MIYC November 2019

Marco Island Yacht Club Anchor Lines

November 2019 Volume 19:11

Roarin’ Back to Marco!

By Angela Holt On October 26th, we had our Signature Welcome Back-Roarin' Back to Marco. The evening was a throwback to the decadent 1920s. With a 1920's Auburn parked by the front entrance to the Club and decorated with Flappers and gentlemen in Tuxedos, we were off to a rousing start. The Members were greeted and given a secret password to gain entrance to the Speakeasy. No one got passed the bouncers without the code. The Staff were dressed in formal uniforms and handed out champagne upon entrance to the Harbour Room. Flappers served as "Cigarette Girls"and mug shot photos were taken. The evening was filled with surprises like a choreographed ensemble dance to Puttin' On the Ritz and a Keystone Cops Raid to gather up those drinking 'hard liquor.' It was a fun night!

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