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27t h Apr i l 2020



It hasbeen lovely to hear from lots of you and hear what you are get t ing up to. Everybody certainly seems to be enjoying the lovely weather and most of you seem to be doing a lot of gardening. We are looking forward to get t ing some photos to show ushow your seeds are growing! I have pot ted mine into individual potsand hope to plant them in the garden next weekend. All will be revealed in the Act ivity Leaflet alongwith some of your successes. The children at St Cadoc'shave shared more of their super drawings.We hope to see your creat ive side aswell as int roduce you to the relaxat ion of MindfulnessColour ing and the ancient art of Qi Gong. Last ly, our very own Chr ist ine hasposted her regular MIndforYou Holiday excercise session on our You Tube Channel for you to enjoy. Speak soon

My Mum really loved poet ry, so when Helen suggested we could include a poet ry act ivity I thought it wasa br illiant idea.Helen's favour ite poem is Daffodowndilly, so we thought that the theme had to be Spr ing! Please feel free to share your favour ite poem. For those who are feeling a bit creat ive then perhaps you could create your own poem using our free form template, or if you want an ext ra challenge then maybe you can wr ite an acrost ic poemwhere the let ters spelling Spr ing form the first word of each line. The children at St Cadocsare going to wr ite some poemsand we will share them.

Daf f odowndi l ly by A. A. Mi lne She wore her yel low sun-bonnet , She wore her greenest gown; She t r uned t o t he sout h w ind And cur t sied up and down. She t ur ned t o t he sun l ight And Shook her yel low head, And wh ispered t o her neighbour ; "Wint er is dead."

MOREWONDERFUL PICTURESFORYOU The children at St Cadoc'sPr imary School have sent somemore wonderful piecesof art to make you smile . They are now all back at school, all be it at home! Having heard what isgoing to be in our leaflet , their teacher Elayne hassaid the children would love to wr ite some spr ing poet ry and read some

of our favour ite poemsand see our creat ivity! So, please send your favour ite poem or your own creat ion in our stamped addressed envelope the children would love to hear from you.

Carol x



Thanks to a group of our guestswe are ready to give you the opportunity to connect with uson ZOOM and int roduce you to the "Joy Inside".We will provide 1 to 1 support to connect you to ZOOM, with your iPad, smartphone or computer. Our 45 min sessions for 6 householdsare themed and include a var iety of music, reminiscence and general knowledge. Meet new and old fr iendsand br ing some Joy Inside your home. We guarantee we can connect anybody! Sessions can be booked by phone or on our website from Fr iday 1st May

When Helen, our Tai chi expert , was looking at ways to int roduce us to these relaxing exercises, she found QiGong. ThisAncient Chinese art ,which has been pract ised for over 5000 yearsconsists of light standing or seated exercise that focuseson the use of mediat ion, breathing and movement .

Helen convinced me to sit calmly and t ry Don Fiore'sdaily rout ine, and much to my surpr ise I really enjoyed it and now do it every morning. Just type the link into your ipad,mobile phone or lap top: ht tp://youtu .be/1krhDR2f36A and give it a go. Tell us your favour itemovement ,mine is circling the globe, like in the photo on the left .

MINDFULNESSCOLOURING Beingmindful isgreat not only for your mind and soul but also for your body. Itsmeditat ion, just like yoga, but without the physical part . Mindfulness colour ing isa fun and simple way to add calm into your life and be present . Enjoy the colour ing sheets included and maybe send us your final picture so we can share it with the children at St Cadoc's school.


We have heard that some of our guestshave been doingChr ist ine's seated exercises to their MindforYou DVD's, so we decided it was the perfect moment to convince Chr ist ine to let us release a video of her seated exercises. A big THANK YOU to Chr ist ine for leading the session, Calum for filming and all the guestsand staff on our Perthshire holiday for taking part . You can find the video by openingYouTube and put t ingChr ist ine'sSeated Exercises into the search bar.



Now more than ever we want to keep in touch.Wewould love to hear from you, so pop us something in our stamped addressed envelope, send usan email or pick up the phone.We're post ing regular act ivit ieson facebook and a summary can be found on our website.

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Sounds of birdsong at the start of the day

Pale pink cherry blossom stretching high

Red tulips standing tall

Intricate nests filling the trees

Narcissus forming a blanket of sunshine

Glorious spring days have arrived

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