihsen.

Work by Alain Lovenberg.

Work by Alexandre Sidorov.

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Aktiv Guld Vallensbæk, Denmark aktivguld.com

Alloy Hamburg, Germany goldschmiede-alloy.de 040– 421021 16 goldschmiede-alloy@web.de Atelier Tohogne, Belgium metiersdart.be/Cours.html +32(0)86 49 94 36 maitregraveur@gmail.com

International Jewellery School St. Petersburg, Russia

Learn More On Pg 6

+45 43 66 20 00 ag@aktivguld.com Alexandre Diamond Setting School Antwerpen, Belgium alexandreschool.com +32 (0) 3 213 25 31 info@alexandreschool.com Learn More On Pg 12

jewelleryschool.com +7 (495) 162 84 77

Top@jewelleryschool.com WingWo Hong Hong Kong wingwohong.com (852) 2544-7932 wwhhk@biznetvigator.com

Work by Roman Karakurkchi.

WingWo Hong

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Tradition of Jewelry Making


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St. Petersburg Russia

about: WHERE IS THE INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY SCHOOL LOCATED, AND COULD YOU TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOUR TRAINING FACILITIES? International Jewelry School is a school of world-class masters, which opens up opportunities of high professional growth for each student! International Jewelry School has been working in St. Petersburg since 2014. Our teachers — all recognized experts and masters of their craft — have already successfully trained more than 350 specialists from different regions of Russia, CIS countries, China,

Canada, USA, Nigeria, Peru, and Europe (more than 42 countries). We attach great importance to technical equipment, without which it is impossible to achieve quality results in the process of training. Each student’s workbench is equipped with special professional lighting, equipment, GRS ® and Jura by GRS ® tools, professional optical system, and an ergonomic chair.

Mission Statement of the International Jewellery School: To maintain and keep the tradition of making original jewelry by hand using innovative technologies and to open opportunities for professional growth not only in Russia but also abroad.

WHAT ARE THE SPECIFIC TYPES OF COURSES THAT YOU OFFER? HOW LONG ARE THE COURSES? We offer courses in professional stone setting, engraving, hot enamel, wax carving, intaglio carving of transparent stones, and casting. All courses are intensive and last 5 or 7 days. During this time the students, most of whom come from other cities or countries, get a lot of knowledge to practice their skills at home. We take into account the busyness of our students and save their time and money.

Wide Variety of Course Offerings

Tools & Supplies Provided

Five & Seven Day Courses

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Factory production will never be able to replicate the quality of handmade jewelry; they lose their stylistics and individuality. Handmade jewelry has always been and will always be in demand! It is not just technology, but also a part of the author’s soul. WHAT IS THE BENEFIT FOR STUDENTS TO LEARN IN- PERSON? HOWDOES YOUR SCHOOL HELP FACILITATE THAT BENEFIT? We give preference to full-time education in person, because it is impossible to convey online the special atmosphere of the learning process, the relationship of trust between master and apprentice, and many of the nuances of a jeweler’s work. It is very important to be here and now with a student and correct in time. It allows you to reduce training time, achieving the result many times faster than online. I want to add that we work with professional GRS ® equipment: if a student does not have this equipment or skills to work with it, even from technical point of view, it is impossible to teach online. And when you get knowledge in person, you understand on the spot what exactly of the equipment you need. WHAT SHOULD STUDENTS EXPECT TO TAKE AWAY FROM THE INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY SCHOOL? Upon graduation, students leave with a clear “manual” and a full understanding of the subject matter and how to apply those skills. They see the potential to develop themselves as masters, all that remains is to move towards the goal by practicing and practicing.

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instructors: ANY SCHOOL’S SUCCESS ALWAYS DEPENDS ON THE QUALITY OF IT’S TEACHERS, COULD YOU TELL US ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE OF YOUR INSTRUCTORS? The International Jewelry School was created according to a unique model, our teachers are well-known masters from all over the world, who share their invaluable experience directly. They are practicing jewelers who want to share their experience and develop the industry. We attract both absolute beginners, who want to learn from the best practitioners and accelerate their professional growth, and experienced jewelers, who want to acquire new knowledge and techniques to reach a new level of skill.

HOWDOES THAT INSTRUCTOR EXPERIENCE TRANSLATE TO A STUDENT’S SUCCESS? It is important for an instructor to be a practicing master; then he or she can tell you how to achieve success with the least amount of time and help you avoid mistakes. Click for instructor list

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courses: WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO START A SCHOOL IN THE FIRST PLACE? The idea was to show what heights can be achieved by using modern equipment and new technologies combined with jeweler’s skill as well as to educate the new generation of top masters.

HOW IS THE CURRICULUM FOR EACH COURSE DETERMINED? Each syllabus is developed by the instructor, finalized during the testing period (without students), and only after that is published. We keep track of new trends and determine the demand for a particular course. HOWDO YOU DETERMINE WHAT NEW COURSES TO OFFER? We are carefully studying the market and listening to our students, starting from 2022, for example, we will start new areas: casting, light- cured enamel, wax carving. These areas were not chosen by chance, but after our new project J-1 Masters (workshop for jewelers) where we received a lot of positive feedback from the audience and requests to offer these areas as separate courses.

Click forcourse list

offers courses in the following disciplines: International Jewellery School

Stone Setting & Engraving Intaglio Carving on Transparent Stones Enameling Wax Carving Investment Casting

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What has been your favorite memory from the International Jewellery School?

The best memories or moments are when you realize how important it is for students to study at our school. It is an amazing feeling when you realize what you are contributing to a student’s future as a craftsman, because for some of our students studying at the International Jewellery School is a dream come true.

These are the most valuable things! We are making dreams come true!

contact: Bumazhnaya street 17 St. Petersburg, Russia, 190020

+7 495 1628 477 top@jewelleryschool.com

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Alexandre Diamond Setting School

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There is diamond setting and then there is

High-quality diamond setting can vastly improve the brilliance and shine of a piece of jewelry or watch. It brings out the beauty of a stone, and one can even say that it puts fire in the gem. The Alexandre Diamond Setting School trains students to become high-level successful stone setters through intensive three-month programs and personalized five- day courses. Alexandre Sidorov teaches students to use his specially developed techniques to improve speed, precision, and their ability to work on hard materials and non-flat surfaces. Students that complete a course at the Alexandre School gain world-class bench skills that translate well to a professional environment. Born in Kherson, Ukraine, Alexandre’s heritage provided a foundation for his career. Alexandre's early trade experience included working for two years with the Russian military’s bureau of high precision micro- stamp engraving. This work required microscopically perfect handwork executed in a variety of tough metals.

Following this, Sidorov studied in a jewelry atelier, where he learned extensive goldsmithing skills. This formal education, combined with rigorous self-study, prepared him to develop his own creative setting methods executed at a level of practical perfection. In 1994, Alexandre left Ukraine for Antwerp, Belgium, the world’s diamond capital. He worked in a private shop where he enjoyed the freedom to experiment and create exquisite high-end jewelry. Over the next six years, Alexandre’s special techniques evolved even further. His methods of setting stones with absolute precision, remarkable speed, and exceptional efficiency were in such high demand that he started a training program to teach them to others and opened the Alexandre Diamond Setting School. Alexandre's understanding of his craft and passion for teaching and helping others become high-level stone setters contributes directly to the success of his students.

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The school offers two types of courses, a 3-month course, and a 5-day course. During both, Alexandre teaches students to use an optical microscope, a GraverMax, and other GRS tools engraving equipment. Through repetition, students gain confidence and the ability to create high-end work. The 3-month course is a professional and individual intensive, practical course where the student will learn all types of diamond setting. During this program, the student will expand their skills and micro-set stones with absolute precision, speed, and efficiency. After the program, a student will be fully prepared to become a professional stone setter.

Through repetition, students gain confidence and the ability to create

For the jeweler who cannot leave his workshop for three months, the school offers individual setting and engraving 5-day workshops. The advantage of these workshops is that Alexandre does not follow a strict program; he personalizes the curriculum to meet each student's needs. This personalization allows students to maximize their time and focus on areas of study that will most benefit their work. The school attracts students from countries all over the world, including Canada, the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Australia, and many more. The school offers fully equipped benches, and students can either rent equipment or purchase it and then take it home at the end of their course. A working studio is attached to the school, where Mister Sidorov and other established setters offer excellent work. The studio's proximity allows students to see and experience what work is like in a professional environment. The Alexandre school is an excellent choice for training, whether you are looking for a comprehensive course to become a diamond setter or looking for a shorter course to learn specific skills. Either course will allow students to gain world- class bench skills they never dreamed possible.

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Antwerp, Belgium

Five-Day Courses Monday - Friday.

3-Month Course Key study topics:

Three-Month Courses Monday - Friday. x 3

• Insight into all setting types with emphasis on micro pavé • Preparing complex stone layouts and setting formats • Optimizing speed to meet the market demand • Selection of appropriate tools • Improving the use of specialized tools • Calculating stone sizes, spacing and distances • Critical thinking and problem solving • Engraving • Drilling • Cleaning

8 SEATS Mix of students from both course options x 8

TOOLS& SUPPLIES 5-Day Course: Provided 3-Month Course: available for rental or purchase

Classroom Hours: 9:00 - 17:00

• Measuring • Hammering • Polishing • Texturing

5-Day Course Alexandre caters the curriculum to the student's needs. This allows the student to efficiently use their time to focus on a specific area of study.


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What made you decide to pursue training at the Alexandre School? 5 Artists 5 Questions & ALEXANDRE SETTING SCHOOL: THE STUDENT PERSPECTIVE

Ben Bentvelzen Back in 2012, a friend from the goldsmith school in Holland and I did two weeks of stone setting courses at New Approach School for Jewellers in Franklin, Tennessee. Blaine mentioned Alexandre's school multiple times during the course and that definitely piqued my interest. He asked me if I had visited Alexandre's school before and I had to admit I hadn’t. So when I came back home to Holland afterwards I was fast on my way to Antwerp to check it out and get more information about the courses he offered. SterlingHofmann My wife and I made our start in the jewelry industry about 8 years back. I was finishing up my degree in Manufacturing Engineering and was making coin rings to sell at local farmers markets. I started developing my skills in stone setting on my own and heard about Alexandre's school from some friends and through their social media page. I followed his work for about 5 years and wanted to do what he did. My wife and I finally decided to pull the trigger on his course last year despite the difficulty of travel restrictions due to COVID. It was a huge dream of mine and I am just so happy I was able to finally accomplish that dream.

Maxime Carriere I decided to enroll myself to Alexandre school after finishing 2 years of goldsmithing. The goldsmith program only taught the basics of stone setting, which was something I really enjoyed doing and felt the need to learn more technical techniques from one of the best stone setters in the world. Robert Robins The quality of goldsmith and stone setting training in the UK is pretty poor. Alexandre’s reputation in the jewellery industry and being able to see his quality of work was evidence he would be a great person to learn from. Kevin Biehn I had previously done 6 courses at GRS that year and I was really trying to learn everything I possibly could about setting and engraving. Once I'd done that year, I was absolutely hooked. I decided to leave my sous chef position to pursue a career in jewelry and really try to go for it. And I figured if I was going to do it, I should try to learn from the absolute best in the industry and one of the innovators of the craft. So I found Alexandre and basically went from there.


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Training for threemonths in a foreign country is a big commitment. What arrangements did you have tomake before you were able to go?

Ben Bentvelzen I was 22 back then and pretty much fresh out of school. I worked my socks off for a year between my trip to Blaine's school and starting at Alexandre school to save the money for the course, tools, housing, and my living expenses. I worked for half a dozen different jewellers and goldsmith companies as an independent contractor during that year. After explaining my plans they were all pretty enthusiastic about it and they saw the benefit for them as well after I came back with the new skills. (Little did I know that I would stay for 1.5 years in Antwerp and never come back to doing bench jeweller work for them like before). SterlingHofmann Foreign travel can be hard, especially for 3 months. I've traveled around before, but a long term stay like this required more preparation. In my specific case I had to get special permission from the Belgian Consulate just to enter the country. Once there, I rented 3 different Airbnb's (one for each month). I didn't want to feel cooped up in the same place for too long so that's why I rented 3 places. Other arrangements included preparing for the cultural differences as well as having my credit card companies aware of my 3 month absence to a foreign country. I also had to set up special training for my employees back home to make sure they could manage without me there 24/7. It was a huge commitment, but worth every ounce of stress involved. Maxime Carriere I made a very good friend from the goldsmith school. We both decided to take the program together, this made it easy since we lived together for the 3 months. Robert Robins Arrangements I had to make were mostly financial, had to sell a car I loved, leave employment, leave my partner and dog. But three months is not really a huge amount of time. Financially I coped well without earning for those months, it’s only 3 mortgage payments for example. After making the sacrifices and committing to the time, I realised it’s much easier than you originally think. Plus I was there for 4 months!

Kevin Biehn That was actually kind of an interesting one, because it happened to fall directly during all the COVID restrictions and everything. I had to do the normal the Airbnb and the travel, flights, and all that stuff. I was very fortunate to have gained my good friend Zach during the courses at GRS that first year. We decided to enroll in Alexandre’s school together. So that made setting up all the arrangements much easier, as well as just made it an all around more enjoyable experience to have someone to share the time with while we were there. I was supposed to go over and I had actually given up my house, my life in Colorado, and I was ready to go to Belgium for three months. I drove across the country to leave my dog with my family and once I got there, about 2 days afterwards, COVID happened and the world shut down internationally. So there was no chance of traveling or anything. I ended up staying with some family because there really weren't many other options. I already had the course scheduled and it had passed, so I had to figure out how to get over there in a time span that they didn't have courses scheduled and stuff like that. It was basically just a whole year of limbo and not knowing. It worked out because I was able to gather some more funds for the trip and really hone some more skills before I went. But yeah, it wasn't an ideal situation.


Ben Bentvelzen instagram.com/benbentvelzen/

SterlingHofmann instagram.com/ster.in.the.shop/

Maxime Carriere instagram.com/mcthejeweller/ mc-jeweller.com

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3 What do you feel like you gained professionally from this course? Ben Bentvelzen When I look back from the end of the course till now and connect the dots then pretty much everything on a professional front I can trace back to my time in Antwerp. The course gave me the opportunity to meet all these other jewellers and craftspeople from around the world who are like me, enthusiastic about their craft. This is super inspiring and got me to jump out of bed every morning ready to crush another day in school. Because of the connections I made during my time in Antwerp I ended up working in Australia for 2 months, worked in Singapore for multiple months a year over a period of 5 years, met the GRS team at a trade show in 2014, and since then have been doing trade shows and teaching classes for them, did a private course with Sam Alfano after a recommendation from Andrew Biggs during the BaselWorld trade show, ended up in Austria as a private student of Martin Strolz after Sam Alfano referred me to him and I have a very good work relationship with Maxim Sidoroff since then. From time to time I meet up with old students when I teach in Copenhagen or attend a trade show somewhere around the world. This is always a blast. SterlingHofmann I gained so much doing this course. My stone setting skills improved tenfold. I learned how to better adapt to changing work circumstances or make my own tools if needed for specific jobs. I gained a steady hand needed when working with small gemstones or delicate projects. Not only did Maxime Carriere This course basically put me onto a whole different level of skills, I've learned some amazing techniques that are incorporated into my work which really helped my own business as well my abilities and confidence as a stone setter. Robert Robins I went with no knowledge of diamond setting at all. I would rely on a setter to do all that work for me. Finding a good setter in the UK is hard and often the quality wasn’t as good as what I knew it could be. I’ve gained the knowledge and skills to have the full control over producing the quality I expect from a piece of jewellery. Also I’m not having to rely on anyone else now! Kevin Biehn I definitely feel like I gained some of the highest standards in the industry. Basically to be like proficient and confident to set any style, pavé, or stone that comes my way at this point, because of Alexandre’s direction. Kevin Biehn instagram.com/kmbcustoms/ Robert Robins instagram.com/robertrobins/ robinsbrothers.co.uk/

my stone setting skills improve, but I gained so much more professionally in regards to friends and contacts in the industry that I can lean on with future projects. Those connections are priceless.

What was your favorite experience during your time in Belgium?

Ben Bentvelzen When I asked to join him (Alexandre) at the BaselWorld trade show in Switzerland to help promote his school and he said yes. When he received two 901 blank knobs from GRS to work on during the BaselWorld fair and gave me the ‘extra’ second one to work on during the course and the trade show. When he asked me to work for him during the summer holiday (as an independent contractor) on “real” stone setting jobs while his main setter was on holiday. When Alexandre asked me to stay for another year to work with him in his atelier.

SterlingHofmann I enjoyed the actual course so much, but honestly my favorite experience during the course was making such great friends that helped make the course so much more enjoyable. The group I was with was very close. We would all go out to lunch and dinner together, and on the weekends we would go to the local farmers market to buy Bratwursts and vegetables to make guacamole in the evening. We dubbed it our "Weekly Guac Night." Those are friends I'll have for a lifetime.

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What advice would you give anyone that is considering attending a course at the Alexandre School?

4 Maxime Carriere If stone setting is something you want to take seriously, Alexandre is an amazing teacher and master of the art. His teaching methods are really for the ones that want to succeed. Many hours will be spent at the bench setting hundreds on stones, it's a dedication that needs to happen if you want to become a great setter. Learn from each mistake, and always push your abilities to try new things you didn't think were possible. Robert Robins If you attend the course gain as much knowledge from Alexandre as you can. He is full of knowledge, and I learned a lot more than just diamond setting from him. I went every day including weekends, you don’t have to do weekends, but you’ll be surprised how fast the time goes, so spend as much time in that learning bubble as you can because doing it twice isn’t really an option!! Kevin Biehn I would say that if you're gonna go over, I would really try to hone your skills with all of the pneumatic equipment as far as GRS stuff goes. Learn your bright cuts and get your bur control down. Really just try to get all the fundamentals of setting understood, maybe not really developed, but just to have a grasp of what you're gonna do when you get over there. So that's what I would say, to really practice and try to figure out before you head over. Kevin Biehn To be completely honest with you, we were in class six days a week, 8 hours a day, working. Sunday was optional, we got to go in if we wanted. Since all of the countries were closed down, we really couldn't travel much or do anything. We all just stayed and worked the entire time. You know, I didn't miss a single day. In that process, I'd say the point that I enjoyed most was just being in the classroom with Alexandre and being able to ask him questions. And basically, like pick his brain for everything he's worked so hard for, to figure out over all the years of trial and error. So, I can't say I have a pinpointed favorite part other than just to really have all those questions and to be in the presence of Alexandre.

Ben Bentvelzen I did the following which was very helpful for me. I took the ‘test week’ early in January 2013, passed it, went home with all the tools, built a bench just like the ones at the school, bought a compressor and practiced like a madman cutting circles, squares and doing drilling exercises until my 3 months officially started early in April of that year. This was of massive help. From the first day being back I could cut ‘acceptable’ (as Alexandre would say) filet lines and had pretty solid bur skills. So I flew through the standard program he normally does with his students and around week 6 we started to do some really cool unusual practice projects. I understand I was able to do this because Holland and Belgium are neighbour countries within easy driving distance from each other. But if a future student happens to be in a similar position I highly recommend doing the same! SterlingHofmann The main advice I'd give would be to not put it off! Make whatever arrangements you need to so you can take the course right away. There are so many great schools out there for stone setting, engraving, and working under a microscope, but few compare to the scope of knowledge that you can attain from Alexandre's. I'd also suggest that you start using a microscope and pneumatic handpiece right away. They are two invaluable tools that every jeweler should be proficient with. Also, push Alexandre to give you more projects and learn as much as you can in the short three months. He has so much more to offer than just the standard class load and he is willing to share his knowledge if you ask for it. Maxime Carriere I made some great new friends which we would all hangout after class and enjoy some great Belgium beers. Overall best 3 months ever! Robert Robins I couldn’t pick one moment. My class mates were great, Alexandre, Maxim and the team are great, and being immersed in the classes is something I thrived on. They can be very intense. I had a great time there in general. Antwerp is full of great restaurants, bars, and things to do. I just had a great time when I was there! I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.


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More Than A

The GRS Training Center is more than a classroom where innovative techniques are shared. It is the beginning of new friendships, an invigorating setting for artistic achievement, and a significant part of your creative journey. No other learning experience provides the same opportunity and guidance. For over 20 years, GRS has pioneered and constantly improved this unique training. Each instructor is chosen for their ability to help you learn more in far less time. The Training Center itself is uniquely designed for individual attention in an enjoyable, small-group environment. Whether you are starting a new business, career, or adding a distinctive and rewarding skill, the GRS Training Center is truly the destination for learning. Here, you’re part of something special.

Work by Rick Eaton (damascus pendant) & Sam Alfano (lighter).

Enrollment, Rescheduling, and Cancellation: We reserve your seat upon receipt of course deposit. To transfer or cancel your reservation, notify GRS at least 30 days before the class start date to transfer deposit or receive a refund, less $50. Deposits are not transferable or refundable less than 30 days before the course start date.

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The GRS Training Center State-of-the-Art Equipment In addition to benches fully-equipped with GRS tools, each classroom has copiers, grinding stations, light tables, and more are available to help meet the demands of each class. (5) 55-inch televisions are located around the classroom, allowing you to see what the instructor sees through the microscope. This is helpful for explaining in-depth techniques in great detail. Our fabrication classroom features new Jura benches, 2 large fabrication areas, a 50-ton press, 4 soldering stations, polishing

Emporia Kansas

Five-Day Courses Monday - Friday.

Three classrooms, 12 SEATS in each class. x 12

equipment, micro TIG welding systems, and more. Available in the common area: •Snack machine •Cold beverage machine •Refrigerator/freezer •Microwave •Air Fryer •Coffee •Hot water dispenser

Tools & Supplies PROVIDED

Classroom Hours: 8:00 - 5:00 Doors open 7:50

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Start Here Basic Courses

Which course is right for me? All Basic Courses at the GRS Training Center offer you an introduction to the world of hand engraving and jewelry work in a way that is friendly, easy to understand, and fast paced. To help the learning process take less time, your bench is personalized with a full set of tools necessary for your specific course. The curriculum includes a custom set of practice plates with laser‑marked designs. When you follow these designs, you build confidence and accuracy while learning. Our instructors use personal experience to give each course a unique perspective. Each GRSTC instructor is a working professional who offers a wealth of practical knowledge. Get a foundation for future courses and start engraving today.

In every Basic Course you will learn: • Correct setup of GRS equipment

• Operation of common classroom tools • Tool sharpening, theory, and geometry • Tool shaping and bench grinder operation • Surface preparation for engraving or stone setting • Artwork layout and design principles • Design transfer techniques • Line cutting techniques • Proper use of workholding fixtures and devices • Business practices and pricing work (varies by instructor)

Choose BASICWESTERNENGRAVING if you want to:

Choose BASICMETAL ENGRAVING if you want to: Explore the Possibilities. You want to learn hand engraving. Whether you are interested in engraving knives, guns, jewelry, motorcycle parts, or don't know yet what you want to create, this course will give you all the skills you need to get started.

Always Look on the Bright Side. If conchos, spurs, belt buckles, and western bling are your thing, this is the course for you! It's also a great place to start if you want to addWestern style engraving to your skillset. Choose COMBINATIONCOURSE FOR JEWELERS if you want: The Best of BothWorlds. You don't have to decide between gemstones and fine engraving. Learn how to effectively bring these two skills together tomake beautiful work.

Choose BASICGUNENGRAVING if you want to: Take Aim at Your Goals. You love seeing well thought out, beautifully designed firearms and you want to learn tomake firearms into works of art. This course grants practical experience engraving a Henry .22 receiver cover.

Learn WINTER ‘ 22



Please Note: Enrollment will be split into two enrollment periods.

Schedule 1 for courses in May, June, & July

Choose MAKE. MARKET. SELL. if you want to: Chase Your Ambitions. You want to learn hand engraving, fabrication, silversmithing, and have an interest inWestern style. Whether you want to start your own business or an enjoyable side hustle, this course is a great place to start. Choose BASIC STONE SETTING if you want to: Set Yourself Up for Success. You want to learn stone setting or know how to engrave and want to add stone setting to your skillset. Learn to efficiently complete a wide range of settings.

February 21

Online Enrollment Available: BASIC CLASSES

MAY 05/02–05/06 BASIC METAL ENGRAVING Jake Newell 05/02–05/06 BASIC WESTERN ENGRAVING $995 Diane Scalese 05/09–05/13 BASIC JEWELRY ENGRAVING $995 Sam Alfano 05/16–05/20 BASIC GUN ENGRAVING $995 Layne Zuelke 05/16–05/20 COMBINATION CLASS $1195 FOR JEWELERS Todd Daniels 05/23–05/27 BASIC METAL ENGRAVING $995 Steve Dunn JUNE 06/06–06/10 BASIC STONE SETTING $1195 Todd Daniels 06/06–06/10 MAKE. MARKET. SELL. $995 Nevada Miller 06/13–06/17 BASIC METAL ENGRAVING $995 Rick Eaton 06/20–06/24 BASIC JEWELRY ENGRAVING $995 Layne Zuelke JULY 07/11–07/15 BASIC STONE SETTING $1195 Todd Daniels 07/25–07/29 BASIC METAL ENGRAVING $995 Sam Alfano $995

Schedule 2 for courses in Sept. & Oct.

June 27

Online Enrollment Available: BASIC CLASSES

Choose BASIC JEWELRY ENGRAVING if you want to: Find Your Sparkle. You love custom jewelry and want to use bright cut and flare cut styles to embellish jewelry. Focus on engraving styles used by professional jewelers in their work.

SEPTEMBER 09/12–09/16 BASIC JEWELRY ENGRAVING $995 Jake Newell 09/12–09/16 BASIC WESTERN ENGRAVING $995 Jeremiah Watt 09/26–09/30 BASIC METAL ENGRAVING $995 Steve Dunn OCTOBER 10/03–10/07 COMBINATION CLASS $1195 FOR JEWELERS Todd Daniels 10/10–10/14 BASIC METAL ENGRAVING $995 Rick Eaton 10/17–10/21 BASIC METAL ENGRAVING $995 Layne Zuelke

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Please Note: Enrollment will be split into two enrollment periods. Intermediate&Advanced Courses Your Skill Set

Schedule 1 for courses in May, June, & July Online Enrollment Available:

JUNE 20–24 Advanced Stone Setting on Finished Jewelry with John Sorich IV Spend a week with John Sorich learning the techniques he has mastered and built his career around. Students can expect to learn French set, kasteel set, beaded bezel setting, inside ring engraving, Florentine finish, and more. JULY 18–22 Advanced Jewelry Engraving on Rings with Layne Zuelke Master Engraver Layne Zuelke will take students through a fast-paced week of challenging engraving techniques, focused on rings. Projects will include everything from basic Victorian styles on tiny 1.5-2 mm rings up to semi-sculpted scrolls on a wide band.





$1395 $1750





& ENGRAVING Todd Daniels

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Schedule 2 for courses in Aug., Sept., & Oct. Online Enrollment Available:



SEPTEMBER 24–25 TorchWeekend with Jeremiah Watt


$1750 $1750

(Must be enrolled in Watt's Fab 1 or 2 class or have taken Fabricating & Engraving: 4 Projects in 5 Days previously.)

Rick Eaton 08/22–08/26 START-TO-FINISH GUN ENGRAVING $1395 (1911 .45 Pistol) Layne Zuelke SEPTEMBER 09/19–09/23 BULINO ENGRAVING $1750 Jake Newell 09/19–09/23 FABRICATING & ENGRAVING: $1395 4 PROJECTS 5 DAYS (#1) Jeremiah Watt 09/24–09/25 TORCH WEEKEND $300 (Must be enrolled in Watt's Fab 1 or 2 class) Jeremiah Watt 09/26–09/30 ADVANCED FABRICATING & $1750 ENGRAVING: 4 PROJECTS 5 DAYS (#2) Jeremiah Watt OCTOBER 10/03–10/07 ENGRAVING & SHADING $1395 ARABESQUE SCROLLS Sam Alfano 10/10–10/14 FABRICATING & ENGRAVING: $1750 RANGER BUCKLE SET Diane Scalese

SEPTEMBER 26–30 Advanced Fabricating & Engraving: 4 Projects 5 Push your fabrication skills even further with this advanced course. Four projects provide hands-on practical experience in a variety of techniques. OCTOBER 10–14 Fabricating & Engraving: Ranger Buckle Set with Diane Scalese Learn to build a hollow-style Ranger buckle set from sterling silver sheet and wire. This course covers the whole process, from fabrication to finish. Days (#2) with Jeremiah Watt

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GRSTC Instructors Make the Difference.

SamAlfano Sam is well known for his elegant scrollwork and execution of techniques in a variety of metals and materials, offering a unique study for any student.

Todd Daniels Todd provides intensive training opportunities on all facets of jewelry design, manufacturing, and production.

Steve Dunn Steve’s mastery of knifemaking, combined with advanced engraving skills, provides a strong foundation for his role as a GRS instructor.

Rick Eaton Bringing together all the elements of a knife — heat treatments, steel creation, engraving, and the final finish — to make a beautiful, well- crafted piece is what Eaton loves most about his art.

NevadaMiller Nevada Miller is leading the way in this next generation of Makers in the western community. She spends her time fabricating, engraving, and creating eclectic silver jewelry.

Jake Newell As a professional engraver, Newell designs and hand engraves a variety of items for larger, well-known companies.

Diane Scalese Diane has been building and engraving bits, spurs, trophy belt buckles, saddle silver, and jewelry for over 30 years. Diane is passionate about teaching, which her students notice right away.

John Sorich IV John has been a professional jeweler for many years now, and has studied under legends like Alexandre Sidorov and Michele Griggio. He brings enthusiasm and a passion for learning to his classroom.

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Because the engravers and stone setters of today see the value of passing on this trade to the next generation, you can learn from top professionals who are active in their fields. GRSTC instructors share well over 100 years of combined teaching experience. These pros are passionate — and they want to see you succeed. Learn to engrave, set stones, andmore at the GRS Training Center in Emporia, Kansas. Instead of spending years learning to engrave, you can get started in days. GRS provides a friendly environment with personal access to the best tools and the best instructors.

JeremiahWatt A native of Ontario, Canada, Jeremiah developed a love early on for the horses, the gear, and the artistry involved with the saddlemaking trade.

Layne Zuelke Layne’s journey has taken him through education, apprenticeships, and about 25 years at the bench, to ultimately becoming a certified FEGA Master Engraver in 2017.

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