DEAR FRIENDS OF MADD, This year MADD celebrated 40 years of saving lives and serving victims. Although 2020 was unlike any other year, MADD persevered with success and triumphs with dedication from our extraordinary volunteers, staff, partners, and donors. As we look back on the past four decades, it is remarkable to see how much MADD has accomplished. As we fight mightily to end drunk and drugged driving, MADD is poised to elevate our path of success through connections, community outreach and leading the charge for cutting-edge drunk driving prevention. HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE: • A swift and innovative pivot to virtual candlelight vigils, support groups, victim services, Law Enforcement Recognition events and Walk like MADD® events due to the COVID-19 pandemic. • MADD’s deep dive into behaviors and perceptions of marijuana-impaired driving through a nationwide survey conducted by IPSOS, a global leader in market research, in partnership with State Farm and General Motors. • The publication of the 40th Anniversary Issue and reboot of the MADDvocate® magazine. • The U.S. House of Representatives’ passage of landmark legislation, Honoring Abbas Family Legacy to Terminate (HALT) Drunk Driving Act, to require drunk driving prevention technology in all new vehicles. While MADD’s 40th anniversary year marked a historic opportunity to recognize our incredible volunteers and lifesaving progress; we have much more work to do. We will never stop until we reach a day when there are zero deaths and zero injuries caused by drunk and drugged driving.

HEATHER GERONEMUS Chair of the Board

2 Annual Report

THE MISSION The mission of Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® (MADD) is to end drunk driving, help fight drugged driving, support the victims of these violent crimes, and prevent underage drinking.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® 3

4 Annual Report


Alex Otte was selected as the 2021-2022 MADD National President. Alex has been fighting for stronger laws since she joined the MADD family when she was only 13 years old after she was severely injured by an intoxicated boat operator. Otte became involved with MADD as a volunteer, attending annual Walk Like MADD events and connecting with students in high schools in her home state of Kentucky. She worked with MADD Kentucky staff and other dedicated volunteers to pass state legislation requiring the use of ignition interlocks for drunk driving offenders — first in 2015 and again in 2019, making Kentucky the 34th state with an all-offender ignition interlock law. Alex spoke out again on behalf of Marsy’s Law, a crime victims’ rights bill, in Kentucky in

2018 and 2020, when it was ultimately added as an amendment to the state constitution. Alex served as a National Teen Leader for MADD in 2014 and was awarded MADD’s National Youth Activist of the Year award in 2015 for her tireless efforts to pass ignition interlock legislation in her state. Now as MADD’s national spokesperson, Alex urges teens and young adults to abstain from alcohol until 21 and encourages parents and other role models to have this conversation with those in their sphere of influence. “I look forward to continuing MADD’s 40- year legacy of putting a name and a face to the thousands of victims of drunk and drugged driving,” Otte said. “The stories we share have the power to save lives.”

I look forward to continuing MADD’s 40-year legacy of putting a name and a face to the thousands of victims of drunk and drugged driving

Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® 5


Covid-19 Pandemic

COVID-19, a contagious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome, led to a worldwide pandemic. Streets emptied, events were canceled, schools closed and commuters stayed home. On March 17, 2020, MADD transitioned to a 100 percent fully remote-work model across all offices.

Walk Like MADD®

Walk like MADD® events in 2020 became virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People from across the country walked in their neighborhoods and communities in support of MADD and in memory of their loved ones.

Tie One On For Safety®

In November, MADD South Carolina celebrated Tie One On for Safety® program by hosting a virtual mocktail night with host Preach Jacobs, Chef Kristian Niemi and music from singer/ songwriter Anthony Sightler. Tie One On For Safety® is MADD’s longest running Designated Driver Campaign. Every holiday season, from November 1 through December 31, MADD asks you to display a MADD ribbon in a visible location to remind everyone to always designate a non- drinking driver.

6 Annual Report


MADD’s National Day of Remembrance – Online Vigil In December, MADD hosted the 40th Anniversary National Day of Remembrance virtual vigil in honor of 40 years of saving lives and serving victims of drunk and drugged driving. 4/20- National “Weed” Day MADD held a Facebook live event featuring featuring Fan Lanzer, Regional Executive Director, MADD Colorado, and Ed and Denise Hill. The Hills discussed 4/20 and shared their story of the dangers of driving impaired by marijuana in honor of their daughter, Amanda Hill. Madd.org Law Enforcement Support page and Newsletter Launched In January, MADD launched the dedicated Law Enforcement Support webpage and newsletter featuring a mission moment, guest author, officer of the month and ongoing resources for law enforcement support.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® 7

8 Annual Report

PROGRAM UPDATES Court Monitoring Report

40th Anniversary Issue and MADDvocate ® reboot The Court Monitoring Program is part of MADD’s Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving, launched in 2006, which serves as our blueprint for reaching zero deaths and zero injuries caused by drunk driving. Every year, Mothers Against Drunk Driving releases a National Court Monitoring Report, along with reports from each state activating around the program. Each report is posted on madd.org/courts. The 2020 report shows 59% of drunk drivers are convicted of their charges. This nationwide average reflects observations and data collected by MADD court monitors in 15 states from January 1, 2019, to December 31, 2019. The conviction rate is lower than in 2018, when MADD’s court monitors noted an average 61% conviction rate. MADD also added three states — Arkansas, Colorado, and Maryland — to the Court Monitoring Program in 2019 to expand our reach into more courtrooms across the country. MADD anticipates that the COVID-19 Pandemic will influence the overall case outcomes related to mass closures of courts and halts to court proceedings. MADD plans to remain diligent during this time and continue to monitor the effect of the pandemic on case disposition rates. CLICK HERE to view the 2020 Court Monitoring Reports MADD published its 40th Anniversary issue of the MADDvocate magazine in December 2020. The MADDvocate, now an interactive online magazine, is filled with heartfelt articles that focus on tragedy and triumph, compassion, healing, and advocacy in action. In the 40th Anniversary issue, we featured our 40-year Fight for No More Victims and shared the most recent legislative initiative to equip all vehicles with advanced drunk driving prevention technology.






2019: 1 MILLION YOUTH REACHED MADD reaches over 1 million youth through the Power of You(th) program.

In memoriam of Nina Walker , elected as National President for the term of 2018-2020, but unable to serve. Nina, whose daughter, Ginger, was killed by drunk driving worked as a tireless advocate, a voice for the voiceless and a passionate volunteer.

DECEMBER 2020 15

14 MADDVOCATE ® 2020

Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® 9

Our beautiful daughter, Amanda, was 24 years old, and had so much life yet to live. Her dream job was to work at the zoo… and she was well on her way. She earned an internship at the Denver Zoo as a vet tech, but now instead of her working there we have a memorial bench in her name placed there. She lost her life in a head-on car crash due to the reckless, selfish, conscious decision of an individual who chose to drive drug impaired, high on marijuana. Her loss to our family is beyond heartbreaking and is a complete devastation. She was the life of our family and the love our life. I loved that she was an outgoing, sparkling young lady, that she was loved by so many people. One of my favorite parts of Amanda was her love for animals, particularly exotic ones. She always snuck animals in the house; her animals included a hedgehog, cats, bunny, chinchilla, sugar gliders and parrots. I remember when she worked at PetSmart, my son approached me with, “Mom, you know she’s got hamsters in the bedroom under her pillows,” and I checked. Sure enough, there was a cage with some hamsters. At the time I wasn’t happy, but she was able to keep them. Now I am so thankful AMANDA’S LIFE By Denise Hill

We miss her dearly and think of her with love every day.

for all the animals she was able to enjoy. Amanda and I were very close, and even tighter due to her struggling with anxiety and ADD. Losing her made me realize I lost my best friend— my precious daughter whom I spoke with daily. I can’t explain the loss, or the hole that remains from the depths of pain knowing she’s no longer with us. She was a loving daughter, good friend, and a joy to be around. Our family has been tremendously impacted by the loss of our daughter. Our family was very close and loved traveling together across the US. My son has also lost his mom and dad as he knew us. I don’t think anybody can understand the pain of losing a child unless you’ve been through it. I doubt the pain will go away. It is always with us, and I think we learn to live with it no matter how much time passes. We spend a lot of time honoring Amanda and by doing things in her memory. The criminal court process was a painful experience that went on for almost a year. We were determined to go to every court hearing, although many were continued. However, we were appreciative of our DA, and the work he did in Amanda’s memory. I was thankful for the support we received from MADD, plus assistance from a court victim advocate. Too many times I have heard of other offenders of drunk and drugged crashes not receiving sentencing for their crimes; therefore, I am thankful we received a prison sentence, even though it was not enough for the loss of our beautiful daughter. The driver was sentenced to eight years with two years suspended. In Colorado, there’s an automatic 50% off for good behavior; therefore, the driver would serve three years instead of the full sentence. Since the driver spent a year in jail

prior to sentencing, they gave him credit for time served, which reduced his sentencing to two years in prison. He was up for parole last March but was denied. I think part of the denial had to do with the statement we made to the parole board. One and a half years in prison wasn’t long enough before he was due for parole. Thankfully, my husband and I supported each other through this and had wonderful family and good friends who were there during this heart-wrenching process. We are thankful for our MADD victim advocate, for helping us through this criminal process. One of the first things she did for us was help obtain a sign in Amanda’s memory at the crash site. She took the time to meet and support us through the entire criminal process. She went to hearings and remained in touch with us. We also appreciate the opportunities MADD provided to honor and remember Amanda, such as participating in Walk Like MADD and sharing Amanda’s story in the MADD Cannabis Report. Drunk or drugged driving is purely a reckless decision that is conscious and not an accident; it is a reckless choice made by an individual. The driver was high from marijuana. Colorado is a marijuana state, yet the driver was 19. There is no reason to drive impaired with access to Uber, Lyft and rideshares, especially when the results of those decisions can be devastating, and—or deadly. It is our mission now to honor Amanda and do things in her name and memory and help solve this huge issue around substance impaired driving. I try to share Amanda’s story with parents or guardians who have young drivers, hoping her experience makes a difference in others, makes people stop and think, even if it’s one person.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® 11

On a Friday afternoon, while thinking about what we were going to have for dinner that night, I was hit by a drunk driver. I never saw it coming. In fact, I don’t remember the impact of the crash at all, just waking up in extreme pain with a selfless witness holding my hand through one of the openings of the vehicle, telling me I had been hit by a drunk driver. The driver had been so drunk, he hadn’t even known where he was, and was 60 miles headed in the wrong direction, twice the legal limit. That day he had made the awful decision to try to make it home. I had been on my way to pick up my daughter and I could hear the phone ringing over and over again, she was frantic to reach me, but I couldn’t move to let her know I wasn’t going to be there. The EMTs on the scene said things like…I’m not sure there is going to be enough time to drive her to the hospital…they were worried I wasn’t going to make it. I found out later that they couldn’t send a helicopter to the scene due to rain and were worried about my life. They cut me out of that vehicle, and I suffered severe and devasting injuries to my legs (they were crushed). My neck, my back, my hand, some of my ribs, and my clavicle were all broken, my BY LISA BLACK

12 Annual Report

lungs had been punctured, it felt like my body was on fire. The crash was in 2014. For a year, I had to very slowly and painfully learn to sit up again, bend my legs, learn to move and walk again. It was devastating to go through the separation from my family (my two children and husband), the painful surgeries, the grief process of not being able to do many of the things that I had loved, like running, or even being able to move my legs and take care of myself. I can remember being in a dark space emotionally, where I didn’t want to be around someone who had healed, because I wasn’t ready. Over time I pushed my body to move again, with the many surgeries (nine on my legs alone so far, although they anticipate more), and rehabilitation, and time I got to a place where I wanted to make a difference, I wanted to run again. Now I’m the one who can say, there is hope. Things change. We can heal and we can make positive change. I had made a goal to join a 5k and found the Walk Like MADD program online, I showed up that day with my family and connected with others wearing red shirts like myself who had also experienced

injury or whose loved ones had been killed. As I participated in that event I took the time to read each person’s story, their names, the date of the crash and deaths. I know that it wasn’t my fault this happened, but that day I (and sometimes still do) experienced survivor guilt because I was alive and they weren’t. I stand in their place, to be the voice for all of those who can’t speak because they were killed by drunk drivers. I had no idea what MADDwould come tomean to me. It’s my place to find support and connection. It is my place to have a voice. To join with others who have been devastated by these crimes with a purpose to prevent this from happening over and over. It’s my therapy. I never knew there were so many of us. I continue to walk with MADD, to bring awareness and change. As all of us walk together, we are walking to make a difference, to let the world know the impact these crimes have on people’s lives. I want to implore them to make safe choices, to plan ahead and never take even one minute for granted, because each moment in our lives is precious.

I want to implore them to make safe choices, to plan ahead and never take even one minute for granted, because each moment in our lives is precious.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® 13

Ride Act/Halt Act


On July 1, 2020, the U.S. House of Representatives enacted a massive transportation bill that included the landmark Honoring Abbas Family Legacy to Terminate (HALT) Drunk Driving Act. The HALT Act was introduced by Michigan Congresswoman Debbie Dingell after a devastating drunk driving crash killed a family of five from her home state – Issam and Rima Abbas and their children Ali, Isabella, and Giselle. Similar bipartisan legislation called the Reduce Impaired Driving for Everyone (RIDE) Act was introduced in the Senate by Senators Rick Scott (Florida) and Tom Udall (New Mexico). Deliberation on both bills continues in 2021.

Survey Conducted February 2020 Released September 2020 Mothers Against Drunk Driving ®

Cannabis Report

In February 2020, MADD commissioned IPSOS, a global leader inmarket research, to conduct a nationwide study of perceptions and behaviors toward marijuana and road risk among adults 18 and older. According to the survey, one in eight U.S. adults admits to having driven under the influence of marijuana. And as more states legalize marijuana use, it’s no surprise that 76% of the American public believe that incidents of driving after consuming marijuana will increase. These findingswill guide us toward solutions that will honor those we could not save and prevent future deaths and injuries caused by drug-impaired driving.

CLICK HERE to view the 2020 Cannabis Report

Reasons To Ride - MADD x Uber

MADD and UBER were honored with a Telly Award for the “Reasons to Ride” Public Service Campaign. The Reasons to Ride campaign highlighted all the reasons people should choose to ride rather than giving an excuse to get behind the wheel after drinking. The :60 PSA showed appreciation to all the men and women who drive a bus, train, or drive on the Uber app every day giving people an alternative to drinking and driving.

Prop 22

MADD spoke out in favor of preserving access to rideshare services across California, to help keep drunk and drugged drivers off our roads. California voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition 22.


WAYMO – Tie One On For Safety® MADD teamed up with Waymo to launch the 2020 Tie One On for Safety® Designated Driver Campaign. The community showed their commitment to keeping themselves and others safe by displaying a MADD Tie One On for Safety® red ribbon or magnetic decal on their vehicles. Launched in 1986, Tie One On for Safety® is the longest-running public awareness campaign in MADD’s 40-year history. “Waymo is proud to support Mothers Against Drunk Driving’s Tie One On for Safety® Campaign,”

saidMauricio Peña, Chief Safety Officer at Waymo. “Waymo and MADD share a common goal: to save thousands of lives lost every year due to impaired driving. At Waymo, safety is our mission and our highest priority, and we are committed to raising awareness about the dire need and opportunity we have to protect our loved ones as they get behind the wheel this holiday season.”

16 Annual Report







In 2020, MADD launched updated Power of Parents Handbooks featuring messaging around marijuana use with teens.


Nationwide® MADD is grateful to National Presenting Sponsor Nationwide for supporting MADD’s mission to prevent the consequences of underage drinking and impaired driving. “At Nationwide, we exist to protect people, businesses and futures with extraordinary care,” says Martha Frye, Senior Regional Vice President at Nationwide. “Part of being a trusted, caring and customer-focused protection company is educating young people on the dangers of underage drinking and drug use. We’re proud to

continue to partner with MADD to equip parents and teenagers with the resources they need to have these critical conversations and to ultimately prevent senseless tragedies from occurring on our roadways.” Part of being a trusted, caring and customer-focused protection company is educating young people on the dangers of underage drinking and drug use.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® 17


Corporate > $50,000 Circle K Stores, Inc. ™ Alert Today Florida Lyft NFL ® General Motors Nationwide ® State Farm Insurance Uber Technologies, Inc. ®

Hancock Whitney Bank ® Grossman Law Offices

Hoffman Auto Group Hot Spot Jerome Aluminum Products Corp. Koskoff, Koskoff, Bieder, P.C. La Croix Beverages, Inc. Law Office of Kenneth E. Berger Law Offices of Robert N. Pelier, P.A.

Walmart ®

Lee County Sheriff’s Office Lennox National Account Marcum LLP Memorial Healthcare Mocktail Beverage

Waymo LLC ®

Corporate Sponsors #1A LifeSafer, Inc.



AbbVie, Inc.

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AJ Novick Group, Inc.

Association for Los Angeles Deputy Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation

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Carichoff Law Group Commonwealth of Virginia Community First Foundation ® BWP Buckley, Wynne & Parese

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Dream Giveaway ®

Fanny and Stephen Rosenak Foundation

Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff’s Foundation of Broward State of Arizona DCA Eyman

First Hawaiian Bank ® Faxon Law Group, LLC Farmers Insurance ® Fundación MAPFRE

The Carlson Law Firm The Kirk Foundation The Salah Foundation Trantolo & Trantolo Personal Injury Lawyers UBS Financial Services Ultimate Software

Geico ®

Georgia Automobile Dealers Association Geico Philanthropic Foundation Grandstand Sports & Memorabilia, Inc. Gilbane Building Company, Inc.

18 Annual Report

University of North Florida Weinstein Legal Yarborough Applegate Law Firm, LLC Yelverton Litigators

Eunice McCollum Judith Kadish Ruth Ermann-Blumenau Harry & Ruth Kalish Wayne Morris 2020 Bequests & Trusts

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Financial Highlights (000’s) Year Ended December 31, 2020 Assets Cash And Cash Equivalents Investments at Market Value Receivables, net Contributions Receivable, net Prepaid expenses and other Literature and supplies Property and equipment, net Total Assets

Liabilities Accounts Payable Accured Liabilities Deferred Revenue And Rent Payroll Protection Program Funding Total Liabilites Net Assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets

208 1,497 736 3,708


$21,430 2,742 1,125 474 37 213 2,835 14,004

$6,149 15,281 21,430

Without Donor Restriction

With Donor Restriction

Year Ended December 31, 2020 Revenues Contributions

Total 2020

$6,769,638 2,880,913 634,369 2,030,432 8,700,825 35,148 (132,703) (97,555) $1,305,937 6,166,156 873,812 29,264,527 1,546,548 30,811,075

$20,863 735,500 114,000

$6,790,501 3,616,413 748,369 2,030,432 8,700,825 35,148 (132,703) (97,555) $1 ,305,937 6,166,156 873,812 30,134,890 – 30,134,890

Individual contributions Corporate contributions Foundation contributions In-kind contributions Government grants and contracts Special events Cost of direct benefit to donor Net special events Other revenue Investment return, net Victim impact panels and court ordered revenue Licenses, registration and other revenue Total contributions, government grants and contracts, special events and other revenue Net Assets Released From Restrictions Total Revenues

– – – – –

– – – 870,363 (1,546,548) (676,185)

20 Annual Report



Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving

Individual Contributions and Net Special Events






Management and General






Victim Services

Victim Impact Panel Fees

Underage Drinking Prevention

Without Donor Restriction

With Donor Restriction

Total 2020

Expenses Program Services Campaign To Eliminate Drunk Driving Underage Drinking Victim Services Total Program Services Supporting Services Management And General Fundraising Total Supporting Services Total Expenses Change in Net Assets Before Provision for Loss on Uncollectible Pledges Loss on uncollectible pledges Change in Net Assets Net Assets, Beginning of Year Net Assets, End of Year

$6,179,504 3,088,462 9,267,966 32,231,058 $13,702,713 1,478,234 7,782,145 22,963,092 (2,096,168) (319,444) (2,415,612) 17,697,089 $15,281,477

$13,702,713 1,478,234 7,782,145 22,963,092 $6,179,504 3,088,462 9,267,966 32,231,058 (1,419,983) – (1,419,983) 15,488,005 $14,068,022

– – – –

– – – –

(676,185) (319,444) (995,629) 2,209,084 $1,213,455

Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® 21


CHRIS MANN Board Member // Office of the Kansas Securities Commissioner

Chair Of The Board // UKG


DON EGDORF Vice Chair // Houston Police Department

Board Member // Retired – former Captain in the U.S. Navy

NATHANIEL BEUSE Board Member // Head of Safety for Self-Driving at Uber

MARTHA FRYE Treasurer // Nationwide Insurance


SEASON ATKINSON Secretary // Tatum & Atkinson, PLLC

Board Member // Insurance Institute for Highway Safety



Board Member // Bretz Injury Law

Board Member // Retired

MATTHEW SACCO Board Member // Rubin, Turnbull & Associate


Board Member // Lenovo.com


STEPHEN GEHRING Board Member // General Motors Automotive

Board Member // Mercy Health System



Board Member // CKE Restaurant Holdings

Board Member // GMMB

ERICA LINN Board Member // Sr. Sales Leader

22 Annual Report


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