Architectural Masonry Product Guide Edition 6.2

Less is more. INTRODUCTION

While products are an important part of what forms the backbone of our company, we like to think it's less about products, and more about people. More about our customers, their needs, ambitions, and goals. More about our employees, their well-being, and their dedication to our customers. As we look back over the last few years at the many re-alignments of resources that have enabled us to work smarter together, we know that less really is more. Less time spent working harder developing new products; and more time spent working smarter on innovative ways to incorporate the most popular colours and textures across both masonry and landscape product lines, is moving us all toward a more cohesive experience. As we look forward, we remain committed to doing more, and doing better; in ways that will help all of our people do the same. We are committed to more progress, more education, more service, more communication, with less friction, stress, and guesswork. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for being a part of our journey.

Brick: Kentville and Sahara

David R. Carter President Brampton Brick Limited

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