LEVEL 4 Maximum Alert

LEVEL 3 Alert

LEVEL 2 Early Warning

LEVEL 1 Vigilance Level 1 requires constant attention amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It corresponds to a low level of transmission in the community. It requires that the basic measures established be followed in all settings (physical distancing, respiratory etiquette, hand washing, etc.). Special measures may also apply to certain activities or settings.

This level is imposed when the level of transmission starts to increase. The basic measures are reinforced and further actions are taken to promote and encourage compliance. For example, there might be more inspections and crowd control in some settings to facilitate physical distancing.

Level 3 introduces additional measures that target specific areas of activity and settings where the risk of transmission is deemed higher. These areas are subject to selective restrictions, prohibitions and closures .

Level 4 selectively applies more restrictive measures up to and including ceasing non-essential activities for which the risk cannot be sufficiently controlled, while avoiding the generalized confinement that was experienced during the first wave of the pandemic as much as possible.

To find out the alert level in your region, consult the Map of COVID-19 alert levels by region at Qué

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