PROCITY Industrial & Workplace Equipment 2019

(seaside, near roads which are heavily salted in winter...), the products are galvanised, sanded and finished with a polyurethane topcoat and baked at 80°C. This allows a 10 year guarantee against corrosion in normal usage conditions. All our paint finishes use UV treated paint to ensure the products stand the tests of time and keep their original colours. Durability in Aluminium PROCITY® products using aluminium allow low weight, high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. When the surface of aluminium metal is exposed to air, a protective oxide coating forms almost instantaneously. This oxide layer is corrosion resistant which SPL enhance through our manufacturing process with an anodising electrolytic secondary finish. For painted aluminium products we always use mill finish aluminium as a material to ensure good adhesion of the paint. Crucially for the ongoing environmental concerns aluminium is also very easy to recycle. Recycling PROCITY® has in place with its partners, an established comprehensive recycling optimisation policy throughout the manufacturing process that functions without sacrificing product quality. An extensive distributor network PROCITY® products are intended to serve all over the world. With the expertise of its network of distributors, PROCITY® offers you the guarantee of local partners who understand your needs and can respond with the greatest efficiency.

An exceptionally wide &broad range For more than 30 years PROCITY®’s goal is quality designs, quality manufacturing and quality service. PROCITY® offers a very wide selection of products, finishes & colours, with the ability to meet your requirements all in a fully controlled budgetary framework. To protect you and to ensure the quality of our products and guard against low quality copies, all PROCITY® products are labelled. Durability in steel PROCITY® products ensure functionality and exceptional performance year after year, even in the harshest environments. The demands, and multiple uses placed on PROCITY® product require a high level of quality workmanship and the utmost professionalism is implemented throughout the manufacturing process to ensure PROCITY® Products maintain their sustainability. Given the raw materials used, anti-corrosion treatment is given particular care at PROCITY® and we recognise the importance of a high-quality finish. Three key elements are essential to achieving an attractive, durable finish: proper surface preparation, proper application of the powder, and proper curing. In many of steel products, after shot blasting, we use zinc rich primer finished with polyester powder coating which offers an extremely resistant adhesion and is ideally suited for everyday exterior use. For other products, the steel undergoes a phosphating treatment prior to painting. Once painted, products are at baked 180°C. This process is used for products in a standard environment with a 5-year warranty against corrosion in normal usage conditions. For the products with heavy usage (bicycle stands...) or alternatively installed in a saline environment

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