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Bridging two worlds creates unforgettable memories

What’s happening Take a world tour, in the kitchen Are you a foodie? Then you need to check out our new Believe Bites food series.

With popular recipes from the countries where Children Believe works, we have developed an extraordinary culinary journey with chefs here in Canada and around the world helping us learn how to prepare treats and cuisine from around the globe. Learn about a beloved Indian classic, Aloo Gobi, or one of Burkina Faso’s most famous dishes, Gnon, a tantalizing and nutty delight, along with several more recipes.

International Day of the Girl 2023: Amplify girls' voices, end child marriage

On International Day of the Girl, Children Believe and her supporters promoted the #BelieveInGirlsLikeMe campaign to end child marriage and promote girls' education. Our advocacy efforts included a powerful video and social media campaign, as well as articles in City Parent and Our staff, donors and supporters shared personalized messages on social media, helping champion the importance of ensuring girls around the world can all access education! Join our ongoing efforts to empower girls through education and advocacy and end child marriage.

Keyling, her mother, and Sylvia Calleri, enjoyed getting to know each other, taking selfies during a tour of the sights in Managua and sharing gifts over a meal.

“I feel grateful. This is a wonderful opportunity to be able to share and get to know her,” she says. “I was waiting three years to make this visit, but due to COVID-19, I had not been able to do it.” With the support of Children Believe staff, Keyling and her mother bonded for a day with Sylvia over meals and shopping at a local mall. Keyling quickly overcame some initial shyness and really enjoyed her time with her Canadian supporter. It was a great learning experience for both of them. For Sylvia, meeting Keyling face-to-face brought out emotions she hadn’t experienced in their letter exchanges. “I have been a sponsor since Keyling was a little girl, and being able to see the teenager that she has become, with clear goals to continue studying, fills me with great joy,” she says. “I will continue to support her dreams and her studies, to help her become a professional."



TCS Toronto Waterfront Marathon a big success! In a remarkable display of community spirit and determination, a team of 20 runners came together this year to raise over $13,000 during the TCS Toronto Waterfront Marathon on October 15. Children Believe was thrilled to return as an official charity partner for the Charity Challenge, uniting runners in a unique fundraising event. Our team believes that together, we can dream big and make a significant impact. Donations are still being accepted: Just follow the QR code below.


ooking back at her time in Nicaragua this past April, Sylvia Calleri easily pinpoints the instant that stood out most for her, from what was a remarkable journey.

“My favorite moment of the visit was when I saw Keyling for the first time, because I recognized that smile of hers from the photograph when I first became a sponsor, when she was only seven years old,” Sylvia explains. It was a trip years in the making for Sylvia, who was in the country to volunteer her time with another organization. For her, it was a perfect opportunity for her to meet the young woman she has written to and supported faithfully for seven years.

Children Believe has a new home! The response to the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us many things. An important adjustment for Children Believe was the realization we had more physical operating space than needed. As a result, we moved to a hybrid-working environment so that we could make even better use of the gifts provided by our donors. Moving to a hybrid-work model made it possible to sell our former office location and relocate to smaller leased space. If you need to reach us by mail, please note that we are now located at 90 Allstate Parkway, Suite 101, Markham, ON L6R 6H3. We’d love to hear from you!


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