The Record SUNY Buffalo State Student Newspaper

Volume 81a

June 1977- December 1977

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Judg,:'�order ·

The !lenate dec i sion cameafter an ordor byJudjteJo..,phJ.RICo\ta, which poSlponed the election until theSena:e decided thequesliun of whetherJacobycould run Mterthe io.l,Jacobynmasawrit<>-in ndidate The resull of the elect i on w111 a for Jacoby OYer l!rowii,601 lol72. ln a suit namin;; College Presiden� E. K. f'Jetwtll and the United 1 , StudenU' Govttnment, B,o..n alleges . :�:=p��°!.::":t:"�t� Constilutionalpro•·isiQfl t i , Mc�;,"�;'! � is tha: t ;;�.:r�n� a :� beforeJudgeMattiN, that the USG _ �::�::�i d� i " proYWons far , 1 nate den landllide v i ctory

,1..,.,..,.d i are ng to thepetiti o provisi o ns constitution, Brown must be declared 1 heonlyleplcandidate.·· PrMiden1Fl"et�ellbu1he""111.

n, ··since Judicial

Council u

• write-in n,because udicial o

to theJudicial C o conflict. theJudicial Cou n ..,esolve •nyc o T he USG constitution states that dispute between the USG •nd all uncil to resolve the cil � thepo..a- to nflict or arbitrate any government u,d •ny individu•l or the r f o

the candidatehimself. Brown w 1 rdinc to the c of thep

11 an eligible candidate,


o unds that he ,. . u acc o

on o o.ition he held in the J

1 1

o llege Council.

He was elPC:tedt o

thepos i

li o nona tranches e vote, n.J-,;:oby USO.''

from theatit byMallin,ot,,,a,useth"i, basis •nd received on o es n� v•lidate student fflOllgh 10 pin thep o sili o

o orpnit.ation de.:isionisre n as USG Pres i


prelidenl d electionrell.lh.<. R"lp o nd i Jacoby and USG •tl o

dered, den t .



nt lo Brown's petit io n.

lepl the

Br o wn himself wu not a

n rne"y Thomu lepl candidate.



!" i �!t '';.��. ���:':�'!;::"��� lhR� h ;:�:wt.;:e:.:i"e� Otion .,. he n Marijuana - Compromise Act passes in New York State • :::nr�:�� :V�" i. ; e ,�:�t;,:= . t he T d


Buffalo State College_. t� ..summer Orientation 77

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GM gripes

Oold received a Doctor of ln Co11nselor ::��; i!o;'oo� n : y �=�:2 J:. and M.Ed. dq:rees from Penn State Co � n o : i � , Ce � la ted with JeYl!rl l proffHional auoc:iation1incllxlln&the National Aaoeiatlon for Student Penonnel Adm!nl1trator1.He h1..11also publish¢ uticles related/to CUHr developmentln\

0 "M r . Daniel Hunter should also be a;,ngratulated for the excellent jobhe has done while serving � aeting director of Finincial Aid• over the pi,styear," . f'retwellsaiid . Troy joined the Buffalo State College community in 196& as assistant director of Financial Aid•" From 1966 to 1967. he wu Coordinator of From 1967 to1969.htwas an as.wd:11ewithlhe office of Student Affair• lwforc b,,,,omin�dire<:tor of Financial Aids in 1969.


goo.l of theschoo\isto malntain o"' enrollment.··01midloaid.




Buffalo State College

Summer Orientatio� 1i

e 4

editorial \P,'ith the� or the Man),iana eoml"OmiseAct of 1977 bythe New York SU.le ture • oens,, of proport on coupled w i th compromise �u finally ttmovtd U,estigrn•calUllpot anokl'n h•ve lone had to . carrywith lhNII. lno .,..if\ mi:iniclit roll call vote, 32-28. NeW YorkState Joined n ne oU1ermusinttluin11p<,nal1ielrorpotoffe-. . \\' th .,...,. 30 million p,!Oplo, wftl over one-sixth of the tot.o.l population ..t,0 .:,,e polsmot.n. New YorltState hid been subjectin&oth..-w�!"" !:?i1�=l:�=�r!:. "' co::"�;;::�:��:����-;:,��[;���-�: thepollce•ndrounoy1u.m11o di vertlheirener,inan d lctlv i uesfro . mtrack1nr d<)wnan d pumiin(.seriou1cr i mie. The ...:ommitud m('00$Ul'10 IO d e<::rimina!iu small •mounts or mai jualll, which ,...,co,...iden,d dead only ta,1 month, . reflei:ts a recons d ered po!nt of vie•bym.,,,t,.,nofbothhou9"1inAlb&ny&!ongwithaohiftlnpublicop1nion. Notably, the lobhyina:elforu.bythe New YorkPublic lntereltReseuchGro�p :::., v :1 1 i!GJ1:n��-::;:a�!tu::'.i:;:�:!;::���: e ��;;����l�� Record facing new challmges; objectivity fir� In tocUy'• worl d or media confulion, "·here newspap,,r< mun Y i e wilh televisionlottl>ei.ttention of potential readers,the newspaptt huto blllan<:(' itane,npqe1•ndeditorialeontentoo u\oinSUte i uconwmerappet.laswell uitspenonalityan d purpose. In a memorand\lm "Titten byA.M. Rosenthal upon t,e,coming managing :::;.,o:u��e�:�;� !,t',:;.�;:: i �:��;x:;�!��:..: b !: i � e i �I:��:; bythe worl d it live. in. And not orten ha,•e there l>N!nt me$wt.,cn the mirror renectsNch an intense,trug;ile to iden1ifyand mainl..aln\hewluesthatrnron \ mo:��=�:�:!;·t:�t��:n:: 1 ! "' t!r�e�1!t�;�; d ��!-���. whereas the RECORD ;. not,how'-""er what remains the1,1me i• t h ch both work, a journal i sticallyfrankp�int or ,· i ew. Thisyear.wehope . to o :i��:!?��:�:\:iv:� h u���::::;����';:� i :���nrt;. ea h ng h al's words, ··we struggle to ac h ieve theh. ighntposs i bled�ee of :=.::�· 0�=:� it ;er!n'!t::. ter : ;:;!:iy t �;���:. : d pr :�t ;.�� :: d comment4,togiveaccus«lpeople or in•titutions t h t ri1ht toimmedia rt'PlY It will" ' � time and expaien,;e for the REOORD to a,:hieve these iDf.lJ, howl!V..-, th..-ewill alway1be new goals to reach for.Thltwill be ourparticular challenge \ � Robih Plin e r Rick Diana David Wann e mach e r Bill Wipp e rt Dann Wulf Carol Br e slau Amy Toback ' G e org e ann e Hor e s Mark Mis e rcola Mic� e ll e Torba Editor-in-Chi e f Managing Editor. N e ws Editor Photography Editor · Sports Editor ..._ Graphics Editor � Bull e ti� e �6��a ��\tg� Editorial Pag e Editor Adv e rtising Manag e r wl!; =.t,.. In Ro..,nt Jituat i on,udosi to real Weore sure no one wO\ll tyas poss ble, to av _ oi our own pejorat i dd oubt the value aeonstitut onallyguoranteed

JJ/'r, e base from r;Jl/.J

t ,tl\� C,\ \){ wl.ti\� � 1 \'\ii! 1 \ M\



ve � � sor Barr y


sa y s:

? -- �:::i��! m ;;':!w�il� h :..!���:Pn;:.�:t!���q�:::�i�'. Is summer necessary.



pa!!" 7

Text by Van Geroux Phdos by Bill Wippert ; and Jack Cummings

Buffalo State College; more than meets the eye

_ \ O ne o """' stu Colleee h im""!! wil y t u d mg, and provides. Th e Sw d o he d 1 l il f th ent uu. hou d e mai

p, io ng Buffalo Sute familiariu .man y <:amp u l that eac h n,loaited a c ro r;s u o i ties or any to ,

- a c e e titive sport.I.. he e ptio room. the first n o Healt h C en ter h u e en oo s pr i or ri,c Pa,tt nd or ol ll:e W e uminq r n g of •hots, a pharm a cy and !!"���������' a.rer\Q.! en t (US9J pr ovid es a dd it i Cl!"1 !>ealt h setv1cni n the b u ilding throug h t he ir man da t ory a cti v it y f e e.Thl)'inclu de : The De n tal Clin i c wh i c h pmi d esfree den tal =e to a.II a cti \i � • "° y i n c st uden ts, the USG \"ol u nteer Amb u la n c e Corps whkh pr ov ides :t::�? m,=� �"��h\�� pr o v id es compl e t e JYO!COIOgical � i ces for st u de n �inclu:iin,gbirth :;,::�/ti:1:�i ri ..j�,:�:� c o u ns e jng "( n ms. omtor g oo cyr en si ms,an allervr o t disp thlet o mp m..-g he totheir "'l"- eslr;Jllll�ili ei eing in g e l mental a"d v o kl t ion, rc i ng i h ,.,,rsals, ar,d rer i 1be musical .-.1ricty n,ngcsf""1 op e r a - The bu i ,\Ibrig h t H h a ouse$ u sic st u de a ted onElmw o u a rtment wh i c h in both the cal terhoiqU'-"' o f i liz� for clau . tato. od lhlo State the B dep • u l r::��:;rrs; ;:;�;:t� g ::2; p,. Th • f'rst floor ocal i n s1ru(1.ion an d ll, loc n � Aoenuf! . o ll<'C e ins t r u cts n str u music. instr u c C i m r; . i � ;. ;- ', , : exper,e,;�;;,.! i> urpos es = ..: . . i i �; . · . ··;Jif�i . '.::',, l

The Social H a o i u ll, al"° m rposes rmances. n $. guffl speaker•. o efoun h floor of t hi hdi enU, meet in u n tActiv i t t musicalperf h c g St de r, • me sed p u n lertll in ovie d T Gallery 42 0 w ,wio u s 1w d flo e m an


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in:I f o r as



il d ine is divide d gnat ed Nort four lower u rehall• in a ccommod a te up e omo k e en tft of ·t h a r l ct ngM

into fo , South, three i n o m• ach to 35 u nge e oe.: o n(I or th e h ed to u r n d t o t h

wit: e he


h 1:'���;,:i� �;:i-:,j y Geo« i c n c e , Ge n eral d h .

he quadrarito d e s i East, and W e .C.. There ar e u er oo e u ave tl. A es th d :;::� p i Gn carpeted l long d es k semi·arc rowJfoc u front lect u renoor. ai h e inotr n larg c l c e h y ,w e i ctur top, wh i v e h To d t JCroen. scr""n,'-Qd•so u voke w h il e spaki o cated i n t Comm u nica t io n �:::. offices, onO v tmc hi ng eq ui pment. ,\ char a ct,;ristic ui in th Bu L ari e bl <1.u pp fl �


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a n y u d arw,es,ii,rties ch






b l'r m B p a var u

he Mni<:tt ent Uni u tler Library,isT h o



Union h,u four k a e


he &playurtwor roo ms,

of and

· At o a tain sedfor exp e n h so!arsystem combinatio n o in structi o classrooms,a lo ch inatructor d em0natntio n �btable. Ha n d-p a inte d n h scenes dea! in nc hes o f sc a e !an din t h n d glass-e n in O a Pl O oor stockr t ane i i a b om,. n. Loca� on c o f r ecol ma th e gi al a or 't bra w t

e en g ..venol e first fl ndu v rirner,tatio o o tariumfor the stu a n i . es or h e sed ar i Sci et n f t o

B greenh o

ui r p!ant.s ng is . of th e on thls . 5"Veral o om1 5"Veral nd n n s il di r oo m, i 11 ldi ou g e



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i ,s\rf;� nly ot h ri a < h mes \ v l t c


tm ere f n Located ltipurpos o oksrolQ. wher e h ase b oo l<.s. ?: 1 :!":'�;::Se i f to n th U en on..,cadem i i e a gage ie ty o b u e ni a ppl rc

in a wi

ain alls ore attac ch are arranged in oed toward, t h e tot", tttc h inc. i lT,.in-th.. . w•ll mOYie nd<)•rtem a mplifyt he n o m thelecl u r n h e basement of t h e Center i s t h e Media i n eac uc gfr f eatur,;, o f u re halls 50 as 10 ou e lack of w" in 1 .,., 1 lm 1 :!�y� o-v i s ua l this dow• in m of dau au tel di ou ,


cactivities. o.eme n t o e o

Pr n camp nio .z.atio t l i

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er . bu e Student fu i l d i n

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o h e New Gymnas i u llic" w i loca�near thegiga n t i ��:��:;\:�;Ef::�I: in ing the New Gym incl u a e d e is t c'r

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o ffices.. laboratar the seco n lab o n,tor un a


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1 :;! . ����u:::2��;:�:� u �l��� ha lkboard, •n overhea d p ro ft.Ct i o n a c

d fl y ehall . gear,,.w i t ur is •ble to pr on t stat i o hv i n w oo r e


n ick a , .,, radio q e

adjo baseb fi e l d ll fi and a trac ed on New Gym is t h h ere n e w l o c k :;,� 1 ':;r� " a ""'"irnm i ng p oo ui pped w n,cketb a ll c ou rapidly bec o mi h men a h eS<'CO nd ll llmh h , Ph y ::cm' :. t ,� o � k l , t k Locat w eq bot T

de a n is court.I. a •<>c<:er the first llo o r of t he e me n ·, locker r oo m en were i n stalled lut :�c::. r 1t/K1:���';! a i o n g very popular am on g o eg ���!:�••� f :�ipm!7 n l. we ght r om m, and pl ay i s e ma in n it h• Universal · c y rts f o r w hi c h n d women a1 t h e c oo o n h sical-.. Ed u catio", ll r c ntai s t a d

nion y lo Sta e Elms C a col d b . te for er

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n n t..- of th Un i he televisi o r : e o a on

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T for th o frers instructi i tenicl i nv field statl Nial(llnl R i e searc h ve Rasi n . The the Buff1l expl9r in h oiu. en e r a ironm d lab u a �Laket Lllb s opp l man ts. TheLab ma.l n t.a in atLakeErie a nd t ver ond o perates 5ever a l "9dt i n t h e GreatLak e s d i n;tor rt un i\ ho mcba.. y hich aquatic s a he o w r o n d research co o n i es f ing o r a nce n a d il ing s rema Science Building c o n o ratories. sp �;:�r:C:.:�!: i :'e" " bu i ldi n gs o cam[JUS w nd ':'ut just w h at t collogchastooffer,ts,t u de n t<. ini n,g n fur oo ro o c�ss:room, n f th e tai n rNearch i on rth h e State o g to f i on e Scicn"" B Grc nu mero u on


:i: n ':t.:W! h "; n =· d :!�,1�� a


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Cen���t:; u �n\c!!�

lb�!� =��r:�; s

h : ke r� n

:::����� t ar=�� n o ncerts, thleatr e p r od u ct n e

t.l� .:: . s. 'P!''ts neou

. i i m��;��::� !� y ����br:�n�: ;���?�':� u e e n y h u i y partic,pahon gro u d n an f hu area, for v C nt r. Mo osis da t ro d med i gh Fr cal care da , for o iag

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���;.: �:c: ir" �:ed�:�d: :;; � 0 �"'.,.,;;�:� o :�t\�� e

1:Ct as 90 u

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7o c :7:;:;� n ts at 9 ne e

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Buffalo State College

pa ea

rs and movies are the big summer scene

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Believe it orl\(lt, oomfthin& &ood did come out of Lut yev' 1 contro...nial Unilm Studen\.f' OoYommientSWate.By•Pf)l"OVins• ftlertndumquestion on1nl.rl<:r....,in u.e Athletic Board budset, the student,; Wl!rt given• chance to air their reeliflp conc.,.ning athletic ' coa,pet itionul put ofrollege lik Athletic Boud Oinctot Howard Mr, and his1W'f now 11et $13 o/,..eey mll\dltoryltladmt activity touseutheypltUe.This isbyfarthe 1arcstbudcetonC1.Mput. forthi11iici'"eueto1ctuallybe1 ",oodth!Pi,"M1cAd.ammustputthe ..sded inmme into proeram1 the studtntl _,,L not necessarilywhere heseetfiL


IO N BR00KS,oc,.ftm,matA,ti,a,k,1-i.dU>......W-. N


• Convenience • Variety · e LowPrices

at the

COLLEGE STORE Lower Level Union Building Monday · Fridoy 8 o.m. • s · p.m. Saturdoy 10 a.m. • 2 p.m.




• Post Office

• Check Coshing ...)

• Refrigerotor Rentals

Merchandise Dept egree

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• ortsupplleS •schbolsupplies • officesupplies • sculpture supplies • jewelry,upplies • engravingsupplies ei"iol"re·&

• new andused texts • pope,bodss • best' sellers • outlines .. teaching olds


•gifts Sale and Discount Items Available In all Depoitmenrs -

I r - ' page 12

Friday Sept.16, 197.7

bulletin board


' concerts ju l y 8

College officials deny char es inRockwell 8v KIMVANDYKE an d w« e "h.uud o u1." JOHNBYCZKOWSKI Henry Michalski, acUn1 North Allegal.lona that the [ire that "Division chld at the Butralo Fire .• damaged Rockwell H&U auditoriumat Department, told theBuffaloEvening ' BuffaloStnte CoUeee Morxlay,Sept, Ne.., that ' 'bedding and otrice 1 2.wu, , r,..ult ofunheedl'dw•ninp equipment piled on the lltlge and from Joa,l and 1tate,r, n inspe<:ton orchestn are1. of the auditorium ... -.P;,:r:�!;·�!�:;�; o ���� ;��:o: ::�·�: li : dir'-"'tor of the eoUege'1 offiee of resp0.n5e to warnings issued by state PublieA!f.airs,was_well undercontrol fin; ini;pecton, and alio by Buffalo by the Buffalo , Foe Department by orflcials, who have "no power to 8:15a.m. enforce the ordcr,MichalskitoldThe No orte was injured,and damoge New1. J , , eJtimatfihaunot yetbeen confirmed Phillip Lomlll<,of the New York because of . pouibleunknown damq:e S1.11teOffice ofFire Prevention and to th e building'& Burchfi e l d Center Contr o l in Albo.ny,sai d that R o nald art c o ll e cti o n, accor d ln' 10 th e E.• M o or e ,Buffalo inspector rar that . . Buffa lo Fir e D e pa1 1 ment office, c o nducted th e inspecti o n o n A IJ)O k esman for th e d tputm�t N ov embtr 9, 1976, an d >Sl u ed a aal d thu smo ke ruchfd th e report t o th e co l le&: e o nDecembu12, Burchfiel d are&,butthll flams d id 1976. not. • L o max listed accumulati o n o r Th e tir e ,be!ined to have b ee n '!"Mte paper,furnitur e anduonig e ua I ;��!c;;c;;:, fi �� ur :;'�!ie o r1�:,'; f: n �� o t ed ha �!,�e!i:;f> ouldhave ... th e 1tag e c ov er ed m05t o t the H e saidthat, de p e n d ing o n th e age and th e flo o r In fr o nt o r th e e,:�nt · o f th e ha:w-d an d thatfun d in,: lllag e .Sm o k e went through m05t" o r ava,�b!e at th e c o )lcge, preca u tions Rockwell Hall, an d wer e ar e e it.her ta k cn&ft.erbelngwrittenup cance!leduntillO:OOt h atmorning. an d ..,.nt toAl�ny, o r don e by th e Th e rire a1)]>1'1U ed t o hav e started colli,i: e . , in the !l!ihtccq,trol r o om,just.b e hi!Jd H e add ed that major pr o visions tb e curtain, •ta11: e left.All thec o ntr o k usuallyta k eatlewot�w o years,buttha and 1eomi l lo cken in th e ro o m w..-e w o rk in v o l ved ln e liminating hazards bo. d ly c harr ed , and a large window in in Rockwell Hall "co u ld have been tb e �:.;�o k �:.bove the stage t a k ��:: 0 ��fc 1 ��;���r�: tor o r · along t h e wal l wa . c o mp le tely burned, F.nvironmenta\ C o ntro l u Burfalo and an o thcrle(:tion perpendieularto Stat e , w h o . he l p,,

\'SOP · a ,·ecy 1pecial o ri1Mime porlormanr,, !Nhirinl! Hftbit Hancot k ,, and Fr«ldilt Hubbard. Also !ht J o hn Klffl>m..- &nd . 2 $h o .-, at 7 an d 10:30 pm,Sheo,•oBuffa lo ThNtrt.tic k ttsS5.$6. and$7. .....__ hmM1:'Y l orSa1.a18:30pm�iap:aFaU1 convenuon Ctnt<"rTicktt.s$7 •nd S6 Qn saleuthe BuffaloStateli<: k et ot riceand allTicketronlocati o n,.


!!!,!Park theatre All litktts for :i..e A'ftTPARK thntre p


. ; , . , .. .:: . , - , ,. - - - . - ., .:. . ,. - , . J N0

!&ch ,Brahrno. '---....;;;c;;.;::=====-=_!;..:,:!�=�� - '._ , .. - , .-..

Th urier [):pr e ;o::::·�;� ,-�CCtr;;;;l ��:C y ,e:C: ::.C: t f_;;i::_ i� ire .:.;: ::C • �:C ll e �c;t;;;;�;_; u [c;;i;._;_ :ih_ " !_ �_ a s, ou.p:est«I H e odd " C

tak e our re!'°'ts ne1tly. and n o

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ft_ Jt _ ,�_ !:_:_ �_ !:'_ f"'_ �_ '_ .�_ �:_ .::"'_;,,c_�_ �_ "_ ':'� _ _ d •_ " _ "_ ''_ a_ " '_""_ '_ " m _ .:!_ ,· :."_ �_ ":"'� ,

:::� n e � a � d . .Opt i :e":en':�!:;(�"aU! 1 c l�

o rko . . and "' Orit t nal �:�f�;t: ��::::�� � �Sl

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( ����.:: . . C h

ma and Japan OVff t h


Or.Car l o r delip,. and farmer �ice prnid e nl ror 1C1; d ffllic aff,inatBuffal o $tllle. d led AUil, 24 in Buffalo Gtn e n l H o tpital ll!lefalen,thylllnea. o,!�;..�\�!,e:"�u,:�9� schoo l y-.H e waf vi<: e Pf"'Sldent far a,;a d cmieaffairs in11:169,nd1970. Bauer ;:i i nl'

Andr o wn. instructor and dir e ct.or or lhe Al l •Collcg e Go,pel Ch o ir at B u ffa lo State Co\leiic,di«IAug.l,1917. Br o wn ha , been an instructor ��c�f;6 t� f o rmlng Arts °:t. . B e atric e Mac k in o r th e )?..-formingArtsD e 11t.s.i d ,"Mr. Br o wn is w e l l l ov ed and has mad e enorm o u• c o ntributi o ns t o · church, 1ehoo l and c o mmunity as wel l ao gi v ing o r himself Ha bc&uti!ulh u menbelng. "H e will be ,ineerely missed by • ll wh o . wer e fortunate to c o m e in c o ntacl with hlm,"oh e """'· e w Br

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NewSecurity system installed in Butler Lib�zj &��;d Co�op disco11tinu�d after its heavy loss""'



But the 8,ee2f11'o.Jbum II popular Thedimuof the concertwuthe to ni.ake his lot in lite a little mare com.fortablebyproducingmore varied fantastic guitarin to a fantastk and !et hot until you give them something to get hot ahout," I doubt anyoneln the audience at Kleinhans Auditorium Friday evening mwnc, Benson ha$ gone .experiencing great �:::�i: m : t ,:,,�":';..;:!c��7�� /::0�� .��1 15 . What pe<:,ple did experiencewas a cried out Melba a1 she went from a performance with tremendous feeling �ft, r;low melody to faster songswith and energyby one of theoutstanding a pu!Ating beat that also hadher fans te<,hniciansalive clopping enthusiutkally. Many, from a • w_a s heusedtobe. •have. oaid he'1 becoming a pop _,..,

lhcirllell� . lhc _ elecir1C1ty Ben,on _ was not the � leicasonfor 1n Klemhans . The evemng gotof t 1.o an enthuoiastic start • with a $Up :"" b performance by Melba

SomccriticsmaythinkBensonwa. at fnull bypromoting orplugginghit po pular album 8reez/n'by playin11 a lotof material from that albumduring the concert.



Army veteransaredoing it. ·� Beoomiogofficers onhowjoucanget degree,call:

lo drink at our bar MUSIC BY 'PUSH' & 'WEEKEND'



intheUnitedStates a commission 1'nDJs JordetaiJs withJUU£.colkge

Call Jim Bonnes BB3-0172


There's not ALOT of parking

Photos by Bill Wippert

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Buff110 S11teC0lleg11 Average SAT scores drop·, ' But State abovwnormal


olitical science major orks for White House PATRICKJAMESBARNE'IT � i � c�. ':':ork in th e otl i e e . l1111 e a

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n t he full n $!lid tha gets toWash i �. 1 �:!l"r n ch will hav e t h ten cexpectedtowr l tob e ofi�e�i/��1:ce��:;:; e cided that his J]Qper will preu off i ce"• ro l e in on b u d how th e Wh i te :k;:;,e:n;t::;..lilm hool, bu.I ! f e el tha t n a nd jo u rnal i sm u e t,,d," '1he n ew i ntern an of th e : ha � ie �: mely pro ud o r ls IMI th e e me1ter i , • v ery n t p,ogn,m ror the ltude n ts. �:li �ies�!·n�:'� in g toWashl n lllon from �j: • �'� pini IQ tca e n cing public opini Carter a n • o l el n :�: e m a e t of hi$ d ngto11 b ° 1 ;��t: ni stra ti on prescnl.ed rl'lllywo u n tiN ut hu 'I d top admi


Ronal n ti.!:;,,a�o prcu sccr�i.o. r �:i·s�� ICC Semester Pro$!nlm. u .t �r th e ti c1patmg In d ce_maj.,,._a � Ja iso w11l U�� c

M.Jam,so nd n "'��\o� i: i ,senior

n ,21,a politlcal k n a tBuffalo unt e t = d�

a quest i Am . g;:,;hi:::�for the d c ncw,moreo p e n r::� t in :�� 1 r�� let dioclplin c wn criti� l nn c' Ceut1r)"uid ev�delr1mmtallo ���: c 1 r =�r ,tud en o n " th a t u o uble, many teachiOl(method1 e.:line i 1 th in n b"ld1 ze 1 d i o n al u u chi� a r T t� ab

ByM,\Rl(B,\L"le'.S 0."t'rlhepU\ d r ooycar•. throughout the Unit«! Stalff_thcre ;:;:,: m�i:�:..:: 1 ::n;�f hav!"=•} t.l t!," � ol :: ef :c:t}oc.:'. although th e .- mmn combi n ed Sd,olastic Aptitude Test ,corN ha,·c remained about four 1..,. coot ol>o•e ,he na t i o n al norm, .. ·hich hu r:::e::t�.v�:.� !o�I c o� m ;�t� 196t>-66to 1 i96ini975- 76 Paul T. Collyer, coordi n ato r pf undergr,,duate admission,. bclK!\·e< lhattheincnr.uini:numbcrofMudcnLS �:!'i;:.,1:;�!AT is p:,rt�llyreopon1ible "Before 1970.11 (when SAT ,eorn t,epn to drop at tw� !he 1966,70rnte)for lhe most1l tt only 1.h e be ttff� u cal«l•tudc n Utooklh c Si\T,"Collycrex1,llln«I. "But, todlly,ab who ...,.nt IQ eo IQ col l <.,:e 1$ a co n lributing facolrlQU.Cdeeline i n SAT.eores o r freshme n . ..For lhe past few yeanthere has bee n a co n tr a ct in g pool or a p plica n ts;· CoUy c r uid. "Thi$. coupled w i th lhe n e<:- i ly or the co l le1e ke e p in g the nu m ber of \ au ��t�•::.::;,';'��M���::i""":� rke a higher perce n t a ge o f a ppl i ca n ts, ..Co l ly.,.Mlded. Thi! F1U 1977 ineoming clau of abo u l 2 . 000stude n uwuchose n from ro u gl,ly8,000 a p plic a nu. The me,i n · ro,lheCla.. of ' 81 ifa92Q.925SAT, �n84 J)Cr cent ,cholast i c a v,th e top third of th<' ilhic;h£hoolcla.. and, ro, New Yo r k Stat e re1ide n ts ("•hich,Co l lyorsaid,comprise'"about 99 per c en t.. of <'8Ch n cw · ctas,),• Regents Scholarohi p score i n lhe m ilJ.130s. Thll compa r es lo"' l a st fa!l"s incomi n g class of 1,600 stud e nts, acc e pted o ut ·of 8,200 applicllions. whose l'l\eaq SAT ,eore was i n the low·S30s,a v en.ged86pcrc en t i n hi{:h ocliool . fi n imed in the top third of their c,,,d u ating class and-n,ceived a b out a�55 o n th e Regents Scholarsh i p Collyel" attr ib uted th e twOpo in t decli n e in gr,,de average�theeollege tak in g ln a lar;or num b tt of ,tude n ts i n the80. 85111oupi n g. ..There h., been a slillht ff lirt i n lhe m.,. n , bu t the o,1en,U n, n �e i s a b outth e oam e ,"Colly e "A• for th e 20 poi n t drop i n R"fl:ents &holanhip Exam 1C or es, Colly.,.. •id. ··1.a51 yea,-"1 Rege n ts �am must Mve hem e u e ptio n a l !y hard be<:a u se lhe gra d es aaou the 1141.fifellat a n un hmrdof,at.i,." St il l '. afte r an of Collyer · , �tJ'.�:U t :' n :h:r;ci �!':�:,! ti �:;,i ln � u nd er'c,,,d u at.e 51.udefll at Buffal,o Slate, a nd e \lj!when, i s n ot u w ell r::s e.: �h! :.::ioo.i• IChooling u Why the mmt edua,ted soei e tyJn ld u ld be ;raduati n g from h!ah .1choo l h11 a nd lu1 knowled1a ble pup i lt wh i l e 1pe,n d i n i · more an d mor e mo ne yon i n1troct l oze n o th e wor fflo

n • u,d.thcpreS6�eal w!1heaehother. b'y Carter a n m n b e •�nding the fall offkia!1. -, a s1n in ter n inWhlte1lou... Jamiso n will b yJody Powtlr, media pi,11cr wh l

�t� ..�:-� n n 24 college stud e the Pfop-amJamiso n ly _New Yotk State teru in Po.. ·ell's Presi d m t 1tudypr°""m. poli t r l osely · sent a lcttcr to Powell's expla in ed. d Nted,he �:; n he rece ed a l e tter from d e ve ,esHZOO that l wu or .iud en �"

Question of the day_;_ Why did you come to Buffalo State?

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ts .

gradu 1976 admil a of appliea Col ����� n efforu. ..The stude n Pf.W ��r: i ti n � fromhighll<'hool peaked in ril be the o n an d will be h'-">di n g dow n a t en t cho""" to , n e, , _ ·· Collyer ( o t f �i gi n a Uy, the job i n w1llhavelo o!1k e was n ot list(,d as o n n cr'-"3Sini:lyWl, e pcrC<"ntage choices off..-ed byth e n e n said . that al the bccmm n n ed (or he aunmer, h e ua i tyo� students off i ce aski n g for the opportu n o� n T��r�� · wor�/ 0 :!':��priscd an n iv that todly't deputy pr.,... occrewyWalt e rWurf n ot doing u wcll as In f orming_him t_ hllt he had bee n n e real . selected t o wo r k 111 tkt! media off i ::�'. ·u111i! lhe mid·eight i ''Thercto re .thecollei: e n belieYe,; that the q l �t �1�·.�� ) :�� e r e is no evide n c e i ous stude ts here d i i u. "'h :>dded. ot "·orr i Jamiso l yt'T ii .

ityto Dr. Ram Desai, chair m a���:�t"! ta �:1 ica partmoot i$ ei,:tr e e l Jamison. Desai $11ld he f ee "Wuhi n gto n S ce. lmpon•

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n :��=�£�:t�;r�::: t �::1::� I �tt1: c :::�!:�>;.�":',��:�.::,::::: ..- English professor heads :;�·:·::.:,:':•.;;·,.:�:.:,:.'. New literary magazine · Colly..-cor>el u ded. DyKlMVANOYKE Dr. Frank p u til i shed n umerous A n ew poetry jour n al, :.eucklc," r:i:::� j u � � }� r t:�elj�! n :: i � created by i, Burfalo SUi c College own po e ms, The Wrecki n g . of St. _ ��J@fi�;h���;i�ffi ;u�;r;?�Jt;1r� ;t1 !��� collected fr o m h l t c,n tl ve u 11 n gmyow n poetry. :�!:i n g i;0°;; 11 :.t���:�·!!%'ut�!� jou�al'::: ib ! i ·o n ��i�h =" �= loth e Smalll'r• •Re v icw. llaff m e mber1 Mar k Stcrmll" an d Or. �· r a n k uid tha t , b y Joa nn a Pfl ei derer , ed i tor of"Leev,:/' coinc id e n ce, moll poemt in thil a n SUCB literarymqa�i ne . edit i on d ,sl w i th lo¥e r e lat i o n lhips, Bothhadlip,ificant rol.. in th e · . . .... •nd th e n ext iuue, wh i ch i t alrea�y journal's production a n d" wer e very u11 d erway, wll l eo n ceriuat e 1r1 aipport! ve . .. Or.f'lll.nksai d n ·�J o

. "Buekle·' VAUJU£1tOW1Clo,._t11.aaUIIP7to____ W._IIIII__._.._ ��.loe.i.dt,,...._. u-�::!"':..=�!::.=:::

� e 1 c :r:: :� ����:!:�� ::�=-e:..� ::�

�!1�: i n d I ndians. New YorkCity. i,.yprope.pndl, myoelf, but a l = :0::-�.:ru: :;{ a !iS�:� t :�;J:� ;:/,�:� n �����:�toO:':m:.�� p ub � �:t ld e ':'!

::r!��f·:;:� c oncerningwom en a �� b l alao received som e

i:11..u� At the Bengal Burger

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.u.� Fast food makes campus debut

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��;;:�/.�B���;� ByJAMES RICHARDS ! b y L ynd a D o n n and wu?1':' 11a �;' IQ w �:O� v �::'.\or t h e $t m ::.:;. nu n e �t $1.60 per inth e StudmtU n ion,orlgi e n t de ntl approaeh ed availabl aid ,, _h ;_.. t i r1, or . lo ill u eeds , to � �11'! ki n ed, form..- McDona ld th Manaser Mik e t. H e lo g et it u nd erway. u � r�::; Y :S nd As fa,- u feedback is co n lhe react i on JJ y e Cl'r t "•�!!ar!Y lo really w i t ,"'T�is luue IS good, and Flom lh e su.rt th b year. Dr. }ri n k fu�! c \�.... d ��.� · cov e Dr. Frank • m i d i say wha t .bel i eve,lha \ ke - m!.= t lde t::��l scriptio " su

Mc���:!f:� t :�m":"�1::";: 1 "'C'lten equ i pped w � t ��!:. �Jt �: :r:�t;:tZ i th itemlud key1 7�� =:: n . " McDonaklt, Bwser e m taste alik e to m e ," nn ie Vui, who llUO ample:! a that lhe bolq..- ��tees:i: .., in cuppfi:c8aulomatieally. 1t�::: am' :.ft'�tth�:' np i opin i o l of th el ped Smith aid. ''Tbeycostjustumuc b." Bo en nd tha t r

:J:;:t��i;;�:: r ! ee �� t:fw!:�:.;··��� J we!k 9f August 1 7, :re ""Bue GIVE the

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.=� i mteaeninU.. G �� are o pe n d a ily w M�•:a!°!:.!: n lartarsauce." • located between theBake•nd Swftt u etsare very c\ose, b u t Shopp e a n d t h e Oel ��� ;:�: 'I •:,:';.! m:;e;f � �= :"!e;'�-��� n e.i::,:� i��=· d �u'!!' e



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Buffalo & Erie �.i:!.�f: :�;�.. L-------' Wednetd1y,Novcmbct 2. �B� l f� ;!r!: rr

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's just like old times -thletics gets more money



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Orant s\.4t \

add a course at the masthead-choose from a selection of 5 gut _<.;purses-amaretto, schnapps.anisette, cherry and .vodka, and oanana brandy choose any 1 or take 5 for 1 dollar \ . - . FIFTIES PARlY-tunes by chuck berry, little richard, sha·na n9 prizes for best · DA, tightest sweaters, shortest shorts, and best ponytail IMPROV NIGHT-featuring nightclub atmosphere � � wlne · and mixet(drlnks specials - open microphone for local talent M.C,ed by Buffalo's owl) Tony Christopher BLUE MONDAY PARlY '- with the best in blues tunes and specials on labatt's blue, blue nun, etc. BUFF STATE NIGHT- admission $2.00-51.00 with Buff State student or employee ID- pit:!:'ers of,beer-51.50pitchers of highballs--53.00 LADIES NIGHT-all' female bartenders - ladies drinks 50¢ featuri _ ng , - first prize S25 and a case of champagne BUFFALO'S ORIGINAL BEATLES NIGHT - · 3 spills or 3 shots for $1.00


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'""''""'"'"••• . BUCKLE" -ThepoeU)'orSUCB1tuden1.1pUl& .. ,-,, -PoeU)'fromtht,nationalsceue,trom Buffalo,N.Y. toHonolulu,H awaii -Hebrewpoeb'yintranslation -anSUCflgtudent'lviewoftht! -alamentortht!wreckin.gorSt..ioe'I "'""""' -BuffaiopMt'o:DennlsMaloneytnwl inJmpmpoemt -lheiU�ofJo�Croa,wdl ...,.,...Dono BUCKLE �,llMCOLLEGISTOU ___...,.i.....,......

BUFFALO. N.Y; 14213


the f . street restaurant vegetaria� natural foods � solads & spreads dailg hot specials fresh-squeezedjuices d1fssert8 'co-operatively run' �5greenfield �treet One block North ofJewitt "' ,:::·,-���_','"' , �::-: offMain H3fi-90..'i5 - -- Id g reen 1e



introducing .


buy one drink and get one free offer expires sept: 30


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f ngals split twin-bill opener with Fredonia




September 20, 19n Volume-81 Number 2

Marijuana Reform Act

.. New drug law makes changes, but pot still illegal T h e Marijuana Reform Act of Yorker• a year face serious charges 1977 makcs swd/oruptol� d ay,injail, \, the d atethenew lawl<>okeffe,:t. � fj:fl;tJ�A���� �fil��'.rl�#,·.:tt�I tr�; ! �r:1!�:1r.; lt��=� h ;,.� app 1 .::.... '!c':t1c��: a �� be�=: but; , -S..le to anyon e underl8is a c l a.. n o t mandatory. In felony caseo, thc o felony Someone un d er 16 with a defendant �nnot be releas,:d on an :;.1"f.i�: l �c����!�:•;':�n�n�..':� ap ':�c n e ce c!�\�uire a de f endant !.O NEWMARIJUANAPENALnES • supervision." for other marijuana po�• �ll ot up . to$100 ithecannot Vio111;on Upto25g,am,• UptoSIOOIIM offense, , t h e charges ·wou ld be be identified or . '" from out•of.,tate. ILegallynota"c,ime")(SecondOl!omo UotoS200f""' J uv ; n :e e �! l � n t� c :�e. not apply to ma:Uu a ':ia ":!�i� C :� rt :'�.�me:i;�� (Thl•dl r: 1 �!2:�"'ond{ � hashish a separated resin of an ''adja'?,'nment in conte'."platlon or a• .,B M ;,demunoo- o.e,25'7''"'°''"Y G;hupto2'7'"""' 1 Upto3mon!Nj,oll marijuana [ti11tillcovere d bytheold dlamtssaL The case� adjourned for !)IJblH;u,eo,-dlsl)l1y loigatotto o,$50011,,. dru��w� l d laws were more 5CVerC �k.n,�.;;'\�� a \� d e ju��� o i;:�: l , l ri -Cl-{, M . i<>! 0..,2aunce, Upto25g,•m• ����lallo,- . • with posses,;ion of a quarter ounce a b.tcktoc o �t�1thintheycar .. aa.,EFolony o.e,Bounce, g::�:'.:':.. v l)pto•rn. p ;,o,, � ;����� n :: p �;;;: . :��:�(��� �1r: i ::�ci�::,;r·�� p �� :::;�::: :::::: ���:�"'°' � to 1 v .. . p M!I , . -���� e \��;; as �ITt�1,� "" N�� :=:: s�"i!:.! o ;: . "H owever , 1 t is "25g,a!nl • aboul....., .. ;g1,,.oi """",_

thurs. 22,8,3ilp.m.,Ua;,,nFi�i6< -Lout11•. r.... p..,..,.d by SU8 Cofftthou.. c,,,,,.,.;,._ ---/ notices mi: sruu{NT ACTI VI TI ES TRA VELCENTER w�I .,,.,,.•plnoff,,.r«luo,,da;,r.,..,. ,.. to,h•N••Yo,l Mo1N>polil.On&rHdorin1th,ri•in1R«-.$ 7S inotudnroundtrip•;rfa..-andbu1l,. n,po,..,,;.,n1oand fn-• th• Trt.••l Conlor, Union 400, 86l!-l&ll.Thun• d••C!iu.S."�""uNpl• oollCrisi






Lack of student participationconcerns Gold

r�;r��E::��:l�if� / billio n i n the n extoevenyears,"Kemp .•. Soda and Cancer WASHINGTON, Sept. 16-:D. iel yto b l ock &ll<)\'er n menl ban o n sacduri n , whi,,h had b""n schOOulOO to Lake eff,:,ct Oct. l. Toe vote aL,o approv<:fthibel.saying.""l had 1hil.hccrbrewNl upjunformc.l

Sept. 21- Oct. 4 · Free ID cards available for two weeks ByRICH�RD DONALDSON Pree student 10 = d • can b e obtai n ed&tart in gWednesday,Sept.21 toTuesday, Oct.. 4 i n thcPircsidc Loung e i n theStudcnt U nion. The om,,., will be open from 9 a.m to 9 p.m we e k d ay, a n d will be closedonweeken d s. OnThuroday.Sept. 22M:hoolwill be doseCff. IS afterOct.4. ha n dLing t he opera ti o n .""Expect lo n g For the first time, birth d ates "will )!�e i :c\1:::.t:;�;: g ,�:S id :;:Y��:; app ear o n the ID car d s of fre.hmen mi n utes,"he"'111d. ��.�rr��· e :;.�:1n:': �t� h :� Oepand� fea t urebecau�birthdatesbeganbegin This year·, car d • will lle tnesamc programme d into the eomputer two lami n ated paper car d s that we.e years •go. By 1980, bir t hda t es will distribu t ed last year.Ac,:ording t o appearo n al l cards. Carbo n e,·•n,eyare the cheapest at>d Ihedayultn,p:n1 ��r:� t : l d o�� se e,un th i:.,.� . n �: A stu d e n t n eed only k n ow his eost of plastic cardswouldneces&itate a nd JOClal 5eC!Jtity number $\ude nt eo n tribution for car d s which when reporting for his ID.Besides is prohibitedbylaw. IDs. ha nd ou t s wi l l be d istributed at !Dcards are necei,sa:y if a stud ent this time. is t o uieth e manyfacili t iesoncamµu• The handou t lilt , i n c l udes � a so get themwhile t hey are free. If you compare, you'll select ftna... 5500Main Street Wllllamsvffle, N.Y. 14221 633-1361 If you don't compare, don't say 1 we didn't warn you. The !Etna College · Plan . Life Insurance for students A::tna Life Insurance Company,··.!- ' 'f . _· L-----'""'-"""'-""-"'""''-------' L.---H_a_, •_ o _, d_._c_o n_n_ec _,;_c u_i_· _�liiliiiii= ��� ., c�c,lW(i;f;olko-1 • 'l

think it"• the be'1 I e,,·er USted and [\·etastcdalot. l think you·11tike i11"'c:'::---;',-�


Buffal0St1t1College Service Center staff makes ' Changes during summer ByPATRICKJAMESBARNE'IT Physical PlantService., •Id that t h il wu the most product!ve .oummer he Summertime brough t .,me nice h adeversem. changes to SufraloState becluse o r "lnfac t ,"aldY•ger,"l h av en ever llu, hard work nr t h e me n i n t h e "'"" a 111mmer wh•n so muc h work ServiceCe n ter. baa been completed." He ad d ed t hat Ro� Filh, 111p..-visor 1 or ma n y or the me n rorreited their maintenance, a nd ro,eman of the vacati o n time i n ordcrto 1ett h cw o rk Muon-PlasteTer's Carpet n cr. Pai n t. d o n e. Lock a nd Up h olstcrerS ho ps,ha,ha d _Al.bright Hal!. t h e oc ho ol'1music the men workl n g at run speed a nd buil d u,g on Elmw oo d Ave n ue,wu :;';�f�;.:!n;:u�m'::�� ete "V rk in ��d�t u: e ;�e ��ti::�cy� n :�i Some o r the w ork indu d ... t h e ma n y or \he r o oms insi d e have b e en '"':'�:�� g 3,� th .:'.n�� c !';';t· l � k'- �""; ��ki��� d ,; h ic\ h " �!�:!! n �� ,,.,;'! . �E.�}EJ��;:i�:�:�f�1E �c,; m �! rn °0i�?.;,%:°£ ::;,:= !*i n ters. c h airman,sal d i h att h c wo rkwu ..ju5t An oth er impr o vemc n l is t h e beauti!ul."antl also ad d cd t h al i t wu painti n gof l h e bl.,..chcnorouo d th e nice to..,.,oo_m.any y o u n gpcoplc baseball lick!. The gym fl o or lln d mvnlvcda nd do, n gsuc h n icework. ,ome o f the floors in the wo rkshops Many or t h e dorm r_o o ms o n lhil of Upt on Hall were stripped of old c ampus aloo GQt the pa.,n t uca t me n t. \'arnish a nd ,.,._x a nd revarnishe d t o lt sccmcd t h at this summa-t h cre wu gi,etherna n cwl o ok. a n o verfl o w or w o rk o r d ers from t h e The regular IluCralo State pai n ters wri o u• d orm• for ro o ms to be were ai d ed this""mmcr by a <·re w of pain t ed. T h � painlers were able lo do work n.udy£1U d en1&. They "·ere also 1 h e majority o f wo rk before the u n der the supervilion .,r fid!.. On,c opt,ni n gofthefall"""'c,;tcr. maint.e.,.. n ee cmploye in ! he paint Out•ide contract o u al, o :;� ;-;,� n �:i ��i: n : 0 w":k!!':l� 1 ;: �;��r�. :::.tit; ::�:�;:��al:� years and o dd ing a gr<>t'n color to t h e Jam"" Y•g...,,a..lsta n t d irect o r for surfaccof t h etcnnis,:,ourts. Fraterni!ies · staging comeback c h aptcn on cam['JS, Ke n nell poi n t.$ o ut t hal there arc $lrin�, au. ached to the liftingof the A 23-year \;lln PfL'VCnling stale hon. �c h l�al or�mizM!on t file ,ByJOHN BYCZKOWSK! �It\ c;:�r��!\ 0 "�r!' t:�ni��\ ia �: �c�i�!�� t :� o �ti n ���t�;: IO �� w a> lifted la>I O<:IO�r by l n d�1>en d cnt >tatu1 t h at allo w • th em d o f 1'rustees.dcari n � 10 >et t h eir ow n mcmlwnhlp criteria. h e way for the r e tur n or t h e big However, all o rp n izntions ore whi(:h oh Therrau oreback. t


SCATEplans first issue for end ofNovember !�i�t��fl��if� FSA ooard has. three student vacancies

ofth,•<'\'0111.lli<>n. ll'ho•n th<>u�ht of SCATE; t.auder aid, ''111<')' wan\ it.A lot or 1.e11chen do thdrmrn, . .alwotio n 1.NOwl h " )'d on ·1 hav<'.to" "I find tbd is Yet}' \hreotenin,." ,J "'id on� i....d,..,., "Th<' pcr1<>n beinj: evalw,t<�\ lhould have some say over whal tlw)•'re bcin� c. .,,,lwot.edon.. . 11,is tracht'JW:Uafraid thltitan instrnc1or �cts rci,utation for teachinc a ·'Mickey M o uM! coutse," that � l,..,cher'•era., isgoin• to beful! but it won't mean he will be a b(ottn tcache,-." llc alwfears l h at a book lik e SCAT�; will fore<.' teachers to compete for st11drnl1."The l""cher end.1up h3vi n gto bea h ut\ler ... a nd this may d o a d ilfervicc lO t h �qualit� o f l

NEWSlDEWal,LKbolwtffl�ll.oll•ndSludontUnlon. --•�••"'"••"'""'


l(lrpritics 1hcSUN)' Boar nationals. h o aHlliati on in d eoprea d d iscriminatio �c:,k-l��t!r s Activitie,, Slid t �� n �� o ��:: ies rn,tcrnity)and Alp h -��y), T e B ard .,.( n


cxcmptfr al discriminati o "Even n d back.tbcy'll nevffbe t h o m T1tlelX, ono th n oug eba1is he o y're f \ h h t

pr r $el<. esame, . . �id huingand all ���:t:�:� rtgage on a d . "Yc,an ago th ibits coming e�





n l953 booll.u>e exclu1ivity am o ng or�::--1i;�:· T�: t ?:' a on a

Tomorrow, Wed. Sept. 22 7 pm Fireside Lounge Alms! '

campu1 Ke

n nell. ·11,ey'w done away w, th th h nd

� �;��g o e JI.and bcluntl u..,," Ke n ho rr,a��:;� a d eir

ead$ a ; a ",,, t,a ,,' n c uses used the m o nell sai


=. n :�1�/:; 1�:t:��{_ Jack Ke nn ell, d irector of Buffalo State Office or Stu d cnt ho he th


h ave already fn,ter n





ta:• o :.:: t � on �� ::�Fifi����e��i!� r::!u1d aSigmaA!p�(a c o ntac t Kennell, u, Uni on 400,f o r o

h ave air_":"?...!....c,;tablis h

ed more inf

rmal� -




Come Find Out The Truth Behind The Rumors..




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