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VOLUME II | Number 3

Where Will Your Vacation Take You?

Founder | Executive Editor John Sprecher Creative Director Director of Photography Milissa Sprecher Associate Publisher Reynauld Bentley Associate Publisher Caryn Moskal Associate Writer Madison Chaffee

Some of you reading this are aware that, in addition to COASTE, my spouse and I are owners of a brand realization agency that specializes in travel, tourism and destinations (among others). Across 28 years, I’ve had the honor to work on more than 50 hospitality accounts and win more than 400 awards for our work. One of the all-time favorite headlines I’ve written is: Where will you take your vacation? Or better, where will your vacation take you? I like it so much because it’s not simply a clever play on words. It is, in fact, true —when a vacation is done right. And with summer vacation having arrived, it seems like the perfect time to ask the question, and answer it. Once, maybe, vacation was about just getting away from work. Today, done right, vacation is an opportunity to enjoy experiences that, upon their rightful conclusion, take you to a place you’ve longed to go, or longed to return to. That may mean reconnecting with your kids. Or remembering again just how perfectly you and your wife fit, as you slow dance under the stars. Or challenging yourself, and winning. Or finding peace. Or countless other realizations and revelations. And the beauty is, all of this can happen anywhere — whether you’re vacationing a mile from home, or across the world.

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From all of us at COASTE, happy summer vacation. Do it right.

ON OUR COVER: The Grimes family at Bowman’s Beach on Sanibel. Image: Milissa Sprecher.

John Sprecher, Editor


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Meet a remarkably talented Sanibel family bound by a common thread: the violin.

To hear Renata Arado tell it, the fact that her three children — 16-year-old Dahlia, 14-year-old Camilo and 12-year-old Arabella — are already accomplished violinists who (yes!) practice

Espen Lilleslatten are both highly accomplished, classically trained, professional musicians who share a love for the violin.

That love of violin is, in fact, how they met and fell in love. “The road to us meeting had a few twists and turns,” she explains. “I was at the University of Michigan and my favorite teacher was offered a position at Rice University. She accepted

“You get involved in their passions and become passionate about them, too. It makes for a happy and balanced family.”

every day (sometimes on skateboards) isn’t necessarily as exciting as their exploits beyond music. “I find other activities that my kids do far more interesting than music making,” she says. “Swim meets, baseball

games, art shows — you get involved in their passions and become passionate about them, too. It makes for a happy and balanced family.” Nevertheless, there’s no doubt a heavy dose of exceptional musical talent is in the DNA of these children — because Renata Arado and husband

the position and was able to bring five students on scholarship, and I was one of them. Because she’s part Norwegian, she attracted Norwegian students and that’s how I met Espen.”

While Espen had already earned his Master’s Degree, it wasn’t until three years later that


Images: Milissa Sprecher 9




Renata was awarded hers from the San Francisco Conservatory — and their professional careers took off. First it was Espen, who landed a position as concert master (lead violinist) for the Bergen Philharmonic in Bergen, Norway. Shortly thereafter, Renata joined Espen, auditioned and was named principal second violin (the leader of the second violin group). At the same time, they acquired positions (which they still hold today) at the Aspen Music Festival held every summer, playing chamber music and teaching. Renata’s father lived on Sanibel, so the islands became an escape for the family and ultimately, a home. And after 15 years as part-time residents in Norway, they decided it was time for a change — with Espen accepting a position as Professor of Violin at Louisiana State University (he commutes regularly), while Renata freelances

among Southwest Florida’s many performing arts musical groups.

Across their careers, this talented couple has performed chamber music at some of the most vaunted venues in the United States, including Carnegie Hall and the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. But what’s just as exciting to her is the opportunity, after 10 years on the islands, to play BIGArts —with a chamber recital January 17, 2016 including her husband (who will play viola) and two colleagues from Aspen, an event that has her “psyched.” “Our children’s happiness is paramount to us,” Renata says. “Howwe work reflects the importance of Sanibel in our lives, and the lives of our kids. We have our moments of insanity like everybody, but this is a great community, for arts and for family.”




in Paradise COASTE | ATTRACTIONS By John Sprecher

It’s fascinating howurban legends are borne—even those birthed not in urban areas. Facts or partial facts mix with fiction and fantasy, are then fueled by word of mouth — or today, by the nanosecond powers of social media — into tales that become truths often overnight because, after all, it has to be true, it’s on the internet. Such is the case with one urban or, better put, island legend that has resided in Southwest Florida for decades. It’s one part Cabbage Key Inn, one part singer and songwriter Jimmy Buffet, and one very large part ubiquitous tropical melody — “Cheeseburger in Paradise.” So it is that the COASTE investigative team of ownership and its three kids set powerboat out of Beach Bum Boat Rentals at ‘Tween Waters

Inn and charted our course for an altogether pleasant treasure hunt across the waters of Pine Island Sound northerly, to the “upper islands” of Lee County that include North Captiva, Cayo Costa, Useppa Island, Gasparilla Island and the proverbial x-marks-the-spot for our purposes, tiny Cabbage Key. Rob Wells and his brother Ken are the second generation owners of Cabbage Key Inn and Restaurant, a resort of sorts that’s actually in its entirety a 100-acre island that features a 150-seat restaurant (“the Old House”) open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 365 days a year; the historic “Cabbage Key Inn” with its six charming, contemporary rooms with private bathrooms and air conditioning (less televisions, phones or refrigerators); plus an added eight stand-alone

13 13


cottages that date to 1944 and provide the apex of escape from the rat race. In fact, the Cabbage Key Inn is currently in consideration for admission on the National Registry of Historic Places. The only nod to today’s technology: basic TV in the cottages and wi-fi in the Inn.

of Florida, took a position in Orlando, moved to New York City — but eventually moved back to the area, because there are so many beautiful parts to Southwest Florida. It’s such a great lifestyle for the people who live here and vacation here. I

love meeting all the people who visit us.” And given that the Cabbage Key marina is accessible to both larger tour boats as well as private crafts, that’s a lot of people each year.

The pursuit of “Cheeseburger in Paradise” begins as you climb 15 long and wide stairs to the legendary Cabbage Key Restaurant.

More than 35 years ago, their parents — Robert and Phyllis Wells — purchased Cabbage Key in late 1976 and called it not only a career, but home. Rob and Ken were raised on

As you pilot your boat into the harbor, you’re first taken by the sheer natural beauty of this small enclave just a port turn off Channel Marker 60 — highlighted by a grand, “Olde Florida” private residence built in the 193os, rising (an amazing for Lee County) some 20-plus feet above sea level upon a 500-year-old Calusa Indian shell mound.

Cabbage Key and boated to school daily. “We were from North Carolina and my dad just fell in love with Southwest Florida,” Rob Wells recalls. “I was three years old at the time and my brother and I grew up on the island. It was just a really unique and fun way for two boys to grow up.” Wells is quick to point out that while he grew up in a unique setting, he’s ventured off the rock — only to return. “I went to school at the University

Upon approval of the Harbor Master, you’ve docked — and a moment later, the pursuit of


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S H O U L D N ’ T E V E R Y D AY B E T H I S G O O D ? • C A P T I VA I S L A N D U S A

Ahhh. That’s the  THREE CRAZY KIDS  Spot.

1 5 9 5 1 C A P T I V A D R I V E RESERVATIONS 239.472.5161 EXT. 390

Put your body, mind and spirit in wonderful harmony and welcome relaxation with the all-new Spa at ‘Tween Waters Inn. Spoil yourself, or someone you love, today.


Official beach resort of days you don’t ever want to end.

Sand. Surf. Sunshine. Smiles. Of all there is to enjoy at the legendary ‘TweenWaters Inn Island Resort & Spa, what will you treasure the most? Shouldn’t every day be this good? Visit us today. | 800.223.5865 | Captiva Island, FL

I S L A N D R E S O R T & S P A


“Cheeseburger in Paradise” begins as you climb 15 long and wide stairs to the legendary Cabbage Key Restaurant.

rumor, and brilliant marketer that he is, he neither confirms nor denies its authenticity as his kitchen serves up one after another. “Jimmy Buffet’s sister had a place on Boca Grande, and Jimmy would occasionally fly his seaplane in to Cabbage Key. Well, one trip Jimmy was playing a concert in Lee

One step inside, and you immediately feel transported to a different place and time — a

more casual, rustic, lazy, unpretentious, welcome- all destination where it’s perfectly okay to enjoy a delicious meal, laugh loudly and, if you dare, margarita the day away.

County and was nice enough to invite some of our staff members. At the concert, he gave a shout-out to our staff as he dedicated the song to them. So, does that make

“Our goal is to have you experience true ‘Old Florida’ the way it was.”

There’s clearly no stress about the place, no hurry, no one’s expectations to meet and no timeline to adhere to. You can dine indoors in two screened locations front and rear, outdoors overlooking the beautiful marina andUseppa Island, or simply park yourself at the very intimate (maybe six seats) and very dark bar in the middle of it all. Stay an hour, or stay the day, but be sure to enjoy every moment. Amust-do at Cabbage Key for thousands of patrons is a tradition begun in the early days of Southwest Florida fishing— and watering holes. The tradition saw fisherman scribble their name on a dollar bill (on a good day) and tape it to the wall of said watering hole; should the next day’s catch be poor, at least they’d have monetary reserve to purchase a beverage. Today, visitors continue the tradition and have papered every square inch of wall space in the Cabbage Key bar and rear restaurant with dollar bills and masking tape. All the dollar bills that fall off are donated to local charities. Full disclosure: the COASTE team is made up of pecto vegetarians, so no cheeseburger whatsoever (unless veggie, not on the menu) will be had on this excursion. As substitute, the smoked salmon, peel and eat shrimp and mahi-mahi were superior. But Rob Wells is well aware of the cheeseburger

it us? Who knows? Now, it’s grown to countless ‘rumored to be’ locations around the world, from the Caribbean to Gainesville.” At publication, Mr. Buffet’s agent would not comment on the location inspiration of the song. “We think a trip to Cabbage Key takes you back to an earlier Florida,” Wells says. “Our goal is to have you experience true ‘Old Florida’ the way it was. We want parents or grandchildren to bring grandparents here and have them remember their once-upon-a-time vacations, and discover that they still exist.”

} { Cabbage Key (239) 283-2278


TAKE FIVE “I did a lot of silly things, and it worked!”

By John Sprecher

Willard Scott is a name synonymous with smile — the smile that he wore every time he was in front of a camera, and the smiles he’s put on millions of faces across an amazing career in radio and television. Scott is an ebullient personality who’s almost larger than life. From his early days as Bozo the Clown (and creator of Ronald McDonald), to his years with the Today Show and several Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parades, to his still twice-a-week centennial birthday wishes on behalf of Smucker’s, Willard clearly qualifies as an American icon. Each issue, “Take Five” poses five questions to a community personality that have not been shared in advance. Here, Willard Scott talks about his 60-plus years in entertainment and journalism, and his love of of the barrier island lifestyle that is Sanibel.



1 You were probably America’s first celebrity weatherman — what was that like? The only experience I had was reading weather on radio and I had the reputation of being somewhat of a clown. I was in Washington, D.C. at the time, and when an opening on a local channel came up for a weatherman, they put me on. I did a lot of silly things, dressed up as a groundhog and came out of a manhole cover in front of the White House, lots of silliness, and it worked! Tom Brokaw is a good friend of mine, he was also in D.C. as a White House correspondent before hosting the Today Show . The ratings were slipping, and he told them about me. That was 35 years ago. And of course, the centennial birthdays became such a big thing. I loved doing that and still do it twice a week, but this is my last year. I’m 81 years old, and it’s time to relax. You were also the first Ronald McDonald. You know, I was a real clown — Bozo the Clown , a syndicated show that lasted three or four years. I also worked for McDonald’s at the time doing appearances as Bozo, and they were big hits. So I said, let’s do our own clown, and they agreed, and it was gangbusters! I wanted to call him Donald, but they thought otherwise. Of course, Ronald remains a great spokesperson for them all over the world. Across your career, is there a moment that stands out? Definitely. One Easter week, we did the Today Show from Rome and five of us got to meet Pope John Paul. Now this is funny; I’m not a Catholic, and when the Pope came to me and shook my hand, he said in his broken English: “You’re the Baptist from Virginia.” Obviously, he had done his homework. Yes, I’ve had opportunities to meet many gracious, wonderful people. What brought you to Southwest Florida and how much do you love it here? We have a home in the mountains in Virginia, and I married a gal with a home in Connecticut, but oh my, we love it here on Sanibel. I first came here in 1972 at the suggestion of a neighbor, and I don’t think we’ve ever missed a year. Who do you want wishing you a happy one hundredth birthday? Me! 2 3 4 5


A Tour Behind The Tour At The Edison & Ford Winter Estates



According to, it’s the number one must-do attraction in Fort Myers. Each year, more than 225,000 guests from around the world descend on these 20-plus picturesque and peaceful acres along the Caloosahatchee River, making it among the top ten most popular historic home tours in America. Tours are conducted daily (guided or self- guided) 363 days a year (except Thanksgiving and Christmas), and are offered in English, Spanish, German and French. Edison & Ford Winter Estates (EFWE) is rich in the fabric of American lore, a unique setting where two of our nation’s most creative minds and iconic names who were friends ultimately became neighbors. It’s also a success story involving the City of Fort Myers, Lee County and the Edison & Ford Winter Estates Foundation and others that — since 1947 when the Edison property was deeded to the city by Mina Edison — have taken the estates from preservation, to progress, to prosperity.

Today, EFWE is embarking on new, more interactive exhibits; a litany of new and exciting programs and events, for kids and adults; and even new marketing strategies and cross-promotions to introduce the attraction to greater audiences. With this momentum, COASTE decided to get up close and personal with some of the people most responsible for the current success of the Edison & Ford Winter Estates, as well as taking it to the next level: Mike Cosden, Chief Curator; Debbie Hughes, Senior Horticulturist; and Janet Wilson, Public Relations & Marketing Director. Perhaps the most striking impressions of the Estates are the beautiful homes and grounds, as well as the looming banyan tree with Edison’s statue, one of the largest banyans in the continental U.S. canopying almost an acre. But there’s much more to discover upon you visit — about the men, their visions and their passions.

21 21


“We’re finding new things to research all the time,” Cosden explains. “We have people reaching out to us to make donations, most recently a vintage Ford car and some Edison legal documents someone found in their attic. Our first initiative was to address the homes, and that’s done. Next was to address the laboratory, and that’s done. Now we’re onto the museum, making things more interactive and providing more opportunities for children to get involved.” When you dig deeper into the relationship between Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, you find that Ford was once an employee of Edison — and later, Edison his greatest mentor. And while Ford focused on perfecting automation

his time again), which led to the development of today’s alkaline batteries.

But perhaps his most beloved invention was the phonograph. “Edison loved music,” Janet Wilson notes, “but ironically, he was 90% deaf. To hear or feel the music through vibration, he built a wooden box around a phonograph and he’d bite the wood. We have one of those in the museum, and you can see the teeth marks.”

Edison was also convinced that many of the world’s challenges,

from manufacturing to medicine, could be solved by the power of plants. In 1927, Edison, Ford and Harvey Firestone formed the Edison Botanical Research Corporation and built the Botanical Laboratory — still in its original setting — one of the highlights of your visit. The lab has been

“Edison loved music, but ironically, he was 90% deaf. To hear or feel the music through vibration, he built a wooden box around a phonograph and he’d bite the wood.”

via the assembly line, Edison was an inventor with few equals, and held more than 1,000 patents worldwide.

named a National Historic Chemical Landmark, and is one of the few Edison labs in the nation with such an honor. It was here (and his lab in New Jersey) that Thomas Edison and his researchers tested 17,000 plant samples, in search of finding a plant that could produce natural rubber in America, in case of war or crisis. “There were acres of research plants surrounding the lab,” Debbie Hughes notes. “They dried plants, ground them down and then began chemical tests on them to extract rubber. Edison looked at plants

Although he didn’t invent the light bulb, he did invent filament that improved the incandescent bulb. He also invented an improved stock ticker, an improved telephone, the first fluoroscope (yes, he played with x-rays), the first motion picture devices (he actually has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and his film production company, Edison Studios, put out more than 1,000 movies), a laundry list of electric lighting system components, the first office dictation device, and improved storage batteries that powered early electric cars (ahead of



differently from how most of the world does now. He felt that whatever you needed, you could find in nature. We have all kinds of trees from almost every continent, all in the name of research. And that’s unique.” Andwhen it comes tomarketing, there’s something always going on at Edison & Ford Winter Estates. Beyond the numerous daily and weekly tours of the homes and grounds, and numerous special presentations and events, there are the Inventor’s Summer Camps (10 weeks of inventive fun for first-third graders, and fourth-sixth graders); a very active weddings calendar (with complete banquet service); narrated River Cruises that depart the Marina at Edison & Ford; plus a new cross-promotion with Pincher’s at the Marina, whereby your ticket purchase to the Estates nets you a complimentary beverage with your meal at the nearby (strolling distance) restaurant.

The fact is, there’s a reason — make that hundreds of reasons — why Edison & Ford Winter Estates is Fort Myers’ top-rated tourism attraction. There’s literally something for everyone almost every day: history, discovery, engagement, hands-on learning, I-didn’t-know-that facts, wow factors, appreciation of nature, natural beauty — all in all, a fascinating journey through our region’s proud past amid a gorgeous, present-day setting. { } Edison & Ford Winter Estates (239) 334-7419



Welcome Home

Each issue, COASTE opens the door and welcomes you to tour of one of Southwest Florida’s premier homes. After all, living here is more than a lifestyle. It’s a soul style.

If you seek an upscale, carefree Florida lifestyle — complete with golf, tennis and other sporting amenities — this spectacular 2,100 square foot residence in Estero’s West Bay Club has your name on it. You’ll enjoy luxury living that includes three bedrooms, three baths, all-new (2015) kitchen with stainless appliances, granite counters, custom cabinets and marble flooring. Best of all are the breathtaking views you’ll marvel at looking out at the Gulf, Bay and 18th hole of one of Pete Dye’s signature courses. Furnishings negotiable. It’s the good life, done up better. Price: $569,000. Listing agent: Andrew Mease, John R. Wood Properties.



25 25

What’s Happening on Your

June - September — Community Events

June 5

SELF DEFENSE CLASS FOR SENIORS June 5 Burglars and petty thieves see seniors, especially older women, as “targets of opportunity.” Seniors can level the playing field with an easy-to-learn self-defense class, designed specifically for seniors. Taught by 5th degree Dan level black belt master Ingrid Oliver, the class will focus on protection strategies for seniors. Participation costs $10, and RSVP required to (239) 489-8472. Friday, June 5 at 3 PM. B4 WEEKEND: BEACH, BOURBON, BBQ & BEER June 19 - 21 Soak in the rays on a white sand beach, savor the ultimate BBQ, sip well-aged bourbon or take a spin around the island in a Porsche 911. It’s all part of the historic Gasparilla Inn & Club’s Second Annual B4 Weekend (Beach, BBQ, Bourbon & Beer) June 19-21. Experience Florida and barbecue as it was meant to be. June 19- 21 SUMMER READING PROGRAM KICK OFF - SANIBEL PUBLIC LIBRARY June 13 Teens and grammar-school-aged children can enroll in the Summer Reading Program; enjoy games, crafts and popcorn. Participants will receive a special gift when they sign up. Please call Youth Librarian Barbara Dunkle at: (239) 472-2483 ext. 201 for more information. There is no charge to participate in this Library program. Saturday, June 13 at 10 AM. TODDLER TIME AT SANIBEL PUBLIC LIBRARY Mondays Weekly Bring your one and two-year-old toddlers and join in the fun as we sing songs, do finger-plays and tell stories on the flannel board. Toddlers will also enjoy exploring our new Early Literacy Center that features new soft sculptures as well as manipulatives - including unit blocks, sorting games, magnetic letters, puzzles and numbers - to encourage curiosity, imagination and play. Toddler Time meets Mondays at 10 AM, locals and non-residents welcome! No registration required. BATTLE ON THE BLUEWAY SUP RACE May 30 - June 30 The Battle on the Blueway SUP Race will be held Saturday-Tuesday, May 30-June 30, on the Calusa Blueway in Fort Myers Beach, FL. This sanctioned WPA points event will feature two distance races (seven mile and two mile), a kids’ and Special Olympic race, a demo day, vendors displaying paddle merchandise, and non profits displaying nature / history materials and artifacts. This is a family oriented event with a festival atmosphere that brings paddling and Florida’s native wildlife and Calusa heritage together. FOURTH OF JULY FIREWORKS CRUISE July 4 Enjoy the Sanibel Island fireworks from the water on the Fireworks Cruise! Patrons will cruise the tranquil waters of San Carlos Bay, by “Bird Island.” Guests will partake in watching the beautiful Sanibel sunset, followed by a great view of the Sanibel Fireworks! Join us on the Miss Paradise, Dolphin Waters, and Sun Princess to view the show. Each vessel fits up to 49 passengers. Departs 7:30 PM and returns at 9:30 PM. July 4 Mon days

June 13

Thru June 30



July 4

FAMILY CRAFT AND STORY Thru Sept 19 Join a naturalist at J.N. Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge Education Center, as Family Craft and Story allows families to enjoy story-time at the refuge. Bring your family to hear an exciting wildlife- themed story and make a craft about an animal in our estuarine ecosystem on selected Saturdays throughout the summer months. Apropriate for pre-k through 6th grade, although everyone is welcome. 30 minutes inside the Education Center. For more information SHELL CRAFTING Mondays Thru Sept Come and join the Sanibel Community House, on selected Mondays throughout the summer, and create flowers, jewelry, animals and much more from your beautiful beach findings. No experience is necessary, and instruction and assistance are available! The Sanibel Shell Crafters have been meeting weekly since the late 1920s, so come out and see what the fuss and Mon days FOURTH OF JULY FREEDOM FEST July 4 Come and enjoy the huge fireworks display in Fort Myers, complete with live music, block parties, and more. The event is free for every one of all ages, so come and join the Fourth of July fuN, 5 PM-11 PM. Thru Sept 19 THE DOCTOR WILL SEE YOU NOW. Scott Dunavant, M.D. is proud to welcome you to an exciting new health care alternative for residents and visitors alike — Dunavant Medical Group. Dunavant Medical Group will draw on the extensive experience and expertise of Dr. Scott Dunavant that includes emergency care, family practice and professional sports medicine. He will be joined by Diane St. Pierre, A.R.N.P., plus a team of dedicated caregivers. Dunavant Medical Group will offer traditional health care for family health, wellness, urgent care (for all ages), sports medicine and walk-in clinical care — all with a highly personal and highest quality approach. tradition is all about! BUSINESS BUILDING SYMPOSIUM Aug 20 Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce 2015 Business Building Symposium is presented by HBKS Wealth Advisors & HBK CPAs & Consultants at 7:45 AM.

Aug 20

To become a patient or to make an appointment, call 239.312.4544 or visit

695 Tarpon Bay Road Suite 2 • Sanibel • 239.312.4544 •


Thurs days

RIVER DISTRICT FARMERS MARKET Year Round Thursdays The River District Farmers’ Market is open every Thursday between 7 AM - 1 PM and is located in the Centennial Park parking lot, under the U.S. 41 Caloosahatchee Bridge. This green market offers a variety of local produce, seafood, baked goods, honey, nuts, flowers, plants and much more. The Farmers Market is popular with both tourists in season, and locals during the summer months. Thursdays, year-round.

Sep 27

DOWNTOWN CAR CRUISE IN Sep 27 Come and join in on the monthly car cruises held in

downtown Fort Myers. All cars are welcome and it is free for all ages! The festivities include a DJ spinning classic rock trivia. Be mindful of weather conditions, if there is heavy rain the outdoor event will typically be cancelled. Car fanatics will not want to miss out on these events! Saturday, Sep 27 at 4 PM.

June - September — In Concert

June 11

SUMMERLAND CONCERT TOUR June 11 Six Bends Harley-Davidson will be hosting Summerland, an annual, alternative rock

concert tour, on Thursday, June 11 6PM at Top Rocker Field. The national concert tour features bands such as Toadies, Fuel, American Hi-Fi and Everclear, along with many other prominent bands from the 1990s. Formed in 2012 by Art Alexakis of Everclear, this will be the fourth year the tour has taken place. If you’re feeling nostalgic for the days of alt bands, here’s your chance to travel back in time. Tickets for Summerland available at MOVE LIVE ON TOUR - JULIANNE AND DEREK HOUGH June 25 The Barbara B. Mann center is proud to host Julianne and Derek Hough as they continue on their tour. On the heels of their sold out 2014 tour, superstar siblings Julyianne and Derek will team up once again, dancing their way across stages all over the country in their new MOVE LIVE ON TOUR 2015. Thursday, June 25 at 8 PM. June 25 ELVIS FEST 7 AT SEMINOLE CASINO IMMOKALEE June 27 - 28 Seminole Casino Immokalee invites Elvis Presley enthusiasts to Elvis Fest 7. The best Elvis tribute artists from all over the United States will come together to celebrate, and compete to become King. Additionally, all attendees will receive a complimentary Blue Hawaiian drink. Admission to all Elvis Fest 7 events is free for Seminole Player’s Club members. Anyone who’s 21 or older can join; it’s fast, free and easy. AMERICAN IDOLS LIVE! July 12 AMERICAN IDOLS LIVE! will give fans an opportunity to get up close and personal with the Top Five IDOLS from Season 14. The Top Five will showcase their individual artistry and talents all set to a live band. Past tours have featured stars such as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, Adam Lambert, Scotty McCreery, Phillip Phillips and many more. Sunday, July 12 at 7:30 PM. June 27- 28

July 12




WELCOME TO SOUTHWEST FLORIDA’S TOP MULTI-MEDIA TRAVEL, ENTERTAINMENT AND LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE AND MEDIA NETWORK WHY COASTE IS YOUR BEST BUY IN SW FL « OWNERSHIP: Created, produced and owned by travel, tourism and destination marketing experts with more than 400 national and international awards for quality « BI-MONTHLY FORMAT: COASTE publishes bi-monthly in a schedule most advantageous to Southwest Florida’s tourism traffic « MULTI-MEDIA MARKETING: No other magazine or media in Southwest Florida utilizes the multi- media marketing approach of COASTE — digital, print, e-marketing, IOS and Android apps, website and social media « POWERFUL REACH: With each issue, COASTE reaches more than 400,000 Southwest Florida lovers of high net worth, with a minimum $125,000 household income or $500,000 home value, including: « 175,000 in top 10 feeder cities in Midwest and Northeast (e-marketing) « 125,000 in top 10 feeder cities in Southeast (e-marketing) « 75,000 in Lee and Collier Counties (e-marketing)

« 10,000 opt-in digital and print subscribers across the U.S. and international « 52,000-plus readers in Lee County (per City & Regional Magazine Association) « 8,000 social media followers « 4,000 visitors to website at with each issue

175,000 Midwest and Northeast

125,000 Southeast

75,000 Lee & Collier Counties


Dining Guide

CIP’S PLACE | SANIBEL MON-SUN 11 AM - CLOSE 2055 Periwinkle Way | 239.472.0223 |

Located in one of Sanibel’s most beautifully landscaped settings, Cip’s Place offers delightful, delicious menus for lunch and dinner. You’ll love their variety of signature dishes and enjoy the best seats in the house — outdoors on the garden patio or front porch, or indoors tabled, or at the friendly bar. Kids menu available!


630 Tarpon Bay Road | 239.472.2625 | Over Easy Café is a highly popular gathering place for breakfast and lunch. Enjoy a hearty, home cooked menu of classic comfort foods — from pancakes to scrambled eggs, sandwiches to salads, tasty soups to terrific desserts. Breakfast is served all day, the outdoor seating is awesome, and gentle pets are welcome.


Aptly titled “slow-cooked fast food” and “comfort food for the soul,” The Pecking Order is a new dining delight that embraces its role to perpetuate fine Southern cookin’ — from secret-recipe broasted chicken (always fresh) — by the piece or bucket — to collard greens, black beans and rice, home-made mac and cheese, and more!

SANIBEL DELI & COFFEE FACTORY | SANIBEL MON 7 AM – 3 PM | TUES-SAT 7 AM – 8 PM | SUN 8 AM – 7 PM 2330 Palm Ridge Road| 239.472.2555 | Winner of “Best Pizza” at Taste of the Islands, the Sanibel Deli & Coffee Factory is a casual, comfortable place to sit down or take out fresh-made breakfasts, lunches or light dinners. You’ll also enjoy a delicious variety of coffees, plus more than 25 flavors of ice cream and frozen yogurt. Yum!

SWEET MELISSA’S CAFÉ | SANIBEL LUNCH MON-FRI 11.30 AM – 2.30 PM | DINNER MON-SAT 5 PM – CLOSE 1625 Periwinkle Way | 239.472.1956 | Consistently hailed as among the top restaurants in Southwest Florida by local, regional and national reviews and awards, Sweet Melissa’s Café is truly Sanibel’s destination dining experience. Serving both lunch and dinner, Executive Chef Melissa Talmage has fashioned an innovative cuisine, spirits and wine menu betting the praise “Best Food in Lee County.”

June - September — In Concert Continued

July 17

BRIT FLOYD: SPACE AND TIME WORLD TOUR 2015 July 17 Pink Floyd fans surely do not want to miss Brit Floyd - The World’s Greatest Pink Floyd Show, as they return to North America in 2015 to launch the Space & Time World Tour, their most ambitious show to date. The tour will feature a spectacular new light show, and an even bigger stage production. Celebrating five decades of Pink Floyd, from their creation in 1965 right through to the release of their new album, “The Endless River.” This amazing new show includes performances from all Pink Floyd’s biggest selling albums. Brit Floyd will take you on an amazing musical journey, featuring the best moments from the incredible Pink Floyd back catalog. Saturday, July 17 at 8 PM.

June - September — On Stage

June 14

BILL MAHER June 14 The Barbara B. Mann center is proud to announce the appearance of Bill Maher, popular and political Emmy- nominated comedian. For the last 18 years, Bill Maher has set the boundaries of where funny, political talk can go on American television. Maher’s combination of unflinching honesty and big laughs have garnered him 21 Emmy nominations. The Barbara B. Mann center invites guests to come and enjoy a night full of laughter. Sunday, June 14 at 7:30 PM.

June 26

CHURCH BASEMENT LADIES Thru July 4 The ever-popular Church Basement Ladies are back to serve up some laughs at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theater. From the senior matriarch of the kitchen to the bride-to-be learning to arrange things in proper order, everyone will recognize the humorous and down-to-earth characters. Adult tickets from $37 to $60; $24 for children ages 12 and under. Thursday-Saturday, May 28 - July 4. FRANK CALIENDO June 26 Come and enjoy some laughs with Frank Caliendo — comedian, actor and impressionist. Best known for his roles on MadTV, and his own series Frank TV, Frank Caliendo has been making people laugh for decades. Frank’s live shows are clean and family friendly; tickets are on sale now. Friday, June 26 at 8 PM. Thru July 4


OUT OF ORDER June 18 - Aug 1 The Off Broadway Palm Theatre invites guest to Broadway Palm’s second performance venue. Out of Order is an award-winning play that Broadway fans are sure to enjoy. Ticket prices range from $31 to $51 for adults, $24 for children ages 12 and younger. Performances are Tuesday through Sunday evenings with selected matinees. You’ll not want to miss this event. Thursday-Saturday, June 18 - Aug 1. June 18- Aug 1

July 9- Aug 15

FOOTLOOSE Thru Aug 15 Broadway Palm Premier Dinner Theater invites guests to come enjoy this explosive musical as it bursts onto stage with exhilarating results. The Oscar-nominated Top-40 score includes “Holding Out for a Hero,” “Paradise,” “Let’s Her It for the Boy” and (of course!) “Footloose.” Performances are Wednesday through Saturday evenings with select matinee dates. Adult tickets range from $37 to $60. Summer special: Kids ages 18 and younger pay $18. Tuesday-Saturday, July 9 - Aug 15.

Aug 1-9

ALLADIN Aug 1 - 9 Bring your children to the musical Aladdin, based on the story from “Arabian Nights.” Aladdin tells the tale of a poor boy (Aladdin), a beautiful princess, and of course, a genie! Saturday-Sunday, Aug 1 - Aug 9.

June - September — Arts

June 5- 25 Art Walk: Juried Exhibition - Art of the HeART June 5 - 25 In its annual juried exhibition SBDAC invites artists to explore both the physiological heart as well as art that speaks to what is at the core of their being. Art should be provocative, examining passion, essence, heartbreak, love and loss. Mon - Fri 9AM, June 5 - 25 at Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center, downtown Fort Myers.



July 3- 23

Art Walk: Oliver Dominguez - Hats of Time July 3 - 23 Oliver Dominguez, illustrator and artist, presents an exhibit highlighting hats and their role in the history of fashion. Each piece of clothing you wear means something and for hats the same applies — each type of hat has a history behind it. Mon - Fri, 9AM at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center, Fort Myers.

Aug 7- 27

ART WALK: POTRAIT OF A PILGRIM BY MICHEAL GEORGE Aug 7 - 27 In the summers of 2012-2013, George walked over 1,000 miles on the Camino de Santiago, an ancient Christian pilgrimage through southern France and northern Spain. “Portrait of a Pilgrim” captures his personal experience and shares the stories of pilgrims, albergues, clergy members and other characters of the Camino to explore how an ancient tradition is thriving in the modern world. Fri - Thurs, Aug 7 - Aug 27.

Aug 26- Sept 30

BIG ARTS NOT-FOR-MONDAY-NIGHT FILM SERIES Aug 26 - Sept 30 Come to the BIG ARTS Phillips Gallery on Wednesdays throughout the months of June and July and enjoy artfully rendered films. Each edgy, innovative, offbeat, trailblazing and provocative film showing includes a post-film discussion led by Hyde Tucker. The Not-For-Monday-Night Film Series is a part of the BIG ARTS Film Academy. Each screening is accompanied by a comprehensive discussion designed to provide unique insights into the art of filmmaking. Wednesdays, Aug 26 - Sept 30.

June thru Sept

ART WALK June - Sept An evening of Visual Arts Gallery Openings & More! On the First Friday of each month from 6 - 10 PM over 10 art galleries invite locals and visitors to a self-guided walking tour throughout the Downtown Fort Myers River District and the Gardner’s Park area. Art enthusiasts can “Meet the Artists” at most of the art galleries and enjoy the live art demonstrations throughout the River District! Summer dates: June 5, July 3, August 7 and September 4, 6 - 10 PM.


{Parting Shot - Dude}

Image by Milissa Sprecher South Seas Resort, Captiva


escape to an island that’s an escape from the rest.

surround yourself with the things that matter most.

F ind your island and find warm Gulf waters and soft white sand. Find yourself within minutes of bottlenose dolphins, manatees and more than 400 species of birds. Find your best vacation, naturally, at, or call 888-231-6016 for a free Lonely Planet guidebook.

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