Galaxy Food Centers

SEPT. 20 - SEPT. 22

Jamestown Half Spiral Sliced Ham .98 Lb. 12-Oz. Fresh Express Iceberg Garden .78 11 To 18-Oz. Selected Oreo O’s, Chips Ahoy Or Post Honey Bunches Of Oats 1.97 11-Oz., Selected Morning Fresh Toaster Pastries .87 12-ct. K-Cup Or 12-Oz. Bag Selected McCafe Coffee 4.97 5.5 To 5.75-Oz. Selected Lay’s Stax Potato Crisps .77 64-Oz., Selected Almond Breeze Almond Milk 1.97 7.5-Oz.,Combo Or Pepperoni Totino’s Pizza Rolls .77 24-Oz. Table Talk Baked Apple Pie 2.99

Small Pack...$2.98 Lb. Family Pack Fresh 75% Lean Ground Beef 2 28 Lb.

USDA Inspected Fresh Pork Spareribs 1 78 Lb.


Amick Farms Family Pack Chicken Thighs Or Drumsticks .98 Lb.

Pork Sirloin Chops $1.78Lb.Or Boneless Pork Sirloin Roast 1.58 Lb.

Butcher’s Best® Tender Beef T-Bone Steaks 6.98


Fresh Boneless, Small Pack Chicken Breast Tenders 3.28 Lb.

Plump Sweet Red Or White Seedless Grapes .98 Lb.

3-Lb.Bag,Ginger Gold,McIntosh,Gala Or Eastern Grown Red Delicious Apples 2 /$ 5

188-Oz. Selected Sun Liquid Laundry Detergent 4.97 9-Oz., Selected Croissant, Lean Or Hot Pockets 2 /$ 4 14.5 To 15.25-Oz. Selected Hy•Top Canned Vegetables 2 /$ 1 FREE BuyOne,GetOne 9.5 To 10-Oz., Selected Lay’s Potato Chips

18 To 19-Oz.,Selected Progresso Soups 2 /$ 3 4-Lb.,Granulated Hy•Top Sugar 1.77 2 /$ 3

16-Oz.,Selected Hy•Top Saltine Crackers..........................

12-Oz. Singles, 8-Oz.Chunk Or Borden

4 To 6-Oz.,Selected Yoplait Yogurt 10 /$ 6 12-Giant Rolls Charmin Essentials Bath Tissue Or 6-Big Roll, Selected Bounty Essentials Paper Towels 4.97

Shredded Cheese 2 /$ 4 12-Pack 12-Oz.Cans Or 6-Pack 16-Oz. Bottles Selected Pepsi Products 3 /$ 9

2 /$ 3

128-Oz.,Reg.Or Lavender BetterValu Bleach................................

2-Liter Bottles...2/$3 8-Pack 12-Oz.Btls...3/$12

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Galaxy ® Food Center

VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT www.djgalaxyfoods.com

D&JGalaxy#1Locatedat 1810 WestfieldRoad,Mt. Airy, N. C.

D&JGalaxy#2Locatedat 403E.MainStreet, Boonville, N. C.

OPEN: 8AM- 9PMMonday ThroughSaturday • 9AM- 9PMSunday

g1_b_ WED THURS FRI SAT SUN MON TUES 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 DJ

PRICESGOODFROMSEPTEMBER19THRUSEPTEMBER25, 2018 All Galaxy®FoodCentersHonor Federal Food StampCard! We Reserve The Right To Limit Quantities AndCorrect Typographical Errors. No Sales ToDealers.

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