Debrief - Customer Focus

Debrief – customer focus

TYPES OF CUSTOMERS Gone are the days when there used to be only one customer i.e. a person or a unit receiving the output of the process in the system for the organization. Organizations have understood that their growth not only depends on the satisfaction of their external customers but also on how their internal customers perceive the organization and its environment.



Employee of the organization



Totally unknown Requirements (expectations) intangible / unpredictable

Requirements (expectations) precisely known

Direct communication + feedback

Indirect communication

Problems can be managed

It impacts the brand

Don’t pay bill

Pays bill (money) High business awareness

High technology awareness

Part of your culture

Completly different culture

Contributes to personal growth Contributes to organizational growth

CUSTOMER EXPECTATION MODEL Customer expectations are beliefs about the service delivery which serve as standards or reference points against which performance is judged. Customers compare their perception of service with these reference points while evaluating the service quality.Hence,thorough knowledge of customer expectation is critical to service marketers. Knowing what the

customer expects is the first and possibly the most critical step in delivering quality service. Offering great customer focus is all about knowing the layers. shown here.

Ideal expectations or desires

Normative “should” expectations

Experience base norms

Acceptable expectations

Minimum tolerable expectations

CUSTOMER CENTRIC ORGANIZATION Customer centric organization can be defined as the one which not only understands what the customer values are but also the values customer represents to their bottom line.These types of organizations align their operating models behind a carefully defined and quantified customer segmentation strategy.

Analyzing a customer centric organization

Novice Customer

Demanding/Difficult Customer

Expert Customer

Customer Centric Support Team

Exercises great patience Is empathetic Advices / Suggests Walks the customer through

Exercises patience Deals assertively Doesn’t give in Effectively communicates Acts rude Confronts head to head Often heads up in argument

Displays confidence Understands needs Provides all possible solutions Is precise Intimated by the customer Gets defensive Doesn’t pay much heed considering they are self-sufficient

Non Customer Centric Support Team Gets irritated

Is curt with customer Complacent Acts condescending

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