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SHERRY SMITH, PT Getting To Know The ProMotion Rehab & Sports Medicine Staff!

The deep coral reefs where you find black coral off of the coast of the “Big Island” start at about 100 feet below the surface of the ocean. You wouldn’t think physical therapy would be important at that depth, but it turns out that breathing and core strength, endurance and mobility are all really significant! Scuba diving has become a passion of my husband and mine, and we haven’t looked back! We have enjoyed traveling over the years and are always looking for new places to dive and explore. As new residents of Bennettsville, we have been exploring our community and the surrounding areas. New home, new church, new neighborhood, new job, new season in life. Lots of changes can sometimes be challenging, and yet, with the challenge also comes growth. My character and faith and skills have all been stretched in some amazing ways, whether through diving, parenting, or working. I am looking forward to growing and stretching with ProMotion Rehab & Sports Medicine. Sherry received her undergraduate degree from Lander University and her Physical Therapy degree from the Medical University of South Carolina. She has over 20 years of clinical experience in a variety of settings, and has found her passion in outpatient orthopedics. Outside of the clinic, Sherry and her husband enjoy spending time with their three daughters, as well as being involved in ministry, scuba diving, traveling, hiking, fantasy football, photography, and playing with their two dogs.

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