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them up at our clinic. Since then, I’ve made it my goal to get them all the way around our office. To do that, I have to keep running. As a physical therapist who’s constantly telling people to exercise, I have to practice what I preach. I’m not going to ask my patients to do anything that I can’t or won’t do myself. I want to promote a healthy lifestyle and lead by example. OF ROBIE HAS TAUGHT ME

Every spring for the last 14 years, I’ve headed to Fort Boise to embark on 13 miles of an uphill and downhill battle: the Race to Robie Creek. It’s one of those events that tests you mentally and physically. My first year, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I’d heard the hills were tough and the downhill would stink, but I didn’t know how grueling it would be. So, why do I keep going back?

my body. I kept turning to it, and I now do a few fun runs and a couple half-marathons every year. So, I keep returning for Robie. If I don’t want to be dying of soreness for two weeks afterward, I have to start training before race day. I could finish the race right now, with little training, but would I meet my potential? No. I’m generally less sore and happier when I put in time to train. For anyone returning to an activity after time away, be patient with yourself. You’re not going to get it all back at once. I have to remind myself of this every year when I start to run again after the winter. As you’re easing back into your sport or activity, be patient and trust your program. I know because I’ve been there. My sophomore year of high school, I hurt my back playing basketball, and I was referred to a physical therapist. I was amazed at the whole process and how they helped me heal, and I’ve wanted to be a PT ever since. I’m grateful that my journey led me here, and so happy that I get to help others on the same journey. When I get ready to train for Robie each year, I try to remember that, no matter my fitness level, I can still be the best version of me. It’s not about competing against other people. It’s about pushing yourself to be the best you can be. If you’re interested in getting back out there and finding the best version of you, our staff at Altitude is here to help. For runners looking for group motivation, you can read more about our Run Club on the inside of the newsletter.

First of all, nothing beats the race day atmosphere. We all run together, suffer together, sometimes laugh, and definitely celebrate afterward. There’s also a little vanity involved. After my first year, I started collecting the race posters and putting

Even though basketball was my sport of choice as a child, I got a scholarship to run track in college, so I followed the opportunity. When I had kids, running became an outlet. It was a way to leave the stress behind and clear my mind while working

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–Sean Weatherston

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