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NOV 2019

INSIDE 1. Powering Up Distribution


2. Execution Is Greater Than Strategy

3. 4 Ways to Improve Your Email Deliverability Now

Anticipating these factors and communicating a fitting value proposition is crucial. In addition, each firm will find that narrowing their target to the type of advisors more likely to find them appealing will bring about cost-effective targeting and positive gains. Similarly, on the insurance side, IMOs may have found a niche — via financial planners, retirement planners, or other advisors — in assisting certain markets.The importance of gaining a deep understanding of the advisor mindset cannot be overemphasized. Simply “getting in front” of new advisors as a potential source of product doesn’t do the trick when it comes to client acquisition. Our team of producer liaisons at Agent Link has had conversations with close to 200,000 producers over the last few years, many of whom operate both in financial services and insurance channels.Through their stories, we’ve become acquainted with key factors that really matter to advisors and big producers. In this month’s newsletter, we break down what we’ve learned into digestible information that can help you with producer acquisition.

business in their practice. And that’s in addition to carriers growing their BD and RIA channels on a larger scale. Because of the type of clients and cases security professionals deal with, these organizations can provide value beyond simply being a source for different products they tend to write, like cash-accumulation life insurance, annuities, LTC, and DI. The Advisor Mindset From the perspective of the advisor, making a firm transition is a big deal. Circumstances in the market or their practice could certainly keep advisors open to new opportunities, providing the switch to a new firm has a major impact on their career or practice. The perceived outcome could outweigh the perceived pain of the transition. For that reason, firms and organizations targeting reps and advisors must understand just what pains tend to trigger an interest in greener pastures on the part of advisors.

Agent Link helps clients in the insurance and financial service industries, and many of them operate where both industries intersect. In this issue, we want to provide insight for those who operate in or target these channels in particular. Advisor recruiting takes on quite a different meaning depending on the type of organization you are. An independent brokerage may be searching for experienced FINRA-registered reps looking to make a transition from a career BD, whether that’s a regional firm, wirehouse, or bank BD. However, dually registered firms and RIAs may target advisors doing “transactional business” who are looking at migrating to a hybrid model or a strictly fee- based model doing “advisory business.” On the insurance side, advisor recruiting takes on a completely different meaning, as we assist IMOs or BGAs with growing distribution along independent channels that target planners or advisors who write insurance

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