ELMS 1992

Meanings of life are significant to those who create them. To create is to have significance for the future. Creating for the future poses the attitudes for others' meanings of life.

State University College at Buffalo 1300 Elmwood Ave. Buffalo, New York 14222 Vol. 81




''What A Parade''

This years Homecoming parade was the best parade seen in years. The student's Organiza– tions spirits ran high as they marched down the local streets . The colorful waving banners and spectacular floats seem to dance in the sunlight as they moved along the parade course. Specta– tors lined in the local business windows, porches and side walks to watch the students showoff their stuff.





''We Did It Again"

It was another intoxication Homecoming game. Once again the Buffalo State Bangals pulled ahead against the Brockport Eagles. Nice going let's keep it a tradition.




''Let It Rain'' As soon as the half time horn sounded the skies opened up to pouring rain. People scrambled for cover may it be an umbrella, a snack stand, a tent or just under the bleachers. The half time show included the Buffalo State Bengals and the cheerleaders giving it their best to entertain the spectators.



RUGBY ''MADDOGS'' A triumphant B.S.C. Rugby club made homecoming a blast for us all. Showing Niagara who was the best.




~fOP 10 REJ.\SOi'IS Why People Picked Buffalo State College I L] \ Gosh Darnit, It's a great place to be! I 21 \ It was the only places where I was excepted. I 31 \ People mistake it and think that you go to UB. I ~~ \ You can find a bar on almost every street corner. I Sl \ I couldn't get into Harvard. I 61 \ Buffalo State is known for it's high quality education. I 71 \ Because of the over abundance of parking space. I al \ It's the only place in the world to get Buffalo wings. I 91 \ The high ratio of men vs. women. (NOT) 11 Ol \ Because of Buffalo's great weather.



There are many different parts to campus life. Everyones college experiences are quite different. It all depends on what you make of it. Whether you get involved in one of the many activities that are offered or, if you just stick with your classes and studies. It all depends on you. It seems that the students usually hang out in groups. You have your dormers that pop there heads out of there rooms to eat, go to classes or party and then spend most of their time in their rooms sleeping, studying and watching TV. Then you have the commuters, they can usually be found in the Union 's Fire side Lounge, the library or trying to find a parking space some where on campus. Lets not leave out the people who wait for the bus or walk to school on those cold blistery days or the teachers and the staff workers. There is one place where all campus life comes together, and that's The Union at Bengal Pause. It's where every one unites and becomes one big line either waiting for food , books, the money machine, or looking for a place to sit. Shannon T. Maurer




THANK GOD! The weekend is finally here. It's the only time of the week where you get to call the shots. When you live on campus for the most part students usually state their weekends on Thursday night since most students never even heard of Friday classes. Girls spend hours in front of the mirror trying to look their best. The evening starts at one of the many local bars drinking and dancing the night away. Fridays are the day to work, study, study, go to that one last class and catch up with friends that you haven't had time to talk with, over the long and busy week. As the light slowly fades from the sky the partier once again comes out in us. There is nothing like spending time with good friends; around Buffalo the thing to do seems to be: bar hopping, going to movies, working, dancing, hanging out at the zoo, the art gallery and playing lazer tag, bowling, playing pool and going to sporting events. Saturday is the day to sleep in and study. If you're looking for some one the chances are that you can find them in the library. Weekends there's nothing better. Shannon T. Maurer

It's Tuesday ... Want to join an organization? Looking for a job? Did you ever see Mayor Griffin? No one has class during Bengal Pause; and that's when you can meet up with all of your friends. You can eat, study, attend meetings, or learn about events on campus. Yes the lines are long to get your lunch, and finding a seat is utterly impossible, but that's the character of Bengal Pause. As you're filling out Master Card or Visa form to get a free waterbottle, or purchasing jewelry from an Ex-hippie, the noise and excitement surrounds you. But eventually the roar dulls down and it's back to classes that is until Thursday when Bengal Pause strikes again! Sari L. Smallen



You thought it was just an ordinary day, as you reach into your mail box only to pull out, "Your Registration Notice." AHHHHH! Oh, no. It's that time already. It's one of the most dreaded times of the year next to finals and getting the phone bill. Registration week is pure hell. Not only do you have to pick up your course booklet, get advised for classes that for the most part are filled before you even step foot into registration and skip class because they scheduled you during the busiest part of your day. Just before you have to stand in line to get in, you quickly fill out a hand full of scantron sheets, so that as soon as you get your registration slip stamped you can make a mad dash to drop it into the drop off slot. The sight and sounds are reminiseients of Wall Street. People frantically crowd in front of the course opening board praying that the courede they need are still available. It's a race against everyone, who can get in a class before they are all filled. The more scantrons sheets you put in, the better your chances . Shannon T. Maurer


As you lie fast asleep all snug in your bed only to be awakened by the loud ringing of the Fire Alarm out in the hall way. You slowly get yourself together, pulling your shoes on and grab your coat. Just before you walk out the door, you quickly glance at the clock. "It's TWO O'clock;" The thought "I am going to find and kill the jerk who pulled it," runs through your head. The sleepless night caused by the people next door, or the pounding and laughing that comes from the floor above. Having ten tons of laundry that is thrown all about on your floor and not having any chance to do it. Believe it or not there are some advantages. You meet many new friends and form a family away from home. Being able to get up for class with only 10 mins. to spare. Not having to spend hours looking for a parking spot every day. The late night runs to the candy machines or to The Bit. Along with the good you 'll always have bad, like the never ending excuse to socialize with friends rather than doing homework. Eating cafeteria food for every meal and learning to share and trying to get along with everyone. Let's not forget the line in the morning to take a shower. Dorm life theres no other experience quite like it.



Exams: There's no escaping them. Mur– phy's Law- 90% of the questions on the test will be on the chapter you didn't read. Midterms, finals, essay, objectives - study, study, study ... If you've finished one, you can bet you have one in another class too! Don 't the professors plan it that way?!?! Surely the best part of exams is the craziness that follows. There's no better time to chill with friends at a local hang out, or call up a long distance friend. Besides, you'd better do it now before more exams arrive. Sari L. Smallen











6 CAPE FEAR R 7 THELASTBOYSCOUTI s:t r.rrrRnnlc'' nN s~ 1 E



Angelica Adonia Brooklyn, NY Business

Donna Adams Williamsville, NY Art Education

Julie Abrams Plainview, NY Public Communication

Deanna J. Ahrens Grand Island, NY Elementary Education & Reading

Cassandra Ann Aikens Geneva, NY Sociology


Karen R. Albrecnt Colden, NY Elementary Education

Giovanna R. Alicea San German, Puerto Rico Biology Spanish

Leeanne Alfano East Williston, NY

Exceptional Education Elementary Education

Lori L. Allen Endicott, NY Graphic Design

Baha R. Alkhuffash West Bank Elect ronic Engineering


Wanda J. Andrews Cheektowaga, NY Geoscience/ Earth Science Ed.

Mohammed Alomeiri Saudi Arabia

Rebecca Andreschat Will iamsville, NY Business

Criminal Justice Political Science

Bernadette Arroyo Brooklyn , NY

Food Systems Management Business Studies

Changho Bae Seoul Korea Industrial Technology


Alexis Bairan Evertsz Bronx, NY Interior Design

Traci Lee Ball Angola, NY

Darcie Anne Bamberg East Aurora, NY Business

Elementary Education and Coach ing

Amy Louise Barker North Chili, NY Criminal Justice

Deadra Barber Brooklyn , NY Social Work


Rachel Lea Baumwald Buffalo, NY Exceptional Education Elementary Education

Caroline B. Bates Buffalo, NY History African American Studies

Eileen Barwicki West Seneca, NY Elementary Education

Brian K. Beal Bronx, NY Biology

Annette S. Beckinghausen Williamsvi lle, NY Elementary Education


Carol A. Beckman Lancaster, NY Social Work Human Development and Family Study

Stacy Reiner Merrick Long Island Broadcasting

Nadine Benes Buffalo, NY Elementary Education Multidisciplinary

Scott Benson

Marcia C. Benjamin Queens, NY Secondary Social Studies Ed.


Gareth S. Blanchard Geneseo, NY Criminal Justice

Suzanne Marie Bocek Niagara Falls, NY Art Education

Lynette D. Blades Brooklyn, NY Elementary Education

Sandy Lee Bodewes Tonawanda, NY Elementary Education

Krista L. Bouton Oneonta, NY

Exceptional Education Elementary Education


Deborah Barnett Bohemia, NY Art Education

Jeanne Marie Barniak Lancaster, NY Criminal Justice

Kimberly A. Barone Niagra Falls, NY Business

Jacqueline Bartolotta Kenmore, NY Exceptional Education

Thomas l. Barr Kenmore, NY

Food Systems Management


Karen Marie Bova West Seneca, NY Elementary Education

Stephanie J. Boyd York, NY Psychology

Joann Branville Williamsville, NY

Derek Bratton Rego Park, NY Journalism African-American Studies

Julianne Braun Buffalo, NY Biology


Jolene Broadweii-Martin Oswego, NY Social Work

Kathleen Brown Ransomville, NY Education

Melissa Ann Braun Cheektowaga, NY Elementary Education

Tim Brown Wheatfield, NY Political Science

Michael B. Brown

North Tonawanda, NY Mechanical Engineering Technology


Jackie Bukolt Cheektowaga, NY

Heidi Burkhardt California

Jill E. Browne New York, NY Psychology

Colleen Marie Busch Lancaster, NY Criminal Justice

Shalve Butcher

Waverly, NY Communication and Political Science


Mary Bylancik Schenectady, NY Design

Christine Angela Cacace Bohemia , NY Humanities

Lisa Marie Cafarella West Seneca , NY Broadcasti ng

Daniel S. Canter Syracuse, NY Graph ic Design

Dwanetta C. Campbell Syracuse, NY Busi ness


Lee Carroll Syracuse, NY History

Christine Marie Cargile Buffalo, NY Social Work

Margaret Carrillo Brooklyn, NY Broadcasting

Shirley Anne Castello Smithey Lancaster, NY Design

Stephen V. Caswell Watertown, NY Exceptional Education


Laura Eileen Claffie Miller Place, NY Elementary Education

Sherri Lee Clark Syracuse, NY Psychology

Thomas Peter Clark Syracuse, NY Journal ism

Jessica Cohen Merrick, NY Business Studies

Mitchell lan Cohen Staten Island, NY Broadcasting and Business


Stephanie Collins Penfield , NY Business

Timothy D. Collins Tonawanda , NY Computer Information Systems

Adrianna Colon Florida Social Work

James J. Connors West Seneca, NY Business

D. M. Conroy Buffalo, NY Fine Arts


Anthony Consiglio Buffalo , NY BTEE

lorraine A. Corcoran Lakeview, NY Broadcasting

Deborah Costa Bellmore, NY Elementary Education

lauren E. Crone Lancaster, NY Social Work

Alicia Desiree Coulote Brooklyn, NY Broadcasting


George Cruz Brooklyn, NY Humanities

Terry L. Dash Derby, NY Social Work

Brian Daddis Deposit, NY Business

Jennifer Davidson Tarrytown, NY Business Studies

Susan Hall Cronert Buffalo, NY Business Education


Jim Day Fayetteville, NY Engineering Tech.

Marico DeAlmeida Porto Algegre, Brazil Humanities

J. Dean Kenmore, NY Exceptional Education

Robert D. Dempsey Buffalo , NY Communications/ Broadcasting

Joseph S. Dembski West Seneca , NY Biology


Scott P. Devereaux Syracuse, NY Industrial Technology

William P. Doherty Angola, NY Graphic Design

David Alan Dolan Rochester, NY Criminal Justice

Robert D. Dempsey Buffalo, NY Communications Broadcasting

John R. Dunkin Holbrook, NY Biology


Owen F. M. Dussault Lockport, NY Pre Law

Jeffrey M. Dywan Amherst, NY Industrial Technology

Jennifer J. Dzwigal Cheektowaga, NY Elementary Education

Jennifer Epstein Oceanside, NY Business

Jeanette Early Buffalo, NY


Michelle Epstein Huntington Station, NY Humanities

Claudine M. Ewing Buffalo, NY Broadcasting

David A. Fabin Rahway, NJ Business

Lauri A. Fabiniak Hamburg, NY Art and Art Education

Michael A. Facey Queens, NY Social Work


Felix Figuereo New York, NY Urban Planning

Carrie Flanagan Warners, NY Elementary Education

lmmacolata Ferri Buffalo, NY Computers Informat ion Systems

Dave Fletcher Kingston, NY Graphic Design

Tonya L. Fleck Rochester, NY Psychology


Wanda Forsey Lockport, NY Elementary Education

Andre L. Foster Buffalo, NY Economics B.S.

Judith D. Foster Queens, NY Business

Cherie P. Freilich Monsey, NY Early Childhood

Debra Fritcher Brooklyn , NY Theatre Arts


John l. Funderburg Buffalo, NY Criminal Justice

Steven A. Gabler Port Jefferson Social Work

Venessa Garcia New York, NY Sociology

Mark Fuhrmann Buffalo, NY Broadcasting

Monique Yvette Gary Buffalo, NY Psychology


Karen Gawrys

Melissa A. Geiger East Amherst, NY Mathematics

Dornamae C. George Bronx, NY Economies Finance

Ellen Gerace Utica , NY Psychology

Edward J. Gigliotti Horseheads, NY Elementary Education


Debra Goldberg Seaford, Ll Interior Design

Amy Beth Gorney Hamburg, NY Exceptional Education

Ethan Gordon Bronx, NY Sociology

Catherine H. Govenettio Derby, NY Elementary Education

Coretta Gothie Brooklyn, NY Biology


Timothy J. Graham West lro ndequiot, NY Art Education

Rachel Graf Spring Valley, NY B.A. Art B.S. Art Ed

lisa Grammatico Spencerport, NY Elementary Ed

Aylsa Green Yorktown, NY Humanities

Elissa S. Greenstein New York, NY General Stud ies Psychology Creative Studies


Griner Jeffrey M. Buffalo, NY Business

Chris Habschied Rochester, NY Math/ ISM

Dawn Hachmann Sayville, NY Exceptiona l Education

Lisa J. Haseley Sanborn, NY Social Studies, Ed.

E. Raye Hanlon Buffalo, NY Vrban Regional Ping


Douglas P. Herrmann Rochester, NY

Shawn M. Hazan Port Washington, NY Psycitology & Creative Studies

Christy Lynn Hayes Orchard Park, NY Business Studies

Art Education

Dorothy A. Henry Brentwood, NY Social Work

Nadesia V. Henry Brooklyn, NY Social Work


Trey Lee Hensler Conesus, NY Psychology

Jennifer L. Hill Colden, NY Criminalistics

Randy George Hillman Alden, NY Business

Susan J. Hockwater Cheektowaga, NY Biology

Larry S. Hirsh Merrick, NY Humanities


Michael P. Iten Stockholm, Sweden Publ ic Communication/English

Kevin Keniton Hylton Brooklyn , NY Sociology

Christine N. Hussar Rochester, NY Criminal Justice

Krista Marie lngro Gasport, NY Secondary English Education

Thomas Amir Iskandar Jakarta, Indonesia Economic Finance


Chadwick Holland Binghamton, NY Business

Richard R. Holman Levittown, NY Criminal Just ice

Paul Holmes

Laurette R. Hulse Lockport, NY Elementary Education

Kristen Houghtllng Kenmore, NY Elementary Education


Eric Jorgensen Bohemia , NY

Jennah Khadijah Hassan Brooklyn, NY History Education

Trent D. Jenkins Ta rrytown, NY Design B.S.

Susan Jenner Buffalo, NY

Charlene E. Jamison Bronx, NY Fashion Merchandising

Lisa Colette Josaphat Central Islip, NY Criminal Justice

Anne Joseph Brooklyn, NY Business Studies

Vonda Johnson Fowlerville, NY Biology B.A.

Kristi Kay Kalenda Buffalo, NY

Donald Jones Smithtown, NY


Jenny Kayes Portville, NY Exceptional Education

Melissa B. Kerber Long Island, NY Public Communications

Naomi D. Keefer Ovid, NY Speech Pathology

Heather Kae Kernan Wellsville, NY Secondary Mathematics Education

Julette Kerr England

Computer Information Systems


Hamid Kakavand Iran Electrical Engineering

Nicole Ehrlich Buffa lo, NY

Jodi Eisenberg East Windsor, NJ Business

Usa Marie Elsheimer Buffalo, NY Journalism

Lisa M. Elardo Jamestown, NY Psychology


lenore Kukoleca Lackawanna, NY Social Work

Sarah lynn Kye Holland, NY Social Work

Larissa N. Kulbida Fairport, NY Elel!lentary Education

Robyn Beth landau Levittown, NY Speech Pathology

Kelly A. lawson Getzville, NY


Heather Knapp Orchard Park, NY Business Studies

Yoko Kobayashi Tokyo, Japan Econom ics

Yoshihiro Kokuno Japan Fine Arts Sculpture

Judith Ann Kuehne Ronkonkoma, Ll Business

Christopher Kostoleck

New Hartford, NY Mechanical Engineering Technology


Lisa D. Kaminski Depew, NY Elementary Education

Todd A. Kalinsky Bayside, NY Liberal Arts

Motoko Kato Tokyo, Japan Design

Elise Enders Buffalo, NY

Andrea H. Kawa Buffalo, NY Elementary Education


Kevin Horst Kessler Fort Lauderdale, FL Broadcasting Communications

Ahmad Zia Khorrami Lockport, NY Biology B.A.

Kristopher King Savannah, NY Art Education and Graphic Design

David F. Klay Niagra Falls, NY Criminal Justice

Amy Kissel North Tonawanda, NY Fashion Technology


Sharyn R. Kovner Highland Mills, NY Secondary Social Studies Edu.

Michelle D. Kowalski E. Rochester, NY B.S. Sociology

Linda A. Krawczyk West Seneca, NY Graphic Design Art Therapy

Cami Krawetz Nanuet, NY Broadcasting

Kelly lynn Kryszak Cheektowaga, NY Elementary Education


Tammy Lazansky Williamsville, NY Social Work

Keri Lynn Lazenby Rochester, NY Math/ Secondary Educa tion

Kenneth Lee Manhattan, NY Electrical Engineering

Lin, Tzu-Chun Ta iwan Economics

Debra Lehr Lansing, NY Business


Jill M. Ludwig Alden, NY Elementary Education

Linda Rae Lingle Buffalo, NY Social Work

Steven Ludwig Schenectady, NY Geoscience & Broadcasting

Roberta M. Lisowski Lackawanna, NY Exceptional Educat ion

Paul Andrew Lo Vullo Kenmore, NY Secondary Earth Science Ed.


Geoges Jean Maatouk Lebanon Bus, Adm

Patricia A. Mack Cheektowaga, NY Business St udies Urban Regional Planning Analysis

Stephanie Magin

Amy M. McGlynn Spri ngville, NY

Mary Clare Malcom Peekskill, NY Art


Elizabeth Malz Manhasset Hills, NY Business

Heather Ann Malek Orchard Park, NY Social Work

Susan Marr Seneca Falls , NY Social Work

Jennifer L. Marshek Batavia, NY English Education

Jennifer louise Marrale Clarence, NY Social Work Deviance


Eric Daniel Matikosh North Tonawanda, NY Broadcasting

Melinda Sue Mattison Richland, NY

Tara Ann McCalister Youngstown, NY Broadcasting/ News

Brett A. McDowell Orchard Park, NY Computer Information Systems

Kathyn M. McCulloch Buffalo, NY Elementary Education


Michele Messina Lake Ronkonkoma, NY Art

Martha Shannon Meegan Buffalo, NY Broadcasting

Fanny Melendez Bronx, NY Criminal Justice

Ernst W. Merchant

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands Political Science

laurie Merletti Niagara Falls , NY Business Studies


Jennifer Lynn Mckurth Castile , NY Psychology Social Work

Gary A. Mclouth Williamsville, NY Mechanical Engineering Tech.

Melissa R. Meal Lockport, NY Elementary Education

Edward J. Martin Buffalo, NY Criminal Justice

Antonia L. Medrano Brooklyn , NY Humanities


Lois R. Miller Buffalo, NY Exceptional Education

Daraus Mirza Bangladesh Business Studies

Alison l. Miller Kenmore, NY Elementary Education English

Nobuyuki Miyamoto Fukuoka, Japan Arts

Dawnmarie Moran Orchard Park , NY Psychology


Luis Mocete New York, NY Broadcasting

Marlene Molesky Urica, NY Exceptional Education

Tracey Monaco Nanuet, NY Humanities

Esther Morales Bronx, NY Criminal Justice

leah Damielle Moore Buffalo, NY Broadcasting


Shawn Mulvaney West Seneca, NY Business Studies Managerial Economics

Sheila M. Muraco Amherst, NY Vocational Technical Education

Kathleen R. Murphy Angola, New York Exceptional Education

Leslie Murphy Kenmore, NY

Galen Patrick Murray Monroe, NY Crimina l Justice

Teresa L. Neary West Seneca , NY Exceptional Education

Michelle Neckonoff Brooklyn, NY Broadcasting

Jody l ynn Neill Buffalo, NY Elementary Education

Mel issa (Pissy) K. Nichols Dansville, NY Exceptional & Elementary Ed.

Melinda Ann Nerber Buffalo, NY Journalism


Laura J. Pajak Cheektowaga , NY Elementary Education Math Extension

Karen Jean Nuccitelli Freeport, NY Exceptional Ed.

Manami Nonaka Tokyo , Japan Art History Fine Art

Ginalouise Palermo Lancaster, NY Art/ Art Ed .

Michelle R. Pavan Niagara Falls, NY Art Education

Timothy J. O'Grady Wellsville, NY Criminal Justice

lisa A. Ober Spencerport, NY Graphic Design

Juilie A. Obermiller Buffalo, NY Speech Language Pathology Audiology

Ernest Orlando Rochester, NY Economics B.S.

Frances Olivero Brooklyn, NY Socia l Work


Vivian M. Ortiz Ponce, Puerto Rico Criminal Justice

Alicia Overton Leicester, NY B.A. Biology

James M. Owen Manlius, NY Design

Junichi Ozaki Osaka, Japan Urban Regional Planning

Osama Nakchbandi Damascus, Syria Politica l Science

Karen A. Pearlman Merrick, Long Island, NY Fashion Technology Communication

Pamela Pearlman Merrick, NY Broadcasting

Dion Pender Basom, NY Graphic Design

Oscar Perez Buffalo, NY Criminal Justice

Michael Steven Percival Grand Island , NY Sociology

Maria V. Piano Rochester, NY Spanish Language Literature

Thalia M. Pierakos Buffalo , NY Mathematics, Sec Ed .

Michele Pieri Williamsville, NY

Risa Traci Plass Port Jefferson, NY Public Communication

Wendy Price Tonawanda, NY Business Studies

Kelli Quinn Fermingville, NY Journalism

Susan M. Ralph Derby, NY Elementary Education

Linda Ransom Fairport, NY Psychology

Melanie Redondo New York Psychology/ French

Brian Raphael


Juliana Regan Nanuet, NY Business Studies

Robert Rejent Buffalo, NY Communications/Broadcasting

Jennifer D. Rempel East Meadow, NY Public Communications

Nicole Reyda Sherman , NY Social Work

Amy M. Reynolds Brainbridge, NY Social Works

Edwin Rodenhaus Buffalo, NY Business Studies

Krisada Rojanasomsit Buffalo, NY

Donna Rotherforth Buffalo, NY

Sherri E. Rowlands Whitesboro , NY Business Studies

Sandra E. Rovelo Honduras, CA Spanish Literature and Language

Maureen Roy Buffalo, NY

Jennifer A. Runfola Buffalo, NY Criminal Justice

Ron Ryan Tonawanda , NY Secondary English Education

Cheryl M. Samuel Brooklyn, New York Broadcast Communications

Anita L. Sanders Buffalo, NY Sociology

Michele Renay Ribic Lackawanna, NY Business Studies

Kiven R. Rieman Buffalo, NY Criminal Just ice

Anthony Rivera Rockaway Park, NY Humanit ies

Karen Ann Robel Williamsville, NY Food Systems Management

Cecilia May Roach Niagara Falls, NY


Creig Shepherd Henrietta, NY Biology

Shoron Sherk Sloan, New York B.F.A. Photography

Pedro A. Scott Brooklyn, NY Humanities

Matt Showom Buffalo, NY

Ethel Tina Silletz New York City, NY Biology

Jeffery P. Smith Getzville, NY Secondary Social Studies Ed .

Jennifer Lee Smith Jamestown, NY Exceptional Education

Christinne M. Smith Lockport, NY English Secondary Education/ Philosophy

Jessica Val Simmons

Maria A. Silluzio Olean, NY Social Work

Karen A. Schifferle Buffalo, NY Elementary Education

Genqunic R. Sawyer Bronx, New York Political Science

Santiago, Stella Bronx, New York Economics

Kathleen Ann Schlesinger Depew, New York Speech Language Pathology and Audiology

Stephanie Schwartz Douglaston, NY Business Studies

Sharon (Sherry) Denise Stroman Syracuse, NY Business Political Science

Martin Walter Sulik Cheektowaga , NY Philosophy

Dawn Elizabeth Suriani Long Beach, NY Social Work

Camille L. Tabone Buffalo, NY English , Seconda ry Education

Dawn N. Suss Chestnut Ridge, NY Public Administration Early Childhood Educ.


Wayne A. Solomon Buffalo, NY Broadcasting

Brian Spurlock Buffalo, NY Theatre Arts

David J. Sojka Corning, NY Broadcasting

Laurie Stack Endicott, NY Business Studies

Michael Stack Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

Cherone L. Starks Brooklyn , NY Fashion Merchandise

Adam Michael Steir Seaford, NY Information Systems Management Business

Vicki Steiner Commack, NY Exceptional Education

Catherine M. Stobie Boston, NY Design


Catherine M. Stephan Lancaster, NY Sociology


lwan Tanudjaja Jakarta, Indonesia Economics Finance

Masami Taniguchi Osaka, Japan Economics

Jeff Tanenhanm New York, NY Theater

Victor A. Taveras Queens, NY Business

Victoria l. Taylor Newfane, NY Art Education

Randi Teich Massapequa, Long Island Elementary Education Early Childhood

Angela D. Theriault Liverpool, NY Exceptional Education Elementary Education

Tamara Lee Thomas Troy, NY Criminal Justice/ Deviance

Scot C. Troost Staten Island, NY Jewelry Design

Luann E. Toni Seneca Falls, NY Fashion Merchandising

Dianne Vantine Holland, NY Design

Lafazanis Vasilis Buffalo, NY

Kevin Trietley Cheektowaga, NY Economics and Finance

Francisco Vaquero Buffalo, NY

Rosing Velez Westbury, NY Humanities

Shigenobu Wakai Tokyo, Japan

Ann Verna Brooklyn Biology

Micelle Verbjar

James Walsh Orchard Park, NY Social Work

Tricia Ann Todd-Walck Lockport, NY Elementary Special Education


Jeannine Weber Syosset, NY Journalism

Robert S. Weiss Brooklyn, NY Criminal Justice Deviance

Bella Werberg Elmont, NY Criminal Justice and Social Work

Sabrina M. Whaley Bronx, NY Fashion Merchandising

Christine White Sussex, England Secondary, English Education

Tanya R. Youngmit h Gordon Heights, NY Business Education

Heather Dolores Young Caoam, NY Business Education

Jay William Frisch Wynn East Islip, NY Exceptional Education

Phillip Zirkuli Wantagh, NY Jewelry Design

Robert T. Zimmerman Canandaigua, NY Jewelry Design


Tracy Lyn Whitfield Fredonia, NY Criminal Justice

Gerald Williams New York, NY Sociology

Sabrina Wittmeyer North Collins, NY

Lori M. Wolbert Clarence Center, NY Business

Michael A. Wolf Merrick, NY Business

Jennifer M. Wood Buffalo, NY English

Sherry Woodley Depew, NY Secondary Social Studies Education

Steven Wooten Niagara Falls, NY

Scott D. Woodworth Lakeview, NY Design

Debra M. Zittel East Aurora, NY Business

Christine L. Zoller Williamsville, NY Design-Textiles

Elizabeth A. Snyder Niagra Falls, NY Elementary Education

Marc C. Zucarelli Ft. Erie Business Economics

leann R. DeMatteg Rome, NY Humanities Phil

Steve Mesi Lackawanna, NY Sociology

Nathaniel Brown Buffalo, NY Sociology

Michael A. Wolf Merrick, NY Business

Good luck with everything you do. We'll Miss You




































N.Y. P.l. R.G.



Theta Sigma Tau

Theta Sigma Tau is a local sorority founded on November 7, 1989. We participate in many community activities. The women of Theta Sigma Tau carry out the meaning of sisterhood with a lot of caring, and sharing amongst each other. "A new beginning to a bright future."


~AT Sigma Delta Tau

Sigma Delta Tau brought us together in our bond of sisterhood. We are a national sorority that works hard for our philanthropy, the National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse. We have alcohol and rape awareness programs, annually volunteer for the Haunted Catacombs, Haven House, and the campus Day Care Center. Each woman in Sigma Delta Tau has her own personal goals, and with those goals and individual strengths we bring together a family that helps each other and the community. This year was the 75th Anniversary of Sigma Delta Tau, and with 90 chapters in the U.S. and one in Canada, we are happy and proud to say, we have thousands of sisters to call ours. That's what Sigma Delta Tau is, forever sisterhood.

Sigma Delta Tau Sorority Gamma Zeta Chapter Founded Nationally, March 25, 1917 Founded at Buffalo State College, April 17, 1988


Alpha Sigma Tau

Dyanne Abolafia Leanne Alfano Karen Albrecht Lori Allen Michelle Anderson Becky August Celia Bacon Laurie Bailey Stephanie Barto Elaine Bonarowski

Donna Brooks Holly Burzynski

Elisa Cinque Laura Claffie Gina Digiore

lauri Fabiniak Lisa Fabiniak Stacey Feldman Wanda Forsey

Jen Franklin Sue Galenda Kim Gray Jen Hancock

Susan Hockwater Maureen Holmes Renee Hunt Kris Kopris Lisa Liparufo Michelle Lisowski Jill ludwig Kefli McEvoy Jen Mittelstaedt Donna Newcomb Gina Palermo Chris Rodgers Stephanie Schwartz Karen Stahl Tempi Sumter

Alpha Sigma Tau is the oldest national sorority on the Buffalo State College Campus. The sisters of Alpha Sigma Tau strive to be active, self-reliant and trustworthy. They are active both on and off campus, having shown this by participating in such events as the Zooper Pumpkin Patch. They also give time to Haven House, helping in the blood drives and collecting soup labels to aid mentally retarded ch ildren, as well as many other events. The women of the anchor work diligently to raise money by selling concessions at every home Buffalo Bills game. The sisters also have their share of fun at their bi-annual banquets. Alpha Sigma Tau is proud of the.fact that "We are Family."

Anne Szwed Sherri Wilson Alexa Cleveland


Porter Hall Resident Assistant Staff

Patrich Coleman Marino Cutarella Dena Cutarella Cherise Gambino Kristi Kalenda Kristopher King Natasha Kleiman Kelley Middaugh Leah Moore Kitwanda Reeves Marlene Romanczak Shannon Teasley Laura Theriault Jeanine Weber Kelleyanne Gorman Missing: Scott Kodger

Bruce Saunders William Kayatin


Alpha Sigma Alpha

Alpha Sigma Alpha is a national Sorority which promotes leader– ship skills in four areas of development. These four areas are social , spiritual, intellectual, and physical growth. We also pride ourselves on the diversity of our members activities and backgrounds and encourage individua lity while working together as a whole.


David Allen Tyrine Dessiso Eric Everett

Jason Hunter Oliver Johnson lan Matthews Rashio Mohamed Jason Wolfe Anthony Williams Trevor Williams Kevin Young Not in Picture: Seth Gabbidow Fudner Joseph Tracy Lanier

Kappa Alpha Psi Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. was founded on January 5, 1911 on the campus of Indiana University at Bloomington. The founders sought a formula that would imme– diately raise the sights of African-American Collegians and stimulate them to accomplish– ments higher than they might have imagined. Fashioning achievement as its purpose, Kappa Alpha Psi began uniting college men of culture, patriotism and honor in a bond of Fraternity as chapters across the country and abroad. Under the theme "Training for Leadership," Kappa Alpha Psi promote a style of intellectual and aesthetic evaluation for than 100,000 college men. Rooted in concern for human development, The Kappa gestalt expects its members to stretch themselves in all directions, while holding fast to a sustaining principle of achievement.


Sigma Phi Epsilon

Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded on November 1, 1901 in Richmond, Virginia. Sig Ep is both the largest national fraternity and the largest at Buffalo State College. The BSC Chapter, NY ETA, was the first to return after the State's Greek ban, chartering April 7, 1979. Sigma Phi Epsilon thrives on its motto, "Pride Through Excellence" in effort to maintain Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love, it's three cardinal principles.


Sigma Tau Gamma

We are the Sig Tau's, Sig Tau's are we, happy go lucky bare ... and free! On campus we could be seen flashing the blue and white from Rockwell Hall to the Bubble. Among our activities are tutoring the learning disabled, fronting peace rallies and sponsoring religious retreats. Off campus we are involved in many tasks including assisting the elderly across busy streets, nursing sick animals to health and holding the biggest bash of the year, the Eclair Squeezing Tournament Combo AI Bundy Bowling Competition. On a serious note, Sig Tau is a melting pot of characters that ranges from artist to athletes to business– men etc. you name it we've got it. Our year is highlighted by house parties, intramurals and charitable events, with our success being mainly within each other. A once small band of twelve, this Fraternity has risen to almost four times that size and is still growing. We have become one of the largest Fraternities on campus while still retaining our popularity.


Omicron Omega Nu

Omicron Omega Nu Sorority is Buffalo State College's first local sorority founded in March of 1988. The spirit of 0-Nu is built upon the importance of individuality, strengthened through trust, and upheld through enthusiasm. Although young and independent, our history is seen through our success and contribution in both college and community events.


USG Dental Clinic


Casting Hall

Casting Hall was founded in 1943 by Professor Myna Goosen with the intent of creating a student run theater organization on the BSC campus. To this day Casting Hall actively pursues this ideal. Under the advisement of the theater faculty, students operate the entire spec– trum of the theater business as in the professional arena. This provides an environment of creative independence, responsibility and educa– tional incomparable.


Tau Kappa Epsilon


United Students' Government


The Latin Club

The Freshman Peer Mentor Program

The Freshman Peer Mentor Program, offered through the office of New Student Programs and Orientation, employs successful upperclassmen to assist freshmen in acclimating themselves to college life. Student mentors facilitate freshmen academic success by providing: tutorial sessions, pre-advisor scheduling assistance, study skills intruction, and time management workshops. Mentors are also there to listen to students concerns.


Phi Beta Lambda



The Jewish Student Union

This year the Jewish Student Union separated from Hillel to form their own organization. The three main purposes of this group are: to stop antisemitism, to stop propaganda in Middle East reporting, and to support the state of Israel. This year they held the Holocaust Memorial Program and The Israel FP.c:t


Whispering Pines Camp Board

lia Navone, Blake Walker, Paul O'Neil, Carrie Fisher, Adam Zicardi, Alex Gomez, Rich Forman, Nadine Lew



Mitchell I. Cohen, Jonathan Allen, Rachel Graf (Pres.), Jeff Zeplowitz, Melinda Greenhouse (V.P.), Lisa Wagner (Social Chair), Larry Schotz (Advisor), Blayne Jacknow (Cultural Chair), Paula Krochmal, Mindy Schertzer

Hillel is a source for religious, social, education and cultural activities for Jewish students and faculty at Buffalo State College. As a part of interna– tionally known B'nai Brith, this organization is open to all other members of the college campus to learn about the Jewish community. The main purpose of Hillel is to meet new people of different backgrounds so that its members may grow from the knowledge of other people in the community. Throughout the year, Hillel sponsors many different types of activities. All are welcome to join them.


Community Connections









F.C. Richardson, Ph.D. President


James M. Caputi

Hal D. Payne

Vice President for Finance and Management

Vice President for Student Affairs

Dr. Neil H. Rudin Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs


Coordinator, Facilities Planning ..••..•.•.....James J. Yager Asst. Coordinator, Facilities Planning •.•.•..Steven A. Shaffer Space Management Officer ............•...Thomas J. Peffer Coordinator, Environ. Health and Safety ......David N. Miller Radiation Safety Officer•..... ... . . • . •. ....Harold L. Spector Associate VIce President, Human Resource Management .•. . ..... ... . •..... ••.• .•...Dorcas L. Colvin Manager, Benefits, Staff Development & Training•.....•.•....• ........ .. ..•.. . . •Susan J. Earshen Manager, Employment & Classification Systems Michael Daley Employee Relations Specialist .••......••Emmanuel J. Hillery Director, Admissions .••..•................Deborah K. Renzi Associate Director..... •... ........•.• • .. . •. .Paul T. Collyer Asst. Director ...........•....••...•...........Paul T. Bink Asst. Director... . ...•..... .... .• • .•••.... . ...•.Fajri Ansari Senior Admissions Advisers .•.•.........Lawrence E. Bynum, Charles E. Dimidio, Gwendolyn Wooten Admissions Asst.............................Deborah Jones Director, Budget and Information Ser. . ••. .• .Stan F. Medinac Asst. Director, Budget •• ..... . ....•... . • .Rebecca J. Schenk PDS Coordinator .. • ... ••. . . .......... ....Barbara A. Meyer Research Systems Analyst .•. ...•...... •• •Judith B. Basinski Director, Computing Services .•... ..Raymond A. Chamberlain Associate Director, (Systems)... . ........Ronald N. Brown Jr. Coordinator, lnstruc. & Research Support .. •Mary Ann Meyer Coordinator, Systems & Data Comm. • ..•. • ...Joel P. Swisher Coordinator, Administrative Information Systems . .... ...•. ... • . •••...• ........ •.Albert B. Santini Asst. Director (Operations) ...........••.David L. Cummings Coordinator, Operations ..•.......•..•••...•....Ann Dennis Coordinator, Remote Operations.. • . ....Jennifer D. McMahon Coordinator, Operational Services .... ••••.Marcy A. Zulawski Director, Public Safety ..•..........•...•••Vern B. Anderson Associate Director .......•.••.......•••..•...Louis A. Ward Asst. Director .• . ...•.. •...•. • .•........• •James E. Stenger Asst. to Director ..• ••..• . .. .. .. • •....... ••.•Melanie Miller Faculty-Student Association-Executive Dlr.•. •.Gary E. Vickers Director, Dining & Vending Services..••..•....Peter F. Liberti Director, College Store ..•...•...........•.Louis J. Kaminski Director, Human Resources ••.......•••.••.•.Karen L. Miller Controller ... . ...................... .. ...Susan M. Hoadley Vice President, Institutional Advance.••..Richard B. Dressner Director, Alumni Affairs......•. • ......•..Joseph V. Flanagan Acting Director, Annual Giving...•••. ••• ..•..Mary E. Greene Director, Burchfield Art Center ......••••.Anthony L. Bannon Charles Cary Rumsey Curator ...•. •.•..••.•Nancy S. Weekly Director of Development •.• .......•...Catherine A. Carfagna Education Curator ..•.. ... .. .. •. .• . ......Gerald C. Mead Jr. Coordinator, Development Events ..•....Patricia A. Chambers Financial Manager....•.......••.......•.•.•.James A. Thor Director, Information Systems & Prospect Management .•.............••.......Michael J. Anderson Director, Major Gifts and Planned Giving...•. •Glenn R. Nellis Director, Performing Arts Center ....•Stephen A. Scott-Martin Box Office Systems Manager .......• . ....•.Linda Z. Braxton Production Manager ......•.......•.••..••.David W. Kasten Vice President, Student Affairs ... . ..... ..• • •.•Hal D. Payne Associate Vice President & Dean of Stu•..•Phillip Santa Maria Director, Student Life . ............. ... ........Kate A. Ward Coordinator, Commuter Services • ....... ••.John S. Frederick

College Administration President•.............••• . ...••......•...•........... F. C. Richardson Secretarial Asst. to the President •.........••...•........•Anna Tiberia Executive Asst. to the President ...•........•...•...Modesto A. Argenio Special Asst. to the President for Equity and Campus Diversity ...•.. •.. .. • ....... .....•...••.. .Jeffrey J. Wallace Director, Public Affairs ...... .. ......... ..... .... ........Joyce E. Fink Associate Director ...•.. • •. .. ..•.•..... •. ........ .....•Irene J. Ligouri Assistant Director.....•........•.....•...•..•......•James G. Koelmel Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs......•.•..•..•........ Associate Vice President and Dean, Undergraduate Studies.•..•....•..• Asst. Dean and Director, Lifelong Learning....•..................•..•. Director, Academic Advisement ..•.. ... ...........•.•....•.Leon Smith Director, Academic Skills Center ...........•..•.......Russell Macaluso Director, Academic Standards and Certification •...•...Fred E. Chapman Director, Educational Opportunity Program . . . ..........Michael Stevens Associate Director.. .. ..••. •. ........... . .. •...Cynthia Green-Eggleston Asst. Director, Statistical Services ••.......................Lily M. Sink Asst. Director, Student Services .• .. . .. .•.. .. . ... ... . ...Ottilie Woodruff Coordinator, EOP Admissions .•..••.......... . ..... . ...•...Fajri Ansari Coordinator, EOP Computer Lab ..••....•••..........Abdallah Hajikandi Coordinator, EOP Academic Services ••. ..... •........ . •.Anthony Chase Asst. Director, Counseling . ... ...• •... ..•. ...•....... .. .Audrey Garrett EOP Counselors: •••.....Roslyn Berkovitz, Alicia Granto, Emma McFayden, Michael Pirowskin, Evelyn Rosario, Jean A-Tassy Acting Director, International Programs•..........•...•..Lee Ann Grace Director, New Student Programs & Orientation ....•......Susan 0 . Zirin Director, Special Programs .. .•. • .•••..... ..• ......•Wendel B. Wickland Associate Vice President & Dean, Graduate Studies and Research ...•..•.......•.•.•...............•......Gerald F. Accurso Associate VIce President, Planning & Academic Support Services •. .........• .• . . ... . ..... ........Dewayne A. Beery Dean, Faculty of Applied Science & Education. ... . .. .• ....Barbara Sirvis Associate Dean ..•. ..... ..........•. ... . •... . •. .. .... ....Ann L. Egan Acting Asst. Dean .... .. .... .. ........ .. . ... .. ......... .Richard J. Lee Dean, Faculty of Arts & Humanities ...... •.• •... •.Patricia W. Cummings Associate Dean ... .. .• •.•..............•••..•....•.....Lee Ann Grace Dean, Faculty of Natural & Social Sciences.••.•..••...Marilyn B. Hoskin Associate Dean ....•.••.••.....•..••..............•..I Joyce Swartney VIce President for Finance and Management •.•...•....James M. Caputi Associate VIce President and Comptroller.. . ........•.• ..Gary J. Phillips Director, Payroll ......•...•........ .. •.••...........Mary Ann DeKarz Director, Purchasing •...•..•..•.•••...•..........•.•Patricia A. Gordon Director, Business Affairs...... ...• .. . .......... .•. ....John H. Whelan College Accountant.... .......... ..... ........ ..... ... .Christine Miller Director, Student Accounts .. . ..• ••...•... ... ......Richard T. Augustine Asst. for University Financial Analysis ..•. .• •. .. . .....Michael Broderick Coordinator, Central Control Services• .•...... .. •.. . •..Terry M. Harding Director, Financial Aid .•• •........ . • .. •....... .. ...Daniel R. Hunter Jr. Senior Financial Aid Advisers ........Janet H. Ganley, Warren J. Hoffman, Robert A. Macey, Michael E. Woodruff Financial Aid Adviser................................Craig A. Gallagher Financial Aid Assistant. . ...... ... ..... .. . ............. .Linda A. Smith Registrar ................ . ........... ............. . . ..Mark T. Bausili Associate Registrar •.....••.•....•••.•...... . . ..• ... ..Carole S. Harris Associate Registrar. . .... .......... . ....... ........ ....Judith A. Miller Associate VIce President, Facilities .. ... . .......... •. . •...John J. Byrne Director, Physical Plant..................................Gary H. Kent Asst. to Director, Physical Plant.• • ••••. .. .••............Joseph W. Ball


Coordinator, Student Union ...... .•. .. .•.Donald W. Blundell Coordinator, College Judicial System .... .. ..Marsha Jackson Coordinator, Minority Student Services . ...........Gail Wells Coordinator, Native American Student Services Gloria Gordon Director, Counseling ... . .........• . . •....Lebanon Arrington Asst. Director . . . ... •.. .•.•• ... .. .. . .... •... . .Joan McCool Counseling Staff .......... .. . .Myra Gordon, James Donnelly, Barbara Keen, Heidi Von Harscher Psychiatric Consultant ............• . .....•... .Anthony Foti Director, Residence Life .......•...... . ....Edward Hattauer Asst. Directors....Ronald M. George, Cynthia A. Gilso n-Siegel, Curtis Brickhouse Director, Student Health Center.......••.Winifred G. Mernan Asst. to Director ....... . .............. . . ...•Angeline Price Asst. to Director, Administration .............Joseph A. Luzio Physicians, part time .. . ... .. .Lester B. Sielski, Susan Eluard, Joseph T. Gentile Nurses .....Helen Brooks, Barbara A. Chapman, Alice Sullivan, Irene Kolber, Josephine Terranova Director, Career Development Center.............•..........Stephanie Zuckerman-Aviles Asst. Director . .. . .. .. .. . . .. .... ...... . .. ..Diane Westbrook Counselors .. •. .• . .. •.... .... ..Robert Orrange, Carlos Tejada Director, International Student Affairs .Jean-Francais Gounard Director, Intercollegiate Athletics ...... . .......Fred Hartrick Associate Director .............• • ...........Gail F. Maloney Asst. to Director . . ..•.•.........•.. .• .. .••..Richard J. Bihr Asst. to Director ....... ..• .. . . ..• ... ......• . .. .Jerry Boyes Business Manager ..•...... ............... . ...Camille Spira Coaches/Staff .. .• ..•. ••.. . • ..Manny Koginos, James Ramos, Anthony C. Sartori, Sid Goodrich, Sandra Hollander, Paul Wheeler, Jim Mesler, Clare Schulz, Ed Harris, Pam Vogel, Holly Workman, Keith Bullion


Faculty of Applied Science and Education

Anthropology Department

Jill Nash, Chairperson Simeon W. Chilungu William E. Engelbrecht Lydia M. Fish Dennis L. Gaffin Marie S. Geise Donald D. Mitchell George V. Tomashevich

Biology Department Eric A. Randall, Chairperson

Stuart W. Calhoun Linda Chalker-Scott Douglas P. Easton James D. Haynes Hadar lsseroff Javier Penalosa Gary W. Pettibone Frederick W. Price Howard P. Riessen Randal J. Snyder Edward Standora Robert C. Stein Thomas E. White

Barbara Sirvis, Dean

Ann L. Egan, Associate Dean Richard J. Lee, Acting Assistant Dean


Earth Sciences and Science Education Department

Chemistry Department

Sidney Cohen Thomas A. Donovan Gregory W. Ebert Fred H. Greenberg lvor llmet Daniel T. Meloon, Jr. Maria D. Pacheco Surjit Singh Steven A. Steiner

Robert E. Horvat, Chairperson

Richard J. Batt Donald L. Birdd Robert J. Davitt Richard J. Foster Thomas G. Kinsey Francis S. Lestingi John E. Mack, Jr. John G. Murtaugh Carl K. Seyfert Jill K. Singer Darrell D. Young


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