Franklin Building Supply September 2017

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WE ’ RE RE A L LY in the Hospitality Industry

else — and when we’re trying to grow our market share, that’s the opposite of what we want.

When we broke down the ways that our company could grow its market share, it kept coming down to one particular thing: hospitality. Providing good service, with a smile, at a fair price. That’s good news for a company operating out West; Idaho and Nevada are home to some of the nicest people on earth. Break down on the side of the road, and you won’t have to wait long for a good Samaritan to stop and help out. And if you’re down on your luck, or the victim of tragedy, you can count on folks in your community to pitch in. But why is hospitality so important to a company like ours? Well, with 12 stores and six design centers open to the public, many of our owners deal with the public every day. We want people to have the same great experience at each of those stores and centers. Our locations are part of their community, and it’s a small world. If someone doesn’t have a good experience at one of our stores, not only will they remember it, but they’ll also spread the word. And although people spread the word about good experiences, too, it always seems to me that bad news travels faster than good. Next time, that person might go somewhere

Even our owners who don’t deal with the public

on a regular basis can help out with hospitality. Building a load that has everything requested, making sure cabinets are exactly to spec, and putting

together tresses that work on site all go towards a hospitable company that people want to do business with. The contractors we work with don’t think about hospitality in the same way the public does, although they appreciate smiles and good vibes. To them, good hospitality means no callbacks or back orders. Our company mission is this: “We want to be a world-class supplier of building materials and services.” Most folks will tell you that a vision should never say “we want to be,” and instead state what you are. But saying

something doesn’t make it so, and it’s important that we’re all reminded that it’s a continuous process. We’re only world-class transaction by transaction. We want to be the dealer of choice in our industry. In every field there’s always one company that’s ahead of the pack, and if we focus on hospitality, that company will be Franklin Building Supply.

President and CEO Rick Lierz


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