Annual report: Impact and reach

CHILD PROTECTION Keeping kids safe

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Over 337,000 children, youth, women, parents and other duty-bearers from 466 community groups benefited from Children Believe’s work to prevent various forms of violence, neglect and abuse. 96,386 children under age five were registered with authorities for legal birth registration to ensure their identity and safeguarding through government recognition, social services and the exercising of all rights. 171 school communities were equipped with extracurricular and recreational facilities essential for creating safer and conducive learning environments. 390 community-based child protection systems were established through partners to protect children from abuse, exploitation, trafficking and violence.


1,353,300 children, families and other socially vulnerable people in 466 targeted communities were helped by Children Believe programs across six countries.

HEALTH/NUTRITION Supporting thriving communities

EDUCATION Improving access to education

263,803 children, young women and mothers received maternal and child health care services. 56,415 childbirths were attended by skilled health personnel and delivered in health facilities. 58,550 women (age 15-49) were able to have at least two or more antenatal care visits during pregnancies. 36,359 people (52% female) provided with life- saving essentials like emergency food, child nutritional support or cash for relief assistance.

503,500+ boys and girls, teachers, caretakers and parents benefited from sustained access to inclusive and quality education. 48,206 children (between 36 and 59 months) enjoyed early childhood education and care services. 55,789 young women and men participated in vocational, life and skills training to pursue better quality employment opportunities. 57 classrooms and libraries were newly reconstructed or renovated to support learning. 167,109 items of school supplies were provided to equip 177 schools.

EMPOWERMENT Involving youth in decision-making

160,114 children and youth meaningfully participated in community actions and grassroots decision making. 27 local development partners increased capacities to address child rights and facilitate actions in fragile and underdeveloped communities. Over 48,715 youth and women organized and formed 2,461 Village Savings and Loans Associations to promote self-employment and business entrepreneurship. 12,030 young women and men mobilized to advocate against unfair and misguided environmental policies that adversely affect lives.

GENDER EQUALITY Promoting equal opportunities

218,652 children, youth, parents and caregivers were empowered to stand for the rights of girls and women and took legal and community-focused preventive measures to avoid child marriage and other forms of gender discrimination. 614,504 family members and community leaders were trained through sessions in best practices for positive child raising and wellbeing, including violence prevention and gender equality. 24,573 women assumed leadership roles and meaningfully participated in community and public decision making that influences gender equality.

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