October Kitchen - May 2020

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Meet the Team Behind Your Meals MAY 2020

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This month, I need to shout out two of my biggest cheerleaders and the guys I am ultra-grateful for, especially following our big renovation. Believe it or not, one of them happens to be my landlord. Tommy Tomko is the landlord of the illustrious Blue Duck Plaza and he’s honestly the greatest landlord in America. We have been in the Plaza for close to 30 years, and Tommy has been a supporter, advisor and confidant since the day he and I met. He’s an old-fashioned businessman with a tremendous business sense. When I need a sounding board, he’s one of the first people I go to. Tommy is a huge part of our operation and he’s almost like a silent partner — but he’s never silent. Tommy has the gift of gab. A five-minute conversation with Tommy always ends up being half an hour, but it’s a fun half-hour. Tommy has been extremely generous to us and with October Kitchen’s growth and evolution in the Plaza. The space next to us in the Plaza was vacant for several months. Tommy wasn’t interested in putting anybody in there that wouldn’t be a terrific fit for the Plaza. He was very concerned with the balance of business and services available, A Salute to Tommy and Drew HERE’S TO THE TOMKO GUYS

bringing in the right foot traffic and making sure no one was competing in the same niche. After some time, we approached Tommy about taking the space over. He was immediately on board. To be honest, I think he wanted us to take the space all along. The second guy I have to shout out this month is Tommy’s son, Drew, my other favorite hero. Drew owns Tomko Remodeling, and he’s a fantastic craftsman. Drew’s company does a lot of the projects around Blue Duck Plaza. Tommy and Drew did all the demolition and the build-out for our new space. It was fantastic. Not a lot of landlords would be so involved with a project like this, but Tommy was dedicated to improving the space and making sure it worked for us. The space hadn’t been touched in 25 years, so Tommy and Drew really worked their magic. Everything the Tomko guys do is done right the first time. That’s just how they operate.

“Everything the Tomko

guys do is done right the

first time. That’s just how they operate.”

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