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VOUTE MULTI-FUNCTIONAL SHELTER SYSTEM A fully modular shelter system offering the possibility to add extensions as required, with or without cladding. Also available with integrated LED lighting. 1 Voute Bicycle Shelter A simple shelter to protect anything on two wheels, with its depth of more than two metres; protecting bicycles, scooters, mopeds and motorcycles. 2 Walkway (successive shelters) Assemble the multi-function shelter one after the other to cover your walkways. Optional cladding ensures pedestrians are protected from the elements on both sides of the walkway. Structure > > A sturdy unit. Framework comprising 80 x 80 mm steel uprights with adjustable feet mounted on base plates. > > Galvanised and painted finish in our RAL colours (see page 3). > > Basic unit Length 2500 x Height 2635 x Width 2090 mm. Roof > > Two aluminium tubular crossbeams and two aluminium gutters. Painted in our RAL colours (see page 3). > > Canopymade of 6mm translucent anti-UV cellular polycarbonate glazing. LED Lighting (for integrated LED lighting version) > > Factory fitted LED lighting strips in the crossbeams. > > Power supply of 220 V required, electrical installation to be carried out by a professional. Circuit breaker not included. Options: Cladding, extensions Side and back-cladding

Voute Bicycle Shelter- Walkway


Basic shelter unit without cladding


Extension unit without cladding All-in-one: initial unit + side cladding +back cladding All-in-one: initial unit + 1 extension unit + side cladding + back cladding



Voute Bicycle Shelter- Walkway integrated LED lighting Version


Basic shelter unit without cladding


Extension unit without cladding



1 side-cladding


1 back-cladding for basic unit*


1 back cladding for extension unit*

*Used as cladding for coveredwalkways.

Cladding comprises an aluminium profile frame with glazing made of translucent cellular UV stabilised 10 mm polycarbonate. > > Side-cladding panels supplied in pairs. L 959 x H 1740 x W 23 mm. > > Back-cladding comprising 2 panels. L 1150 x H 1750 x W 23 mm. Extensions

Product is shipped flat packed for self assembly.

1 Voute Bicycle Shelter

> > Extension unit available in size: L 2500 x H 2635 x W 2090 mm.

Optional LED lighting integrated into the crossbeams

Version shown: Voute shelter + 2 extension unit + 2 claddings + 3 back claddings + 6 Trombone bicycle stands.

Walkway 2

Version shown: Voute shelter + 4 extension units

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