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February 2019





My Work With Ken Gonzalez

Five years ago, I met Ken Gonzalez through a mutual client. That chance encounter ended up being very serendipitous because Ken has become a trusted colleague over the years. In addition to helping out many of my clients — when people need a real estate attorney, I never hesitate to recommend Ken — he’s also been my personal attorney for a number of home matters.

2. Their Responsiveness: Understanding the importance of client communication is essential. Information can change at a moment’s notice, and clients can’t afford to wait days for a response from a law firm. When you call Merlino & Gonzalez, you can bet they’ll take your call or get back to you at the earliest possible convenience. That should be the industry standard, but all too often it’s not. 3. Their Willingness to Answer Questions and Educate: Not only do John and Ken want to execute your wishes effectively, but they also want you to feel empowered and informed during every step of the process. I’ve certainly learned a great deal about the law solely by virtue of working with them. These virtues may come from the namesakes of the firm, but in my experience, they matter to everyone on staff at Merlino & Gonzalez. Because they are unfailingly friendly and knowledgeable, it is always rewarding to work alongside the team. I expect the best for my clients and would never let them settle for a less than awesome attorney. Luckily, with Ken in our neck of the woods, I never have to. Maria Gottlieb is a NYS licensed Associate Real Estate Broker at Coldwell Banker Advantage, serving Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn. She’s an expert in her field and can help you whether you’re buying or selling a home. When she’s not working, you can find Maria spending time with her husband, four daughters, and dog. Find out more about Maria by visiting . –Maria Gottlieb

I have to admit that at first I found it a little odd that Merlino & Gonzalez combined real estate and estate planning law. However, when I needed to sell a family home that was in a trust, the pairing made perfect sense. Being able to use one firm to both sell the house and distribute the assets from the sale streamlined the process considerably. If you’ve ever executed or distributed an estate, you know what a logistical tangle it can be. Limiting the number of people you have to deal with takes away a lot of the headaches and puts all the relevant information under one roof. After numerous conversations with clients who are beyond satisfied with the work done by Merlino & Gonzalez, I’ve come up with a list of three major characteristics that set them apart from other firms. 1. Their Legal Expertise: John and Ken understand their practice areas at an exceptionally high level. As a Realtor, I know from experience how complicated property transactions can be from a legal perspective, but John and Ken instill nothing but the utmost confidence.



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