Ask them the following three questions: 1. What are the L&D priorities / needs in your hotel in 2019?

Team Building workshop, Back to basic trainings Financial acumen for Business Leaders, Basics of Digital Marketing, colleagues in guest -contact areas needs to be more engaging while serving our guests as now they are more on task oriented. As for Omani colleagues, as they are not very familiar with the hotel operation, they require intensive skill training on the job. "*Succession Planning for L1-2 and some high potential L4-5: Company should introduce a formal Succession Planning including a segment that states their L&D needs for their career development. Harvard Managementor can also be included in their L&D development program. We need to link L&D to Succession Planning in order to help our colleagues to grow and be a great asset in the Company and achieve their aspirations.*L&D Awareness: Available trainings can be displayed in staff corridors as a visual aid." Basic skills related training / Product knowledge / Simulations based on customer complaints Development of high potential colleagues and re-fresh the sales learning programs for our sales team to improve effectiveness "Back to Basics for Colleagues:-Grooming, Body Language, Choice of Words, E-Mail Etiquette, Presentation Skills" Back to basics, culture drive, English language, service sequence (butler style), ownership and art of listening. Basics for service and recovery "1) Initiatives to be taken by Senior Executives and Senior Service Managers to drive change2) Effective guest interactions by Service Leaders and Service Associates 3) Leveraging the guest engagement actions" Local Colleagues Development More focus on Chinese Cultural needs and the momentum that we need to maintain in relation to Forbes service - whilst also looking at IDP's for all colleagues. "1. Ensuring the Guest Engagement is the top priority for all L3 - L5 colleagues.2. Ownership of individual areas and more accountability for results"


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