BSC softball · moves on to NCAA playoffs Old nemesis Rowan isJoll to pass on road to Lady Bengals'playoff success . .

Thereii •sec:oadround Satwday.Basically, theplan for theLady8enplais to avoidlolmCtwopmeadur­ ingthewholeweekend. • TheIAQBeaaatsaraed an N� berth delpite m:oppuC two,._ IDarcb­ amaem Jlrocltpart m Ibo SUNYAC --- t.t weeltead.Bnidlpart- OD towintJie lam-_.. :'Viedon'tbow• whole lot about any at thoteams, but they(theteam) arepret­ tyezci1edabout going toRo­ wm," Hollander uid. "What I am� about allthree;; theyImthe ball very well, but they don't have� pitch- ers." The IMiy Bqala (24-10) will_proliabJy� sophomorepitdlerDeanna ffmltinthefint..-.She aeedatokeepdiefathalla awayfromthebitbetaat RowlUl-catcherKaraGilli-

gan, who ha a .530 battina avenge, andsbortltOp Joy Potter, who leada the team with 52 RBILTwelve play· en ODJlowml'Srosterhave battia&avengesover .300. "We certainly have our wodlcut out for ua," Hol­ laadcruid. Chelylbbnndt, Karen Lewla and Huot will be ex· peclal toprovidethe Lldy Bea,alawith olfeaan,,pow· er. TheLldyBeaaatsplaaDO ceptwith • day offtheyhope thetemasme a littlebanged up. TheNCAA plQclfswill CODClndewith the6eldof -weeltead.Tboee six willbatlleit outfordieDlvi· aioam title in VU1iaia-

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Qace-,.;ather08dtoa sportschampiomhip for a BuffaloState Cone,,,, - SW1S inRowan, NJ.The!!led IAl!7� IIClftNJI · team will take OD top.leeded Rowan Cone,,,, in thefirst ,-me o(theMid­ Atlmtie Region al the NCAADiviaioampuyolfa Fridoy inRo,na. "5uclcleoJythey (Rowan) baribecome apowerbome thelattwoyeaninfoocmJJ, men'sbakethal1 and d· ball," Lldy Beaaat 'coach SandyHollaadcruid. William p-"will playMontclairin the other fin1round matchup in the Mid-Atlantic doubleelimi­ aatioa bllU1UIDICllt. The whmcn and the � at thelint two,._ willmeet _.otherlalerFrideyafteT• IIOClll.

Howler Mlllbn••• "811 M recort, t11111 1Mb ...... to -�111 wins ii 1111

er Moaltey-record-andFredTuril- lo added one intbeoaslauCbt. ' __ A�doalilohcadcr� the eeaaoa with 1WO ba to BCC. The. fourdefeatsdaa-allcame indoableheaden, with tbe Moabya bowingto oal;ytwo- "Idon'ttbialtwesbouldplaydoublo­ �next year,"Mliliasaid,addingin Beavis and Buttbeadfalrioa, " sucb,tt The HowlerMoa1teyawillhave a fall equad;tryOatinCormatioawillbeaniJa. blewhen thefall_.begins. Millis .a &a,JOlleimerealedshould practicetheir tbnJwing,swiJICiag and bowlerIIIOlllreyyelps.

Byl).aridhJaaho &n,aJNewaSe,yice n,,; Bufrakr State Howler Moalteys. themen ..clubbaeeball-.6liiabeclIla -with•6,4recordlatweekfol. lowmC•ltrOaCvictory o ver� CommunityCollegeand anuaneatf'ul clouble'-der against ErieCoauaunity CoDcte. TheHowlerMonlteyaspankedGeaea- - )8-8,Jarteiy OD themerits ataouth­ pnrpildler Jq 'Vlricb. which catcher ChrisMillis�-• wodl of art. "fie couldn'thavepmatedit any bet· ter,..aalMillil al Ulrich'•performaaco. MNnwlllle,Scoctt.ucltextendedbis 1-runatnuIOfoarIJllma- , a Howl·

BIIOnpitcherTimWakefteld,etaIdafirst� of the-ha8mlm;proapover1-inille. �Muncy Farewell Address Thisputsemesterhabeen a v eryttJinClime here at The Record,forthespor1SaeccioD inperticulu. However, diebest in anotherwisedilBc:uJt ' perio4. As editor, Itriedtoprovidetbebestpcmible� ot thia c:oUece'a atbleticawithtbeextremeb'limiledraoarca•Ill,}' dilpola). I wouldlike totbanlt Beaaat Newsfor theircoatinuouacao­ tribulionl anddeclicalion. I would like totbanltJCeidlBuillonand hlasaffatSpartaIJt. formation forprovidiJICme withmouadlat-lbeecs and gameffllUhathat I,-D.ys-1oa tothe__... I would allo like to eend out a tbanJr. you to all the club& sportsfor theirapecia1coatributiom. Fiml\y, I wouldlike to thank thesaffatTheRec:ordformalt· ing a PoliticalSc:ieaceaajor� andmuiDCtheyear - joyable.ThanbtoKuen,bcbel,Marpm.Slepb,Bob.� Jamie, Jaw Bone and the . photo ei,eb in the bit • cave. BELFS.5 PR()l)(CJ1VE . ATTI-IE CFFICE � �- �&... .....,..boa,. plaoe.."' ahad.�iu-•plaoe"'-....i _._ ... lilbohnl.Soi...--, ..,... -...-11choallioo.T.ano1I.,_1pa....p i-.0-.'""'olamic.....!ol.......,..,..AIIII lll1#V',.'lY,;,J .,aacb,,,calDlh._baob,..oia-Daiaa lw.-,.;.,wilJ,dp--"'-

Please Note••• This is the last issue of 1he · ReeoNI for t'ee ... 1994 Sllltlter• . However,our ••er issle •ippeir J,. 1. Aiff. t.,,- ""�like . ...... the •••, .,., . ,,..•• -- llisli111 " . �,- Ma, 27. 01r isCl.r,•

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