Architectural Masonry Product Guide Edition 6.2


Discover new inspiration through our distinguished collections, where you’ll find a selection of recommended products, carefully curated into the best possible product arrangements based on our 5 axes of design. Choose products from the same collection for a unified look, or mix and match by combining products across different collections for design themes and accents based on your own unique style and preferences.

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THE 5 AXES OF Design 1





Simplicity Our product design process begins with simplicity; A well-conceived lack of complexity that makes our masonry and landscape collections easier to design, quote, and install your most beautiful project vision every time.

Modularity The sizes and scale of our products were developed for mixing and matching different products within each collection for a completely coordinated look. Each individually distinct unit in our product

Continuity Every successful home plan pivots around continuity. The unity between form and function, front and back yards, between horizontal and vertical surfaces, and even from masonry to landscape is what truly pulls an outdoor design theme together.

Unity Our masonry and

Artistry Our fifth axis of design is about you. The preceding four axes provide all the ingredients for enhancing your creativity in any project: versatility in product size, shape, scale, and colour for an optimum product offering.

landscape products are designed for use together in unison. The continuity, affinity of colours, textures, surface finishes, product sizes and scale within our product collections allow various options for combining all these parts into a unified vision where all the elements of your outdoor design fit together.

lines aids in building a continuous function.

The true artistry is in selecting and utilizing

products from our various collections to express your creativity.

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