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Perhaps it’s the fact that Shaun is headed off to college, or maybe it’s because Father’s Day is coming up, but I find myself reflecting on my decision to leave Canada. I’m at a stage right now in my life where I don’t understand how my parents let me go. They knew that being a physician was my passion and I would do anything to fulfill that dream, but watching me go had to be hard on them — especially my father. My dad is a very humble but strict guy. Growing up, he was always stern and firm in his affirmations, but a lot of my discipline comes from his voice in my head. He taught me order and structure, perhaps too much so. My kids love to make fun of my closet and how organized it is. My son couldn’t find his keys the other night, so I shared with him one of the “key” lessons my dad instilled in me: “Put them in the same place every night.” People Love In Different Ways A Proud Father of a Proud Father

Go upstairs and study.” Ultimately, it’s that work ethic and dedication that has opened up the doors of my life so I can own my practice. I speak with my dad almost every other day, and I never stop learning from him. He’s a big part of why I love to cook so much. He has a chicken wing recipe that is out of this world. Some people still talk about his wings eight years after they

had them. He’s never told me the recipe, but about four months ago, he disclosed it to Shaun. Not only did it further foster a significant connection between them, but Shaun makes them just as good. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Shaun’s final decision to go to the University of Wisconsin is something we both look upon fondly. When I was going to school at the University of Waterloo while waiting to get into optometry school, I frequently wanted to come home. I’d call my dad, and he’d drive two hours straight over on a Friday, pick me up,


Sometimes affection can be misinterpreted. I know my dad loves. He just expresses himself differently. His way of discipline was sometimes interpreted as harsh by my siblings and me, but I respect it. My boys were up late watching the NBA playoffs the other night, and I can vividly remember a situation with my father. I was watching Magic and Bird go at it, and he stood up, walked over to the TV, and turned it off. “You have your whole life to watch these games.

and drive two hours back home. Shaun will be the same distance away, so he’ll be able to come home when he needs to as well.

The way my father sacrificed for the sake of his children is unparalleled. He used to wake up at 4 a.m. when I was in second grade to take me to hockey practice. He took out a second mortgage on the house to put me through optometry school. It’s not just us, either. Our neighbors came to our house frequently to use his handyman skills and get help with their house projects. There is no way I can thank him enough, but hopefully, now that my kids are a bit older and more independent, I can take a Saturday off and see him more.

To all the dads out there, Happy Father’s Day. Until next time; eye’ll see ya then!

–Steven Chander

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