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While in Ghana earlier this year, I met Sarah, a former sponsored child. Sarah had to overcome a lot of challenges growing up. Her family struggled to afford the cost of school, and as a girl, she was discouraged by discrimination. But thanks to her fierce determination and the support of a generous Canadian donor, she chose to become a teacher – and is now an inspiration for the young girls in her classroom. This is just one story, of one young woman, but Sarah represents Children Believe’s purpose. She represents the incredible potential of every child in every community we work in. We are proud to report that in the past year, 285,539 girls benefited from sustained access to inclusive and quality education in our project areas. In this edition of ChildVoice , you will read more examples of young women like Sarah. Sadly, some have endured horrific circumstances, including gender-based violence. But they have bravely chosen to share their stories as proof of the positive change that is possible. In Nicaragua, Jahoska has been able to continue her education despite battling poverty and is taking university courses while helping as a youth group leader to inspire other girls (p. 10). In Burkina Faso, Mounia suffered sexual violence, but she is proud to report that with help, she is on track to earn a degree in psychology. She dreams about being an aid worker in her country to help other young girls overcome tragedy, as she did (p. 12). At Children Believe, we’re proud to share and celebrate these small victories that make a big difference. But there is still much to be done. Every day, we identify more youth that need help through sponsorship and the programs we offer to help them break down the barriers to education so they can change their world. I cannot thank you enough for your support. None of this work is possible without your generosity.

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Sarah, top, is a teacher in Ghana who has overcome challenges to achieve her goals. Children Believe CEO Fred Witteveen, above, spent time with her and learned how sponsorship helped her reach a dream to complete her education.


Fred Witteveen is Children Believe’s


Cover: Miriam is using her skills as a seamstress, gained through training classes, to change her life (p. 14). Photo: Samuel Abdul-Rahaman

chief executive officer.

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