In the Pipeline Q4 2017

There when you need us

In recent weeks, one major story has taken the spotlight and hogged the headlines: Hurricane Irma. The category five storm was the strongest the Atlantic had seen in a decade, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Thousands have been left homeless, millions without power and there are billions of pounds worth of damage. Now that the dust has settled, reconstruction is at the heart of every conversation. Despite the hurricane being thousands of miles away, Britain has responded at lightning speed, pledging £32 million towards recovery efforts and hurrying to be at the side of those facing a crisis.

‘ We waste no time in getting to customers in their hour of need ’

Here at Pirtek, we are not unlike Britain’s disaster response. As such, we waste no time getting to our customers in their hour of need, we make sure to provide exactly what is needed to fix an issue and, thanks to the many Pirtek centres, geography is rarely an issue. As we are the first to react, we make sure never to fall short of an effective and timely response.

That is why each of our centres carries a full range of hoses and fittings and is a base for mobile workshops manned by highly skilled technicians able to resolve problems in any location.

All this would not be sufficient without a timely response and we are proud to say that we manage all this with an ETA of within an hour of the customer’s call.

While we know our dedication to a smooth recovery cannot directly help the brave people who have faced Hurricane Irma, we like to think it can make a real difference for our customers facing a potentially business-halting failure.

Chris Stuckey Managing Director C


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