Our beautiful daughter, Amanda, was 24 years old, and had so much life yet to live. Her dream job was to work at the zoo… and she was well on her way. She earned an internship at the Denver Zoo as a vet tech, but now instead of her working there we have a memorial bench in her name placed there. She lost her life in a head-on car crash due to the reckless, selfish, conscious decision of an individual who chose to drive drug impaired, high on marijuana. Her loss to our family is beyond heartbreaking and is a complete devastation. She was the life of our family and the love our life. I loved that she was an outgoing, sparkling young lady, that she was loved by so many people. One of my favorite parts of Amanda was her love for animals, particularly exotic ones. She always snuck animals in the house; her animals included a hedgehog, cats, bunny, chinchilla, sugar gliders and parrots. I remember when she worked at PetSmart, my son approached me with, “Mom, you know she’s got hamsters in the bedroom under her pillows,” and I checked. Sure enough, there was a cage with some hamsters. At the time I wasn’t happy, but she was able to keep them. Now I am so thankful AMANDA’S LIFE By Denise Hill

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