Essentia Site Director - Guy's


Financial Management • Strategically lead the maximisation of income achieved by site teams, while controlling expenditure and ensure that the individual services are financially viable, meet agreed budgets and cost saving targets. • Develop and deliver a strategic business and financial plan for site services that differentiates between services that require investment, cost reduction or maintenance. • Be accountable for the financial performance of all site operational areas against plan and actively forecast potential variations to budget. • Be responsible for providing operations business performance reporting to the Trust Board and to other Partners or clients: working with the Head of Investment and Resources to report via the corporate Governance channels. • Develop plans with the Commercial team (where appropriate) to maximise income generation from existing and potential site operations assets/capability. • Drive the delivery of cost targets via direct reports to achieve improved operational and process performance supported by comprehensive and robust data and reporting. • Ensure operational teams are managed to the Trust’s Standing Financial Instructions and ensure they are applied in all cases. In particular, contracts are to be managed with the highest standards of probity and good practice. Performance Management • Through expert leadership, drive a culture of high performance standards in hard and soft FM through effective management and monitoring across all areas via the use of operational plans and real time data and reporting using CAFM system, with agreed annual, quarterly and monthly targets. • Following expert analysis, synthesis and interpretation of complex data, ensure that business processes and capability are streamlined to maximise the benefits of working across varying service teams, where there are specific patient and cost benefits. • Analyse performance across the site in relation to performance targets and strategic objectives, developing strategies and business plans, providing advice in areas where expert opinion differs and where significant barriers to understanding and acceptance exist. • Focus all services on performance and outcomes for patients, ensuring that agreed performance standards are achieved and instilling a culture of continuous performance improvement, innovation and efficiency. Apply a similarly rigorous approach to the provision of service to Essentia external clients and partners, overcoming barriers that exist to understanding and acceptance.


Site Director

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